We are pleased to offer Youth Soccer to children under the age of 9! There are three age categories: Under 5, Under 7 and Under 9. The focus is on FUN and enjoyment of the game. No standings are kept and there are no assigned referees at this level of play. The indoor season runs from mid-October to mid-March, and the outdoor season runs from May-June.

Players register and become members of their Community Association and the Community Association’s register their teams with Saskatoon Youth Soccer Inc., with a fee for service in order to have league schedules created and to have one tournament organized per season. For more information on Saskatoon Youth Soccer Inc., visit their website.

Volunteers Needed

Volunteers are needed to coach Youth Soccer. Team coaches will be reimbursed the full registration fees and assistant coach/gender representative (one per team) will be paid a $50 honorarium, upon completion of season, mandatory courses and requirements. If there aren’t enough volunteers, participation of all parents and/or guardians will be required on a rotation basis.

If you are interested in coaching, or if you have any questions about the program, please email our Youth Soccer Coordinators: soccer@saskhvca.com.


KidSport provides support to children in order to remove financial barriers that prevent them from playing organized sport.

For a KidSport application, please email our Youth Soccer Coordinators at: soccer@saskhvca.com.

2023-24 indoor SEASON

Registration for the 2023-24 Indoor Season will open on Sunday, August 13th, 2023, at 12 p.m.

The deadline to register is Friday, August 25th, 2023. Late registrations will be subject to a $20 late fee.

Under 5
(Born 2019)
Co-Ed3 vs 3$130
Under 7
(Born 2017/2018)
Girls/Boys3 vs 3*$140
Under 9
(Born 2015/2016)
Girls/Boys5 vs 5$175
*See below information regarding U7 format change.
  • The 2023-24 Indoor Season will run from October 22nd, 2023 to March 17th, 2024.
  • There will be 14 games on Sundays at Henk Ruys Soccer Centre, and additional practice days and times will be determined by the Coach.
  • Mini-SISCO Tournament will be held at the Saskatoon Sports Centre on March 15th-17th, 2024.
  • It is the parents/guardians responsibility to adhere to the current health guidelines and recommendations, as required by the Saskatchewan Health Authority. Please stay home if you are feeling unwell.
  • Provided jerseys to be handed in at the end of the season.
  • SYSI has changed the Under 7 format of play to align with Canada Soccer’s grassroots standards which requires us to have Under 7 play 3v3 instead of 4v4. The Under 5 and Under 7 teams will be the same format and roster size on a smaller pitch.
  • There will be no goalkeeper for Under 5 & Under 7. The absence of a goalkeeper allows all the kids to chase the ball down the field. The action is where the fun is, and the fun is where the ball is. This will allow the kids to further develop basic motor skills (running, jumping) as well as soccer specific skills (kicking the ball, dribbling, and passing). The players will be in contact with the ball more and this will allow them to experience “the decision-making process” more, often enhancing their early knowledge and allowing for the reflexes (connections brain-muscles) to be formed. Playing on both offense and defense, will allow the players to SLOWLY begin to understand the role of teammates.

Please visit our Amilia store below to register for Youth Soccer: