The Hampton Village Community Garden (Gardens of Hampton Village) is in it’s fourth season in the west end of Al Anderson Park!

Want some vegetables?  You have two options – join our garden or pick from the Community Corner.  To request a plot and join the garden waitlist, please e-mail us at  Gardeners are responsible for planting/watering/weeding their own plot, as well as helping the Garden Collective with shared duties.  The fee for the garden plot covers costs of tilling, compost, shared tools, etc.

This year, the Community Corner doubled in size. This area is clearly labelled and is the only plot non-garden members should pick from. A sign indicating when produce is ready will also be posted in the Community Corner.  Hopefully this will allow items like carrots and potatoes to grow to the proper size before being picked. Please only enter the Community Corner.

We hope you enjoy our hard work as you pick from the Community Corner! Residents are welcome to stop and chat with gardeners anytime.

We wish everyone a happy gardening season.

—Gardens of Hampton Village