The Hampton Community Association offers a variety of indoor programming for all ages.

HVCA Indoor program registration is available online mid August for Fall Programs and mid December for Winter Programs.

All programs are subject to date/location changes and may be canceled due to low enrollment.
IF THE CLASS IS FULL and you would like to be placed on a waiting list or if you have any questions, please contact one of our program coordinators. Include your contact information and the class you are interested in.

For more information, contact:
Adult Programs: email Kelly at
Youth/Child Programs: email Kristen at
Soccer Programs: email Mel at
Kindersoccer: – this position is currently vacant

Please note, that not all of the classes listed below may be offered. Programs offered by your Community Association are dependent on the availability of instructors to provide the programs. Therefore, if we do not have an instructor available to teach one of the classes listed below, we will not be offering that program at this time. Check out the online registration for indoor programs being offered in the fall and winter.

Recreational Basketball Co-ed
This is an instructed, drop-in class. Children will learn basic basketball skills while also having the opportunity to scrimmage with other children their age. Children will need proof of a valid Community Association Membership to participate.

Ballet, Jazz & Hit Hop
A class that combines Ballet, Jazz and Hip Hop – giving children an opportunity to try a multitude of dance styles.

This program is to start teaching children the basics of cheerleading. During their class they will learn proper technique when doing stunts (lifting each other). They will also get a chance to learn basic gymnastic skills such as somersaults, cartwheels and handstands. The kids will learn team work and new skills, all while having fun and making new friends!

Cheer – Tumbling Basics
This program is to start with the basics and progress to more advanced skills. During their class, children will learn proper technique when doing stunts (lifting each other). This class will require the ability to listen well as we will be lifting people off the ground. Children will also get the chance to learn some gymnastic skills such as cartwheels, handstands and back walkovers. The kids will learn team work and new skills, all while having fun and making new friends!

Engineering for Kids
Design the Future will have kids created future tech, including working solar powered boats for a post gasoline future.

Engineering For Kids® brings the wonder and excitement of STEM education (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) to children ages 4-15 through a variety of hands-on learning experiences. Design a hot air balloon! Build rockets, roller coasters, and towers! All of this is possible with Engineering For Kids®!

At Engineering® for Kids, our programs:
– Help children build problem solving skills
– Encourage kids to discover how things work
– Increase kids’ desire to explore engineering as a career option! Motivate kids to learn math and science concepts by engaging them in real-world engineering problems

We use high and low technology continuously. Technology has been transforming our society for centuries and the pace of change is picking up! Understanding how our technology is developed through STEM enrichment is effective in preparing our children for the future.

Hip Hop
In this class, the main focus is building on movement and foundational steps used in hip hop. Class structure typically consists of a warm up, practicing fundamental steps, and working on a dance. There is more of an emphasis on learning choreography in this class, although no prior experience is necessary. End-of-class stickers are used as an incentive for good behavior and listening.

Toddler Dance
In this class, the main focus is practicing basic movement and coordination while having fun. Class structure typically consists of a warm-up, an introduction to a couple primary steps, music and movement songs, a dance, and an end-of-class game. Lots of imagination is implemented into each part of class to help the little ones engage in a positive way. End-of-class stickers are used as an incentive for good behavior and listening. Parents are welcome to join in to help their child participate!