Q:  How do I register for programs?

The Hampton Village Community Association uses an online registration system at www.amilia.com.  After you set up your account, click on ‘Find a Store’ and select Hampton Village Community Association. Follow us on Facebook, or check out the sign at the corner of McClocklin Road & East Hampton Blvd for details on programs being offered and registration dates.

Q:  What does the membership fee cover?

The Hampton Village Community Association is a non-profit organization that provides opportunity to participate in sporting and social events within the community.  However, your community association does have expenses (community rink operation, insurance, annual financial review fees, newsletter, etc.) that occur annually.  While our goal is to keep registration fees affordable, we need to charge enough to cover the costs of programs (instructor fees, equipment, rental fees, etc.) and help cover our annual expenses.

Q:  Why do we charge registration fees plus the $10 membership fee?

Membership Fees help cover the annual operating expenses and help us keep connected to the people of the community.  Being a member allows you to help elect the volunteer Board of Directors each year.  A $10 annual membership fee covers all program participation by any member of your household from July 1st  to June 30th each year.

Q: What if I already have a membership with a different Community Association?

If you already have a valid membership from another Community Association, we will honour it! Please email onlineregistration@saskhvca.com for assistance.

Q:  What if I can’t afford the Registration fee?

If you or someone in your family would like to participate in a program but you are unable to afford the registration fee, we may be able to help you.

For participants 18 and under, a grant may be available for child/youth programs including soccer programs.  Contact the coordinator of the program you are interested in before applying so a spot (if available) can be reserved for you. 

Grants may be available from:

  • KidSport – Click on KidSport Saskatoon to apply. (Not available for Dance programs)
  • Jumpstart (Canadian Tire Program) – Click on ‘Individual Child Grants’ to apply.

We will do our best to cover the registration fee but you may still be asked to pay the $10 membership fee.

For participants over 18 years of age, please contact treasurer@saskhvca.com to discuss grants that may be available.