Hampton Village Community Association

Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, September 10, 2014


  1. Call to Order – 6:43 pm
  2. Adoption of Agenda- Lynn and Rob
  3. Adoption of minutes – Wednesday, June 11, 2014- Minutes were tabled for next months meeting due to incorrect info
  4. President’s Report- Justine McCaffrey welcomes the committee members back and expressed her excitement for the new year regarding great ideas for upcoming events!
  5. Treasurer’s Report – Rob requested that budgets from all the coordinators to be submitted to him by September 25th, he will send out a reminder.
  6. Consultant Report – Jan reminded everyone that the winter leisure guide must be submitted by September 15th. The Sask. Lotteries Grant’s deadline is january15th.

Jan reminded everyone that all committee members are responsible for doing rink supervision. She also suggested we hand out a copy of other rink schedules to those that want to play hockey etc. during our family skate times.    Jan recommends that we add topics in the newsletter such as picking up after your dog (scoop the poop) and when/what rink supervision is all about.

Jan reminded the committee that the slope along the rink must be fixed and that we have someone available with a bobcat to do the work, just have to set it up with city parks department.

Jan spoke of the proposed off leash dog park for Hampton Village located     along Richardson Road and East of McClockin Road.  The plan consists of the trail to be covered in crusher dust (less muddy), benches to sit on, and 10 spots for parking added to the front of the entrance way of the park.  If the report is approved by city council development the park could begin in Spring/Summer 2015.  Cathy will follow up with the possibility to add a map and information to our newsletter.

  1. Coordinator’s Report
  2. Newsletter- We need more ads for our newsletter from our members in the next couple of days.

Committee will look into various groups/teams/programs that would be interested in delivering our newsletter.  Chelsea will look into E.D Feehan High school for volunteers.

  1. Soccer- Registration was last night. Melanie will give us the

amount of registrants next meeting.  Next year Mel is looking to have online registration. The storage unit flooded and as a result 6 bags were damaged including balls.  They had to be thrown out.

  1. Sign- Cathy fixed the back of the Hampton Village Sign. Nice

Job Cathy!  Cathy to be reimbursed for $221.05 for repairs and two new sandbags ($14.28).  She will update the sign advertising our Annual General Meeting on October 8th at the Free Methodist Church.

  1. Flag Football- Steve was not at the meeting, no report.
  2. Rink- Pam informed the committee that the rink has been damaged, broken boards and graffiti. The inside of the shed needs paint.  Justine will look into a new sign that has been damaged as well, and possibly put plexi-glass on the back of the sign for protection.
  3. Indoor Activities- Chelsea explained that the leisure program was not correct and caused a lot of problems, we lost registrants. Jan suggested we send out flyers in the schools. Most of the programs are filling quickly, girls on the move and scrabble still have spots available.  Chelsea is extending the registration date.

Chelsea informed us we need more boy activities – some suggestions were boys on the move, skating programs, jump start etc.

Rob will give Chelsea the database on all the community members.

  1. Upcoming Events
  2. Steak Night – September 5th –Postponed
  3. AGM – October 8, at 6:30pm, Free Methodist Church, free pizza.  Committee to look at the list of members(MIA for quite some time) and find out if they want to resign from the committee, so new individuals can have the opportunity to be a member.  Find out if we can have food in the church, Justine will find out from Keitha.  Pam motions $250.00 for pizza and pop and plates and cups, Cathy seconds it and motion is passed.
  4. Pumpkins in the Park – November 1. Justine will do a write up on the event.  Location of the event will be in the park, near the fountain.  Pumpkins will be recycled.  Hot chocolate will be handed out.  Have everyone bring a candle to light the pumpkin.
  5. Christmas Tree Pick Up – November 4


  1. New Business

Family Fest will be June 25th.  All members to volunteer at the event.

Pam expressed that there are complaints regarding Dundonald Park right now.  The construction fence is causing safety concerns.  It was suggested to e-mail Lisa, Jan will get the information to Pam.

  1. Next Meeting- AGM Wednesday, October 8, 2014.
  2. Meeting Adjourned at 9:29pm. Motion to adjourn made by Cathy and Lynn second.