Hampton Village Community Association


Meeting Minutes: June 20, 2011



1.Meeting called to order ( 6:35pm )


-Motion: Kim



2.Community Consultant Update – David


– Water feature meeting and explanation is scheduled for September

-Everyone should get ideas from other areas in the city and decide what would best suit   our park

-construction is to begin in the spring of 2012


3.Fitness Update: Regan


-Pilates and boot camps were a big success

-Classes will resume in the fall

-Learn to run needs more advertising


4.Kinder soccer update: Matt


-Another class is planned for the fall

-We need volunteers for coaching and registration night


5.Garage sale update: Abby


-Big success, over 450 burgers sold

-Estimated profit of nearly $1000.00

-Next year Drake meats will donate the burgers

-37 people payed to be on the garage sale map

-Winner for coloring contest needs to be picked and a prize awarded


6. Financial update: Kim


-Review of financial statements

-BBQ and garage sale totals not yet confirmed

-Kim suggested that payments out of our account are only made after receiving a bill and confirmed by at least two signing athorities

-Advertising has not been billed out yet

-KInder soccer and learn to run lost a little money due to the initial start up cost

-We still need an accountant to do our annual review


7. Rink update: John


-Waiting for a reply from Kaboom for funding

-City of Saskatoon will contribute $5000.00

-HVCA will contribute as much as they can


Goals for summer: Matt


-Newsletter to be ready for delivery at the end of August

-Annual General Meeting to be held in October


8. Announcements:


-Concern about city buses speed on streets

-recommendations are to log activity including bus numbers and times and report them to Mitch Riabco with Saskatoon transit

-Girl was injured at Dragons park


9. Kim makes a motion to enter into a park enhancement with community services to increase the north fence line at the ball diamond in Dragons Car Club Park.


Seconded: Abby

Voted: approved


10.Motion to Adjourn meeting – Abby


– Carried