This page will keep track of all the volunteer positions we are currently seeking.

Accountant – We need someone who is willing to do our review. As a non-profit community association, funds are limited, so we would appreciate anyone who has a certification that does reviews that would be willing to help perform the review for a reduced fee, possibly some free advertising in our newsletter, etc!

Newsletter – Our newsletter team is always looking for people to help come up with good content for the newsletter and people willing to help put it together and deliver it to the residents of Hampton Village. If you’d like to help, contact the newsletter team.

Garage sale/bbq Committee – Help plan our annual community garage sale/bbq. The more volunteers, the less work. It is a fun day that is also fun to plan. If you’d like to help, contact the garage sale team for more information.

General VolunteersWe are always looking for people to help with everything that we do in the community. If you’re interested in helping, stop by the contact page and send us a message, or come to one of our meetings and express your desire to help!

Rink – We are in need of people to supervise our public skate times as posted here. Please fill out the form on that page if you are interested in helping.