Hampton Village Community Association

General Meeting

Wednesday March 8th, 2017

Hampton Free Methodist Church 6:30 pm

-Meeting Minutes-


Attendance: Melanie, Keagan, Kirby, Val, Ryan, Christine, Mitch, Matt, Chelsey, Kristen, Cinthia, Cathy, Darcie

Regrets: Jan, Shawna

  1. Meeting called to order at 6:30 by Val, Darcie acting as temporary secretary for the evening, Round table of introductions – WELCOME new members!
  2. Review and adoption of agendaCathy moves, Kristen seconds
  3. Review and approval of meeting minutes from Feb – Cinthia moves approval with one change, Ryan seconds
  4. New Schools update (Mitch)

School is progressing nicely.  There is natural light, clean air and heated floors.

  • Registration progressing
  • Spending a lot of money on purchasing new technology
  • Meet the teacher night at Dundonald school on Wednesday, March 15th
  • Aug 21 – First day allowed into the school
  • May still be buses, not sure yet
  • Don’t know what the process will be regarding booking spaces
  • No definitive decisions regarding a zero waste facility yet. (take home your own garbage)
  • Possibly staggered start times to reduce congestion in playground.
  • Public school will have the junior playground built for opening
  • Catholic school will have both the junior and senior playgrounds built
  • Restricted registration to those living in the area or who have child care in the area
  1. Executive Reports
    1. President (Val)
    2. Treasurer (Chelsey)

Correspondence:  Three pcs.

  1. Bank statement (Jan 31) $57647.83 chequing account
  2.     Invoice from Wright construction $8799. 58
  3.     ISC final notice – have 30 days to submit info to ISC


– Chelsey has the lap top from Rasheed

– Must have a chq requisition for every chq.

– Bank appointment on Monday at 4:00.  Everything is getting changed over.

Chelsey Shaw will be signer #1, Valerie Bond signer # 2, and Ryan Legge signer #3

Accept Rasheed’s resignation:  Chelsey moves, Ryan seconds

Cinthia Hill-Bird nominating Chelsey Shaw for Treasurer in the interim until a suitable person is found.

  • Appoint Valerie Bond as a signer: Christine Hanson moves, Melanie seconds
  • Reissue stale dated chq to HFMC $500 approved in June 2016



  • Requested quote for newsletter

8 pgs with staples = $1886.19

12 pgs with staples = $2549.02 – going with this one

Cathy to spend up to $3000 on the newsletter and mail out. Val Moved, Chelsey seconded

  • Mel suggested having soccer team deliver
  • Will likely be delivered by Canada Post so that we are not responsible for sorting, bundling and delivering.
  • People are requesting to have advertising fees waived
  • We will waive if they meet certain criteria
  • Community or City wide Event
  • Open to the public
  • Set date
  • Free ad space maximum ¼ page
  • Another suggestion was to list free ads on specific page. One line statement with an email address/contact number/website
  • Finalized date for Revenue Canada presentation
  • Met with Matt and Cinthia regarding pancake breakfast
  • Responded to emails regarding advertising in the newsletter
  • Followed up with sign bylaw person – no response.
  • May meeting – Revise bylaws – submit changes by Apr 12th
  • Prepared financial review for board members
  • Working on display board for trade show

Cathy to be reimbursed for supplies.  Mel moves, Val seconds

  • Submission deadline for newsletter is March 31.
  • Change sign information to advertise Revenue Canada presentation once weather is nicer.


  • Late registration for Kinder soccer tomorrow March 9th
  • Tim Hortons will be sponsoring



  • We do not qualify for “Cost as a barrier” – we do not offer it.
  • Kelly will be offering spring bootcamp.
  • Chelsey will be doing the next open gym for Kristen



  • Rink should be good
  • If the weather is -25, don’t supervise.
  • Need a sign to let people know when it’s too warm to skate
  • Need heat sensor in shed
  • Kelly’s son offered to do it for material costs only.

Approved to spend up to $500 on the shed.  Cinthia moved, Kristen second

  • Need a permit.
  1. Community Consultant Report – given by Cathy on behalf of Jan
  • Report previously circulated. Highlights reviewed during the meeting.
  • Applied for Grant. Documents due April 30th.
  1. Special Events
    1. Garage Sale – May 13th

–  Cinthia booked grill and pancake dispensers.

–  Doing a pancake breakfast

–  Partnering with church

–  Minimal charge for church, if any

–  “Break even” event

–  Volunteer appreciation May 13th

  1. Family Fest – June 17th

–  Al Anderson Park

–  Need volunteers

–  Raffles bring in money.  Go ahead with any donations for a raffle.

–  Renting from Bazaar and Novelty

–  Shoppers Drug Mart donated a basket

–  Working on other prizes, raffle donations

–  Consider Gold, Silver, Bronze sponsorship for next time.

–  Trail Appliances and/or Leon’s donations


  1. Rink Grand Opening

–  PIES (Positives, Improvements, Eliminate, Suprises) for rink grand opening

–  Troy Davies donated signed hockey jersey

–  Event was great and everything ran smoothly

–  Subway donated cookies

–  Need to better market events to attract more people


Valerie mentioned that we, as a committee, really need to streamline our process around donations.  We need to consider this for all future events so that we are not inundating businesses with requests for donations.  Will be discussed at future meetings.


Some of the money in the bank is for rink costs, lighting etc.  There are things that will have to be done like grading, landscaping and restringing wiring at the rink.


  1. New Business
    1. Strategic Planning – update next meeting
    2. Winter YXE – March 23
  • Valerie registered, however, if anyone else is interested in attending, please let her know.
    1. Winter YXE Grant
  • Need to know what was spent
  • Due Apr 21, 2017
  • What were the costs associated with the rink grand opening
  • Kirby will let us know if Grant is needed.


  1. SUM Theatre
  • Would like them to come again this year
  • Last year we had a concession
  • Donated $600
  • 1st two weeks of July would be best

Motion was made to donate $600 for this event.  Val moves, Ryan seconds

  1. Next Meeting – April 12 , 6:30 Christine will be the temporary secretary
  2. Meeting Adjourned











ACTION ITEMS Assigned to Status
Email post AGM checklist to board members. Val Not done
Review HVCA governance documents, in particular the process for approving financial expenditures. All (Review for March meeting)
Check AGM minutes to make sure Kelly and Kristen are both 2 year terms Val Ongoing
Contact school board for update regarding future relationship with school, access to meeting room for meetings and availability of storage for community association request Cathy Not yet received a response


Modify cheque requisition form Jan Keeping old one
Send info about summary stamp for single invoices Jan Ongoing
Create HVCA letterhead                                                 Wait until the new school opens.  Will announce an HVCA logo contest at the AGM Ongoing


Ensure all board members have current memberships??  Not sure if necessary.  Jan to review bylaws. Jan Ongoing
Christine to send an email to Mitch with details of Family Fest volunteer opportunities.  Kristen, Kelly and Christine to put together an e-mail with programming requests for fall and Mitch will take it up the chain. ongoing
Jan to take Brad and Kirby for coffee to discuss budgeting and other Rink Coordinator duties Ongoing
Jan to connect Kirby and Brad with Peter Wright Re:  adjusting rink lighting angles. Ongoing –  Shield or angles lights
Brad and Kirby to sell old rink lights on Kijjii Ongoing
Mel to look into extending HVCA/Dundonald soccer partnership for one more year. Ongoing
If you have anything to submit to the newsletter please have it to Cathy by March 31. Ongoing
Chelsey to ask at bank whether we can use a Square on our account. Ongoing
May meeting – Revise bylaws – submit changes by Apr 12th all

Completed Actions removed from tracking: