is very concerned that we have not sent our Annual Financial Review in and it was due January 31st, 2017!

ACTION: Jan to e-mail Brent with 3 new members.

ACTION: Jan to add new members to the Board Contact List.



Special Events – Jan handed out Cash Reconciliation envelopes as FYI.  Pancake breakfast is a go. It will likely be at the Church and begin at 7am.  Volunteers prepare to be up early!


Family Fest – Saturday, June 17th.  No princesses for this year.  Melanie says we used to have signs, will look into those for this year.  Christine has cheques for Little John’s and Face painters.  Currently looking into nachos, cotton candy, hot dogs and hamburgers.  Sub-committee have approached places to sponsor food costs; RBC is looking at how much they will sponsor.  Hampton Dental will have volunteers and may potentially donate.  Can anyone donate a smaller garbage for the day?  The Association may have 4 – Christine to look into.  Does anyone know a DJ?  May have to rent a speaker system as backup.  Looking at trying to find a truck with a 2 inch hitch to pick up the BBQ and then tables and chairs from the Church – Could offer free wrist bands as ‘payment’.  Board members have begun taking volunteer shifts.  Looking for 4-5 more volunteers.  If anyone has leads on sponsorship, please let Christine know.


ACTION: PIES for Rink Grand Opening curbed to March meeting.


Online Registration/Visa Square – Kristen looked into the Square Reader.  It’s free to order and they charge 2.64% per transaction.  Committee concerned that we may not be able to use it since we cannot do online banking.  This appears to be because we have so many people with access to the account, Square is just direct deposit.  Will use Square Reader to gauge interest in credit card payment.  Interest in the Square Reader will help to determine potential interest in online registrations

ACTION: Mel to ask at the bank when she drops off the deposit, whether or not we can use a Square on our account.

ACTION: Wait until the new schools open.  Will announce an HVCA logo contest at the AGM


Meeting called to end at 8:42pm.


ACTION ITEMS Assigned to Status
Forward revised meeting minutes for June, September, October and December to webmaster for posting. Val
Email post AGM checklist to board members. Val
Email HVCA governance docs to board for review Jan
Review HVCA governance documents, in particular the process for approving financial expenditures. All (Review for March meeting)
Check AGM minutes to make sure Kelly and Kristen are both 2 year terms Val
Contact school board for update regarding future relationship with school, access to meeting room for meetings and availability of storage for community association request Cathy Not yet received a response
Modify cheque requisition form Jan
Send info about summary stamp for single invoices Jan
Annual financial review (2015-2016) Rasheed, Jan and Jessica to meet before Jan 31, 2017 Rasheed
Rasheed to present process of how he would like funds requested, approved and submitted Rasheed
Breakdown of lighting costs for Jan Rasheed
Get post office keys cut (2) Cathy
Create HVCA letterhead
Ensure all board members have current memberships Glen