Hampton Village Community Association Meeting Minutes April 12, 2017


Kelly, Val, Jan, Brad, Kerby, Christine, Ryan, Kristen, Cynthia, Cathy, Melanie, Kegan, Brandy

Guests- Jennifer, Amanda, Krista, Karen

  • Call to order by Val at 6:30
  • Review and adoption of agenda
    1. Cynthia moves
    2. Val seconds
  • Secretary Position by Brandy
    1. Val Nominates
    2. Ryan Seconds
  • Bruce from the parks maintenance discussed a plan from the city regarding the satellite Maintenance yard to be developed in Hampton Village
    1. Purpose: to create better work and to help with the parks
    2. 5 stations around the city: Stonebridge, Hamptons, Rosewood, Lakeview and Evergreen
  • Development of the site will begin May 1st
  1. The location of the Hampton Satellite maintenance yard is on McClocklin Road
  2. The building will be 32ft X32ft
  3. 8-14 staff members will work out of this yard.
  • Bin for compost
  • Wire fence softened by shrubs and tree
  1. There will be a no parking zone in front of the yard.
  2. There will be information on the city website as to what’s going on
  3. The hope is for the building and yard to blend in to the community as much as possible.
  • It will be visited frequently during winter time to make sure everything is ok

ACTION-Val to put the information we received on the website

  • Review and approval of meeting minutes from March 2017 deferred to next meeting
  • Review of correspondence-
    1. 2 NSF cheques for soccer
    2. The bank statement for Feb 28/2017 is $42,481.99
    3. A staples coupon
    4. Invoice from HFM Church $10.40 for photocopying
  • Executive Reports
  1. A) President
    1. Attended strategic planning session with Cynthia, Cathy and Christine
    2. Received 2 emails
      1. Open house invite from city of Saskatoon for April 26th
      2. Invitation from Sherry Benson April 22nd to an open house about disability information
      3. B) Treasurer
      4. Chelsey met with bank. Those with signing authority are: Val, Ryan, and Chelsey.

I)Haven’t talked to Graham yet but will talk to him next week about options with the account.

II)Karen at the bank suggested to put money in a flex account.

III)Financial review with Tara is complete. Tara charged $2,200 compared to $1,600 last year.

  1. IV) Invoices didn’t get paid from 2015 from

i)soccer locker $170.72 for quick goal pump

ii)126.5 Nike goalie gloves

iii)8,799.58 Rink build through Wright construction.

  1. V) Get rid of excel program. Was advised to use general ledger by hand as well as electronically and will be going this week to purchase ledger.

Vi)Going to order new cheques

  • Coordinators
    1. Communications
      1. Has receipts to be reimbursed.
      2. Used UPS to print out the news letter and the prices are good! The shop changed new owners but the former employee vouched for the quote that was given of $1,100. This newsletter generated $475.00 of advertising. UPS doesn’t deliver through Canada Post so Mel’s soccer team was hired to deliver the newsletters. Recommendation to pay the soccer team $500 for delivery. This amount was comparable to what would have been paid to Canada Post.
  • Need volunteers for pancake breakfast and has a sign-up sheet. Got and email from Matt and the church isn’t going to charge for doing this. Thinking of possibly splitting the proceeds.
  1. Received email notice of resignation from Christy to resign her member at large positon due to health issues.
  2. Will update ISC board member changes due to Christy’s resignation and Brandy as new secretary.
  3. July 30th is the submission deadline for the fall newsletter
  1. Indoor coordinator
    1. Adult spring boot camp- same girls will be running it
    2. Possible cheerleading for children
  2. Soccer coordinator
    1. Sask soccer requires new waivers
    2. Criminal record check (CRC) which is valid for 2 years
  • Fee for CRC for people in volunteer roles is $10 per person. Each CRC needs to be notarized.
  1. Arranged for notary to attend soccer meeting on April 13 is at Dundonald School from 6:30-7:30. Notary is charging $15/ coach to notarize the CRC. Pretty sure it can’t be the commissioner of oaths but going to confirm before the meeting.
  2. Mel did not want soccer coaches to pay this fee and requested the board absorb the fee. It is difficult to get soccer coaches without adding financial requirements as well. Cost to pay for CRCs and notarizing will be max $1,100.00.

MOTION– Cathy moves that HVCA board support the costs incurred for 45 criminal record checks up to a maximum of $1,500.00 Cinthia seconds. Motion approved.

  1. 22 teams this year which is down from last year
  1. Kinder soccer
    1. 11 full teams this year which is down one team from last year.
    2. $4,320.00 was raised from soccer registrations.
  • Tim Horton’s is providing fundraising for shirt, shorts and medals but they may not be here on time.
  1. Field has changed to Anita Langford
  1. Rink coordinator
    1. Emergency lights by November 2017
    2. Looking for winter “Zamboni”
  • Put the nets in the shed.
  1. Get info from Peter on the lights
  2. The work on the ground is volunteer but may have to charge a minimal amount
  3. There’s paint in the shed that needs to be recycled
  • Needs to get a hold of Travis Flaman to get puck board that was temporarily stored in his back yard while rink was being developed.
  • Question regarding lights from previous rink was raised. Current board members do not have information about the lights. Rink coordinators advised to contact Ron Laurans for more information which will facilitate selling these lights.
  • Community consultant reports
    1. Report was circulated previously and highlights were reviewed during the meeting.
  • Special events
    1. Garage sale
      1. Cynthia and Cathy prepared a grocery list
      2. Additional activities at pancake breakfast include:
        1. Dab and doodle face painting
        2. Girl Guides
        3. Tots and Tykes Daycare representative
  • Volunteers are needed 8 people on Friday. 10 people on Saturday.
  1. Set up is at 6:30 with 3 hour shifts
  2. Going to cook sausages the night before or Thursday.
  3. Requested two cheques– $200.00 cheque for a float and $800.00 for supplies

MOTION– Garage Sale committee to spend up to $1000.00 on float and supplies by Kelly Second by Ryan

  1. Family Fest
    1. Family Fest committee met.
    2. The changes are: -the newsletter advertising -problems with the Shopper’s logo. It wasn’t fitting right on the flyer -Bazaar and Novelty for the concession. Costco hasn’t confirmed drink and beverage prices. -McCoy for the DJ and announcements. -Stars can’t provide the helicopter but will have someone in attendance selling lotto tickets
  • The cost is $7,461.43. We will need 640 people to attend to break even.
  1. Working on getting volunteers 1-8pm. Need them for food and admission
  2. Sending out posters when the logos are fixed and will work
  3. Someone needs to get together a volunteer list


  • New business
    1. Kristy Resigned via e-mail – Val moved to accept Kristy resignation and Cynthia seconds
    2. Strategic Planning
      1. Discussed having a facilitated strategic planning session in Nov/Dec for the board.
      2. A goal for the board is to have more productive board meetings.
  • Discussed forming a planning committee for strategic planning session.
  1. Other ways to gather information about boards is to attend other meetings
    eg; Christine attended the Pleasant Hill board meeting to learn about their great communication skills
  1. Public School playground Committee Report:

Two Fundraisers are underway–

  1. Clothing donation. Will get paid per pound. Drop off 1203 Korol
  2. Plant sale is the second fundraiser
  • Also looking for:
    1. Sponsorship package
    2. Donations needed.
  1. Playground development is a two year process
  2. Next playground fundraising committee meeting is at Dundonald on April 25th at 8pm
  1. Karen-Tattoos
    1. It’s a home business
    2. Wants to be a part of the community events
  • Charges $5/tattoo
  1. Tattoos are from stencils, are skin friendly and long lasting.

Additional updates.

  1. Brent is missing minutes for the website. He’s not sure what’s all missing.

ACTION for Val to check for website to determine outstanding meeting minutes and forward them to Brent.

  1. Chelsey is going to talk to the coordinators for a 7-business day allowance to have the cheques deposited to the treasurer.

Val moved this addition to the financial policy and Ryan seconded. Motion approved.

  • Kristen requested funding to buy a speaker up to $100

Cathy moved Kristen purchase a speaker for indoor coordination activities. Chelsey seconded. Motion approved.