Hampton Village Community Association
Annual General Meeting
Wednesday Oct 12, 2016
Hampton Free Methodist Church 6:30 pm

-Meeting Minutes-

Board members in attendance: Christine, Cinthia, Kelly, Diana, R Legge,
Heather, Val, Jan, Rasheed, Chelsey, Kristen, Jessica, Mel, Ron, Pam, J.
Cunningham and HVCA community members.Regrets: Stephanie, Brent,
Jennifer, Jorge, Cathy
Meeting called to order at 6:30 by Diana
Introduction of Board
Review and adoption of agenda – Moved by Christine. Seconded by
Rasheed. Motion was carried.
Motion to accept Member at Large resignation – Pam Laurans. Moved
by Diana. Seconded by Kelly. All in favour.
Motion to approve the minutes from previous AGM. Moved by
Jessica. Seconded by Kelly. All in favour.
Presentation about the new Hampton Village Schools (Ernest Lindner and
St Lorenzo Ruiz Catholic) by new principals Mitch Kachur and Francois
Rivard. These principals will be attending the HVCA monthly meetings.
Some interesting notes:
Ernest Lindner Kindergarden will hold an Open House @ Dundonald
School on January 25, 2017.
There will be designated space within the school building for daycare
(separate from schools) and community use.
Busing boundaries for other schools not yet ironed out but kids may not be
bussed to previous school (Dundonald/Caroline Robbins).
Community Consultant & Board of Directors Report Presentation – A Year
in review: Highlights of HVCA
Community Consultant – Jan, reviewed events hosted or attended by the
HVCA which included: Pumpkins in the Park, Community Garage Sale and
BBQ, Traffic Meeting, Family Fest, Theatre in the Park (concession), City
Volunteer appreciation, Soccer and Indoor Programs Registration, AGM.
President – Diana
Reviewed president’s role and ground rules for effective meetings as listed
i) Chair all meetings of the Board and the Association.
ii) Be an ex-officio member of all committees.

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iii) Be bondable and act as a signatory on documents and
cheques drawn on Association funds, as required in the conduct of
Association affairs.
iv) Be liaison between the Association and various government
v) Performs such other duties as ordinarily pertain to this office.
vi) Prepares the agenda for each meeting according to
parliamentary procedures (i.e. Roberts’ Rules of Order) and
presents it to the secretary for distribution prior to the meeting.
Discussion regarding Board positions
Remove the webmaster as a board position. No concerns were raised
regarding removing the webmaster as a board position.
Add an Allocations Coordinator. Concerns were raised regarding adding
this position to the board. A proposed allocations coordinator is an
additional person who will have to work quickly with tight timelines to
arrange bookings for all programming offered by HVCA. Current booking
system is working. Others felt the proposed Allocations Coordinator
position will be needed as the number of indoor programs grows when the
new schools open. After discussion the following motions were made.
Motion to amend bylaw 7.04 to remove the position of webmaster as
a board position. Moved by Diana. Seconded by Val. All in favour.
Motion to amend bylaw 7.04 to add the position of Allocation
Coordinator as a board position. Moved by Diana. Seconded by
Those in favour 9. Those opposed 7. Motion was carried.
Motion to amend the bylaws to fill a board position at a board
meeting, five (5) days’ notice must be given on the agenda. Moved by
R. Legge. Seconded by Val. All in favour.
Board Reports
9.1 REPORT: Treasurer – Jessica.
Reviewed budget. See attached.
Motion to approve financial statements 2014-2015 as reviewed by
Tara Quick, CPA, CGA. Moved by Christine. Seconded by Rasheed.
All in Favour.
Motion to approve proposed budget for 2016-2017. Moved by Diana.
Seconded by Christine. All in favour.
Motion to waive the requirement for an Annual Financial Audit in lieu
of an annual financial review (per Information Corporate Services’
rules for non-profit corporations with Revenues less than $250,000).
Moved by Jessica. Seconded by Diana. All in favour.

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Motion to appoint Tara Quick, CPA, CGA as the reviewer for the 2017-
2018 Financial Statements. Moved by Jessica. Seconded by Val. All
in favour.
Motion to approve the annual Association Membership Fee, $10.
Moved by Christine. Seconded by Diana. All in favour.
The Motion to approve financial statements 2015-2016 as reviewed by
Tara Quick, CPA, CGA was tabled as these Financial Statements were
not available.
9.2 REPORT: Indoor Programs Coordinator– Chelsey
Activities of the indoor coordinator include:
 Submitting information regarding classes HVCA is offering to the
Leisure Guide as per timelines established by City of Saskatoon.
 Organizing all Classes offered in 2015 2016 which included:
Adults: Pilates mat and stretch/ Zumba circuit/ French/ Spanish
Parent and child: (k to gr 2ish) Spanish/ parent and totally Toddler
dance 2 to 3 yrs/ parent and totally kinder gym 1 to 3yrs
preschool hip-hop 4 to 6yrs/ hip-hop 7 to 9yrs
cheer 7 to 9yrs/ cheer 10 to 12yrs
knit and crochet
First Aid and CPR
Basketball 7 to 10 yrs

9.3 REPORT: Kinder Soccer Coordinator – Christine
Successful summer outside and winter inside program.
9.4 REPORT: Soccer Coordinator – Mel
Successful summer outside and winter inside program.
9.5 REPORT: Membership Coordinator – Heather
Attends registration nights (fall, winter, spring) to sell community
association memberships.
Prior to registration night this coordinator ensures there is a sufficient of
membership cards available for new and renewing members.
Memberships cost $10.00/ year. Funds generated support activities in
Hampton Village.
Creates and/or maintain database of current HVCA members.

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Retains physical custody of membership cards and make available to
other Executive members as needed.
Assists at other Community Events as needed
Attends monthly Executive meetings.
In 2015 16, 160 memberships were sold.
9.6 REPORT: Community garden – This is not an HVCA initiative, but some
board members are involved in the community garden.
9.7 REPORT: Communications Coordinator – Cathy
The role of the communications coordinator is to be responsible for the
production and distribution of association communications as assigned. This
includes but is not limited to:
HVCA currently produce 3 newsletters. August and April are hard copy. The
winter edition is a digital copy. The newsletter includes information about
upcoming registration dates and other special events.
The communications Coordinator forwards the newsletter to our webmaster
for posting on the website. Webmaster does an e-blast.
Communications Coordinator is responsible for obtaining advertisements and
collecting fees where applicable.
Communications coordinator notifies the treasurer the advertisement has
been placed and the treasure invoices them. This system works well.
Newsletter policy states
Advertising costs are:
Business card size $25.00
¼ page $50.00
½ page $75.00
full page $100.00
Percentage of advertising in newsletter:
up to 75% of the newsletter can be advertising.
Some advertising may be included at the discretion
Newsletter is printed on light green paper with a distinctive title to make it
easily identifiable amongst your mail!
Winter edition are due December 1/ 16. Submit to
2015 2016 Annual cost to print and deliver newsletter $5710.42
Social media
Posts information on HVCA, Hampton Neighbourhood and Hampton
Mommas Facebook Pages. Forward postings to Webmaster for posting on
HVCA webpage.

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Community Sign
Communication Coordinator posts information on our Community sign. The
sign is changed about every month to six weeks. Communications
Coordinator ensures the sign licence is current.
Display Boards
Communications Coordinator creates display boards for Association
functions and public information.
Receives community association inquires on communications email.
Responds and/ or forwards these emails as necessary.
Motion to accept all Directors Report. Moved by Diana. Seconded by R.
Legge. All in favour.

President – vacant
Treasurer – Rasheed
Indoor Programs Coordinator – Kelly, Kristen
Kinder Soccer – Christine
Membership Coordinator – Glen Kehler
Rink Coordinator -vacant
Member at Large – Chelsey
Member at Large – Kelly/Kristin
Member at Large – Darcie
Member at Large – Shauna
Member at Large – Kristy
Member at Large –
Member at large
Motion to transfer signing authority to Rasheed Soomro and R. Legge.
Moved by Diana and seconded by Christine. All in favour. Motion was
Meeting adjourned at 0800 hours.