Hampton Village Community Association

Board Directors Meeting

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Dundonald School 6 pm

-Meeting Minutes-

Attendance: Christine, Cinthia, Kelly, Diana, Cathy, Ryan, Heather, Val, Chelsey, Pam, Jan, Kristin

Guests: Curtis, Shawna, Harold

Regrets: Stephanie, Brent, Jennifer, Rasheed, Ron, Melanie, Jorge, Jessica

  1. Meeting called to order at 6:00 by Diana
  2. Review and adoption of agenda – Cinthia moves, Kelly seconds
  3. Review and approval of April 13 minutes with changes – Heather moves, Ryan seconds
  4. Business arising from the minutes – Reviewed action items
  5. Correspondence
    1. Notice from ISC financial statements received
    2. Cheque from kidsport
    3. Tommy Douglas requesting donation for graduation party
    4. Newsletter request for 5 extra copies from a community member
  6. Executive Reports
    1. President – met with Jan last week to discuss president role, and will review monthly minders going forward
  7. Coordinators Reports
    1. Communications (& garage sale)

Activities completed:


  • Discovered reimbursement error for cost of newsletter. Jessica reconciled error and Cathy reimbursed outstanding amount of $1184.80.
  • Reminder: submission deadline for next newsletter is August 1. Advertisement for the fall newsletter already received.


  • Investigated several alternate locations for our sign.
  • Only viable option is lot between Shopper’s Drug mart and HFM Church. It is owned by the city. Making arrangements to relocate sign. May require additional manpower to move the sign.


  • Arranged volunteers for all shifts. Have pre-programmed reminder emails ready to be delivered.
  • Organised BBQ pick up.
  • Confirmed burger pricing—Kelly and Glen picking up burgers, hotdogs and buns.
  • Got cash float.
  • Made sign to direct people to bbq
  • Delivered bbq information to construction site.
  • Purchased condiments—relish, mustard, ketchup, cheese slices

School Meeting

  • Found out about the Public School Board meeting and confirmed meeting start and location change.
  • Notified of Catholic School Board planning meeting and will post info on Facebook page. Their meeting is Mon. May 17, 7 pm St. Peter School library, 202 Sumner Cres see detailed school designs; meet the new school’s principal; ask questions about the design, future programming or future consultations; and learn how you can be involved as a parent volunteer.

What needs to be done.

Sign/ communications

  • Purchase annual sign license.
  • Relocate sign
  • Post info on Facebook about Catholic School meeting, 4H info night, YAS Basketball camps.


  • Final organization of bbq supplies
  • Deliver cheque to Brett L who is picking up and returning the bbq

Help Required


  • Volunteer to help move sign.


  • Please remember your bbq shift!
  • If you have an extra cooler please drop it off.
  • If you have a Hampton Village t-shirt please wear it. If you do not have one, we have extras.
    1. Kinder Soccer – there are 11 teams of 8 and 1 team of 9. Teams played on wrong field last week but Christine will be out to ensure they play on the right field this week.
    2. Indoor programs – attended indoor coordinators workshop, circulated a list of potential programs we could offer (that the city has instructors for)
      • Working on engineering for kids programs
      • Cheer instructor found their own replacement
    3. Rink – presented drawing of rink and estimated costs.
      • Heather moved to spend up to $20,000 on the rink and up to $10,000 on lighting. Pam seconded, everyone was in favour.
    4. Community Consultant report – emailed to group

Motion to issue payment for 50% of shade topper $1,504, moved by Diana, seconded by Heather, all in favour.

  1. Special Events
    1. The Gardens of Hampton Village – Cinthia
      • Compost delivered
      • There will be a note in the fall newsletter
      • They would like to deposit funds into HVCA bank account (put on June’s meeting agenda for discussion)
    2. New Business
      1. Citizens on Patrol update
        • Met with Saskatoon police, need at least 4 interested people to book a meeting. Chelsey will book the church sometime in the second half of June.
      2. Hampton Free Methodist Church Reminder—Outdoor youth activities in church parking lot during month of June. HVCA board members will need to park in back parking lot during these activities.
      3. New member at large – Kristin Allen to replace Diana, (moved by Diana, seconded by Christine)

Meeting Adjourned at 650 pm. Next meeting June 8 at Hampton Free Methodist Church.



Action Items

Completed Actions Assigned to Due by Notes
Report back on how much HVCA owes for shade topper Jan 10-Feb-2016 Board moved to reimburse costs
Heather to contact Mel and organize a family fest meeting Heather May 11 Meeting next weekend
Cathy to find location for sign Cathy May 11  
Add Ryan email to list Val May 11  
Ongoing Actions Assigned to Due by Notes
Ron to get quotes on rink fence Ron 15-April-2016  


New Actions Assigned to Due by Notes
Email link to survey monkey for participant evaluation Jan June 2016  
Bring in detailed budget for the rink Ron June 2016