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Hampton Village Community Association

Board Directors Meeting

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Hampton Free Methodist Church @ 6:30 pm

-Meeting Minutes-

Attendance: Christine, Ryan, Cathy, Jan, Heather, Val, Cinthia, Chelsey,

Guests: Heather (theatre in the park), Curtis (community watch)

Regrets: Kelly, Jessica, Stephanie, Brent, Jennifer, Rasheed, Diana, Ron, Pam, Melanie, Jorge,

  1. Meeting called to order at 6:40 by Ryan
  2. Heather – Theatre in the Park – went well last year, port a potty will be in a better place this year. This is the 4th Last year we had a concession and money went to theatre in the park (about $250)
    • This year’s play: Little badger and fire spirit July 1-28
    • Looking for people to give out flyers, Will put into newsletter and sign
    • Looking for donations for theatre in the park – suggested $600
  3. Review and adoption of agenda, as amended – Val moves, Christine seconds
  4. Curtis (guest) – interested in setting up a community watch
    • Jan and Curtis to find an information session and gauge interest in community, Jan to email constable and email board
    • Possibly set up an info table at Garage sale BBQ and family day
  5. Review and approval of minutes– Cinthia moves, Chelsey seconds
  6. Business arising from the minutes – Reviewed action items
  7. Correspondence
    1. Rejected for funding for family fest
    2. Bank balance
    3. Great plains college offering English language programs
    4. Cheque from fastball association – $75 for advertising
  8. Monthly Minders – program enrollment forms due in April, evaluate programs pay instructors
  9. Executive Reports
    1. President – absent
    2. Vice President – nothing to report
    3. Treasurer – absent, summarized email:
      • Annual Return:  Everything is with the accountant and ISC has given us a final deadline of April 15th to have all paperwork submitted.   Accountant is aware of this date and assures me we will have no trouble meeting the deadline.  I’ll keep everyone posted on the progress of this, as I will have to submit prior to our next meeting.  Everything is ready to go as soon as the financial statements are available.
      • Appointment with Affinity Credit Union for this Saturday March 12th 10 am. Requires minutes of tonight’s meeting with a motion appointing all three signers, and both Chelsey, Diana and Heather will have to pop in sometime afterwards to sign the paperwork
      • Jessica is available that morning to volunteer at the BBQ, if needed.
    4. Secretary – nothing to report
    5. Coordinators Reports
      1. Communications
  • Activities completed:
  • Responded to emails re: advertising, meeting topics
  • Changed sign to advertise Garages sale & BBQ
  • Requested quote for newsletter
  • Beginning to assemble newsletter
    • Will be 12 pages. No advertising was confirmed or received as of March 8, 2016
  • Working on:
  • Finish newsletter
  • Submission for articles and advertising deadline is April 1
  • Goal to send to printing by April 9
  • Discuss newsletter paper colour—all green or green outside and white inside? (Decision: All green)
    1. Soccer – Registration Feb 25, 26 – about 260 kids, most first night
    2. Kinder Soccer – 11 teams of 8, ordered shirts for 12
    3. Indoor programs – email still problematic
    4. Rink – water to go in during soccer season. Rink update to be given next meeting.
    5. Members at large – nothing to report
  1. Community consultant report – Jan reviewed her report
  2. Special Events
    1. Family Fest – need to figure out budget
    2. Community garden update – community meeting date to be set, will be later than usual because location of community garden not yet chosen.
  3. New Business
    1. Motion to remove Justine and add Diana for signing authority. Moved by Heather, seconded by Christine. Moved unanimously (Pam and Ron and Mel via Heather through text)
    2. New Schools – some parents have started petitions to get schools French immersion. Asked for Community association support, but board speaks for entire community so it would need to be clear this is something the whole community supports (Board will stay out of it)

Meeting Adjourned



Action Items

Completed Actions Assigned to Due by Notes
Develop draft template for reporting from coordinators and distribute to coordinators Cathy 13-Jan-16 What did I do

What am I going to do

What do I need

Mel to forward email to Jan that Al Anderson park available for family fest and soccer Mel March 2016 done
Determine best location for rink shed Jan with rink committee March 2016 Request put in for north
Ongoing Actions Assigned to Due by Notes
Update annual return and submit all required documents – Jessica Jessica 31-Dec-15 Everything is with accountant, due April 15
Submit financial statements to ISC Jessica Feb 2016  
Ron to get quotes on rink fence Ron 15-April-2016  
Report back on how much HVCA owes for shade topper Jan 10-Feb-2016  


New Actions Assigned to Due by Notes
Request Brent to create e-mail for community watch


Cathy April 2016  
Jan will send community liaison info to Curtis Jan April 2016  
Pam to dig up specifics on family fest and email out (can we afford to do this year) Pam April 2016