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Hampton Village Community Association

Board of Directors Meeting

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Hampton Free Methodist Church @ 6:30 pm

-Meeting Minutes-


Attendance: Cinthia, Chelsey, Kelly, Jan, Heather, Ryan, Cathy, Pam, Christine, Jorge, Jessica, Melanie, Val, Stephanie

Regrets: Lisa, Rasheed, Stephanie, Brent, Ron, Diana

  1. Meeting called to order at 6:30 by Jessica (Chair)
  2. Review and adoption of agenda, no changes or additions – Cinthia moves, Cathy seconds
  3. Review and approval of minutes – Cathy moves, Christine seconds
  4. Business arising from the minutes
    1. Reviewed action items
    2. Discussion surrounding on-line registration. Agreement to advertise and hold 2 registration nights for fall.
    3. Mel volunteered to lead the family fest committee; committee members include: Mel, Chelsea, Heather and Christine
  5. Correspondence
    1. Letter regarding facilities given to Mel
    2. Letter from ISC and bank statements to Jessica
    3. 5 emails regarding registration and 1 regarding advertising responded to by Cathy
  6. Monthly minders
    1. Cathy to determine when fee is due for sign at shoppers
  7. Executive Reports
    1. Treasurer, Jessica
      • Balance is $46,004
      • Looking into online banking
      • Brought computer for Cinthia’s husband to look at
      • Financial Review from 2014-2015 not done yet
    2. Coordinators Reports
      1. Communication – Cathy
        • Changed sign to advertise registration, going to add when classes start (week of Jan 25)
      2. Soccer – Mel
        • Need volunteers for registration night end of February
        • Has information for Christine for booking fields
      3. Kinder soccer – Christine
        • Pam suggests booking Hargreaves and Korol fields
      4. Indoor Programs – Chelsey
        • Starts in 2 weeks, going to make deposit next week
        • Held a 2nd Registration Night

Ryan moved to accept all reports, Chelsey seconded

  1. Community Consultant report – previously emailed to Board by Jan, quickly reviewed at the meeting
  2. Special events
    1. Family Fest (June 23)
    2. Garage sale and BBQ
      • Cinthia to do map, fee of $5 to remain
      • Mel to book BBQ for both events
    3. New business:
      1. Online registration – not to be utilized now
      2. Resignation sent in by Lisa Sookeroff – acceptance of resignation moved by Cathy and seconded by Chelsey

Meeting Adjourned.

NEXT MEETING: Weds, Feb 10, 2016























Action Items

Completed Actions Assigned to Due by Notes
Touch base with Mel regarding cheque for soccer (from resident that complained to Chelsey that they were not contacted) Chelsey 13-Jan-16 Refund issued
Send more info on online registration for programs and connect Chelsey with other Associations who are happy with their on-line Registration program Jan 13-Jan-16 Jan emailed to board members
Send email out to see who wants to volunteer to be on the planning committee for Family Fest Jan 13-Jan-16 Mel volunteered to lead and committee will be comprised of Chelsey, Heather, Christine
Distribute map indicating new location for shade topper Jan 13-Jan-16 Jan distributed picture
Bring draft calendar Jan 13-Jan-16 Distributed
Determine list of interested people for president Jan Feb-16 Jorge and Diana, will be voted on next meeting
Follow up with Jenn on garage sale map Cathy 13-Jan-16 Awaiting email response, Cinthia volunteered to do map this year




Ongoing Actions Assigned to Due by Notes
Develop draft template for reporting from coordinators and distribute to coordinators Cathy 13-Jan-16 Moved to February
Submit extension request for submission of financial statements to ISC Jessica 31-Dec-15 Complete but only good until Jan 22 so will need to be done again
Pam, Chelsea, Mel and Christine to have coffee and chat requirements and planning for kindersoccer Pam 13-Jan-16 ongoing
Submit grant application for Family Fest (bring draft to January meeting) Chelsey 15-Jan-16 Will be completed by due date
Sort out annual return:

Board members who are missing from corporate profile complete consent/acknowledgement and give to Cathy – Jessica, Jennifer, Brent, Pam, Lisa, Chelsey, Heather, Ron, Melanie, Jorge

Complete Affidavit and get Commissioner of Oaths to witness – Cathy

Contact ISC and ask how to submit (electronically? Hard copy?) – Jessica/Cathy

Update annual return and submit all required documents – Jessica


+ 10 Board Members who were missing from Corporate Profile

31-Dec-15 ongoing
Ron to get quotes on rink fence Ron 15-April  


New Actions Assigned to Due by Notes
Find out if the east Al Anderson field can be used for family fest and also soccer Jan 10-Feb-2016  
Report back on how much HVCA owes for shade topper Jan 10-Feb-2016  
Talk to Brent about email issues and website issues some board members are having Mel 10-Feb-2016  
Include President vote on next month agenda Jan 10-Feb-2016