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Hampton Village Community Association

Board Directors Meeting

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Hampton Free Methodist Church @ 6:30 pm

-Meeting Minutes-

Attendance: Christine, Cinthia, Kelly, Diana, Cathy, Jorge, Ryan, Heather, Val, Chelsey, Jessica

Regrets: Stephanie, Brent, Jennifer, Rasheed, Ron, Pam, Melanie, Jan

  1. Meeting called to order at 6:35 by Diana
  2. Review and adoption of agenda – Cinthia moves, Christine seconds
  3. Review and approval of minutes with changes – Diane moves, Cathy seconds
  4. Business arising from the minutes – Reviewed action items
  5. Correspondence
    1. Feb bank statement
    2. Letter from bank on NSF cheque
    3. Email from summer players requesting an ad about play in newsletter at no charge, 2 tickets donated to board (draw completed with names of board members in attendance, Christine wins tickets)
  6. Executive Reports
    1. President – attended community garden meeting, will send out link to survey to board members
  • Youth for Christ will have their Mobile Youth Centre in our parking lot each Wednesday during the summer, beginning in early June. They did this last year as well.  They run a program of activities for youth from grade 5 and up. Youth for Christ is a non-denominational organization that runs several programs in the city.
  • The second activity coming up is a food drive for the Food Bank. This is a city wide program in which food bags are delivered to each household with the weekly fliers and picked up with the food donations on the following Saturday. Although we do not organize this activity, we are helping by organizing teams to pick up the food donations.  This is happening on May 7. If anyone would like to volunteer to help they could contact the church office.
  1. Treasurer – reviewed reconciliation report, annual return and financial review sent in motion to accept 2015 financial review statements as reviewed moved by Jessica, seconded by Diana. Jessica moves to accept the treasurers report, seconded by Ryan
  1. Coordinators Reports
    1. Communications (& garage sale)

Activities completed:

  • Prepared and posted Facebook notices about garage sale and community garden meeting
  • Emailed Brent about garage sale notifications coming to all board members. He tried to resolve this. Unsure of success.
  • Requested Community Watch email account
  • Forwarded Survey from Saskatoon Police re: street checks
  • Responded to emails re: advertising in newsletter
  • Forwarded advertising billing information to Jessica for invoicing
  • Communicated with printer re: newsletter
  • Assembled newsletter & sent to printing. Goal was Sat. April 9. Sent on Mon. April 11
    • Will be 12 pages printed on light green paper
    • Four paid advertisements were included.
    • Some non-paying ads were included as community service
  • Purchased six folding tables for HVCA
  • Spoke to City of Saskatoon re: placement of event garbage can for Garage Sale
  • Started seeking bbq helpers
  • Spoke to Shopper’s Drug Mart Pharmacist re: sign and our payment

Ongoing Activities

  • Get quotes for garage sale bbq food items
  • Purchase bbq supplies
  • Continue to arrange bbq helpers
  • Find new location for our sign by April 30


  • Reimbursement for:
    • Licence for Garage Sale BBQ
    • Folding tables
    • Newsletter printing costs
  • Request cash advance for bbq purchases and float for bbq (prefer cheque today)
    1. Soccer – Mel setting up dates for coaches night
    2. Kinder Soccer – cutting off registration for kinder soccer. 11 teams of 8 and 1 team of 6, after date set up for coaches meeting email will be sent to parents may 3&4-June 21&22
    3. Indoor programs – core body, kettle bell go for spring, toddler dance, hip hop, deadline for registrations Friday night
  1. Community consultant report – e-mailed to members
  2. Special Events
    1. Community garden update – community meeting very full. Location chosen in Al Anderson Park across from Anita Langford park.
  3. New Business
    1. Christine wants to arrange a community child-care swap meet and greet

Meeting Adjourned. Next meeting May 11.



Action Items

Completed Actions Assigned to Due by Notes
Update annual return and submit all required documents – Jessica Jessica 31-Dec-15
Submit financial statements to ISC Jessica Feb 2016
Request Brent to create e-mail for community watch Cathy April 2016
Jan will send community liaison info to Curtis Jan April 2016
Pam to dig up specifics on family fest and email out (can we afford to do this year) Pam April 2016 Jessica completed
Ongoing Actions Assigned to Due by Notes
Ron to get quotes on rink fence Ron 15-April-2016
Report back on how much HVCA owes for shade topper Jan 10-Feb-2016


New Actions Assigned to Due by Notes
Heather to contact Mel and organize a family fest meeting Heather May 11
Cathy to find location for sign Cathy May 11
Add Ryan email to list Val May 11