Hampton Village Community Association

Board of Directors Meeting

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Hampton Free Methodist Church @ 6:30 pm


-Meeting Minutes-






Justine           Mel

Cathy             Lisa

Chelsey         Heather

Jessica           Tayyaba



Review of Actions


  1. Meeting called to order by President Justine McCaffrey at 6:35 pm.
  2. Heather motioned to adopt the agenda and Chelsey seconded it, motion was passed, no additions or changes requested
  3. The minutes of the previous board meeting were reviewed, no revisions were required. Lynn motioned to approve the minutes and Cathy seconded it, motion was passed.
  4. Communication/Mailbox Items

Chelsey informed the board that our insurance may not have the church listed on it, Jessica will check into this.


  1. Review of Action Items


  1. C) Jan will take the Park Enhancement Grant back to get reviewed due to the information not accurate-Ongoing


  1. H) Ron to get a few quotes for the rink fence-Ongoing



  1. New Action Items – Monthly Minders


  1. A) Jessica will check into the church listed on the insurance.


  1. B) Jessica to look into AON Security for what is all covered for $50,000.


  1. C) Winter leisure guide – Chelsey


  1. D) Cathy will look into what is involved in Globe Printer’s cost.
  2. E) Chelsey will submit a statement(blurb) for winter programs on HVCA



  1. F) Cathy to include the rink delay in the newsletter to inform the community.


  1. G) Justine to talk to Ron and create a blurb about the rink delay.


  1. H) Webmaster to include the rink delay on the HVCA Website.


  1. I) Jessica will reimburse Cathy for the newsletter expenses



  1. President’s Report


Justine has informed the board that she is stepping down from the role of President.

  1. Treasurer’s Report


Jessica informed the board that the association computer she is using crashed and it took two days to get it up and running again.  She reported the total in the account is $34,949.19 as of July 31st for the months of May through to August.

The question was raised as to whether the rink is needed on our AON Security.  Jessica will inquire what $50,000 all covers, and then the board will decide what actually needs coverage.


  1. Community Consultant – Jan Cunningham

Jan went home sick – No report


  1. Coordinator’s Report


  1. A) Communication Coordinator – Cathy Baerg


There was an e-mail vote regarding the Sask. Abilities Delivery of community newsletters  15 board members and only 11 responded and agreed to white paper.  The total for 2,500 newsletters to be printed would cost $1511.24 and to mail would cost an extra $394.01, for a grand total of $1905.25.


Cathy motions to accept the e-mail vote, the board accepted, and passed the motion.


The latest newsletter was delivered in advance to registration night.  It was in white paper, and suggested to go green next time.  August 10th was the deadline for submissions, and it was submitted on August 13th.  August 16th the newsletter was sent out.


November 20th, submissions for the newsletter are required, this will give Cathy time to review(proof read).


Cathy contacted the government for the new school and they will submit information for the newsletter.


The board discussed and agreed the next newsletter will be online and in color.


The board was informed that Globe Printers will print 12 pages for $1147.00 and 8 pages for $1511.00.  Cathy will look into what is involved in this cost.


The board discussed and agreed to prepare newsletter budget with two paper deliveries and one newsletter online (Hampton Website).


The board agreed along with Cathy that combining the two roles, sign coordinator and newsletter coordinator in one called Communication Coordinator, Cathy will officially take on this new role along with the new title.  Thanks Cathy!


Jessica will reimburse Cathy for the newsletter expenses.


  1. B) Soccer Coordinator – Melanie Litvenenko


Melanie informed the board that numbers are down from last year in soccer. Dundonald had their registration night tonight.  Melanie will have a more accurate number next meeting, when registration night is done.


Melanie’s printer quit working and bought a new one, she gave Jessica t  he receipt.


  1. C) Kinder Soccer –


  1. D) Sign Coordinator – Cathy Baerg


Cathy changed the sign three times, theater in the park, registration night and will change it again when it gets closer to the AGM and the info is confirmed on it.


  1. E) Indoor Coordinator – Chelsey Shaw


Registration was on Thursday, and Chelsey thanked the board for our help. Chelsey informs the board that numbers are down since last year.  Chelsey’s out going e-mail is currently not working and is using her private e-mail.

Chelsey informs the board that some of the programs may have to be cancelled due to low numbers.  Engineering for kids were high, and the program is offering to accommodate to other areas.

Chelsey informs the board that “No excuse Moms” runs out of the park, its free but a community membership is required.


Chelsey may have to cancel the following programs due to low numbers;

Cheer (2), Book Club(0), Spanish(2), Adult Yoga, and kettle bell.  Chelsey says she will accept late registrations.


Chelsey will submit a statement(blurb) for winter programs on HVCA Website.


Toddler Dance has a new instructor, she lowered the numbers for the program, just too many in the group at once.  Instructor has asked for $40.00 prop budget for the kids, Chelsey will include this in her budget.


  1. F) Rink Coordinator – Ron Laurans


There will not be a rink this year.  There is not enough time to build it and have it ready for this winter.  The property was not excavated in time and the fence installers were booked up.  The delay in the construction of the school and therefore not knowing the size of the land, the board is unable to get quotes for the rink.


  1. G) Webmaster – Brent Upton


No Report.


  1. Past Events


  1. Family Fest – The event was a success. All the hotdogs that were purchased was eaten!  The board came under budget!!
  2. Year End Wind Up – Good turn out. The restaurant was not prepared for our previously booked group.  Orders were mixed up and some people waited to get a drink for 20 minutes.  Besides that the board enjoyed each other’s company!


  1. Upcoming Events


  1. A) AGM – October 14, 2015 @ 6:00pm.

Jessica will look into what the association has left over for pop

Heather motions for $500.00 to buy pizza and pop for the AGM, Chelsey seconded, motion was passed.


Jessica will make a poster to advertise for the AGM to advertise the available board member positions.


Advertise the AGM on the HVCA Facebook page.


Justine will invite Troy Davies to the AMG.

  1. Pumpkins in the Park – November 1st – 6:00pm-7:00pm


The board agreed to put Pumpkins in the park in the newsletter.

Last year the event was a success.  Two of our board members used their personal trucks to take all the pumpkins to the dump.  The association paid for the truck to be cleaned.  Last year the hot chocolate ran out quickly and very few people had coffee.  This year the association will purchase hot chocolate only.


12c) There will be no Christmas tree pick up this year.


13) New Buisness


  1. Board member, Lynn Heale has stepped down from secretary position.
  2. Sunlife (Rebecca- Financial Advisor) would like to make a presentation on RESP and Life Insurance. The board agreed to place the event in the HVCA newsletter(depending on when it will take place) and on the HVCA facebook page.
  3. Community Garden

There is a community member that would like to take on the program. The deadline to go forward with the program is December 1st.


  1. Next Meeting – Wednesday, October 14, 2015
  2. Meeting Adjourned @ 8:17 pm.