Hampton Village Community Association

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Annual General Meeting


Present at the meeting:

Jessica                       Chelsey

Cathy                         Jen

Lynn                           Melanie

Heather                      Pam

Ron                            Justine


Call to Order:  President Justine McCaffrey called the meeting to order at 6:03 pm.

Adoption of agenda: Lynn moved to adopt the agenda and Heather seconded, motion passed.

Approval of October 8, 2014 minutes:  Lynn moved to adopt the minutes and Chelsey seconded, motion passed.

Treasurer’s Report:

  1. Pam motions to approve the 2013-2014 financial statement, Melanie seconded, motion passed.
  2. Budget for 2015-2016: After reviewing the budget, it was noted that the rink and operating grant should not be in the budget because there will not be a rink this season. The year end surplus is $4,820.00. The budget will be updated to $2,100 instead of 3,300.00. Heather motioned to adopt changes, Cathy seconded, motion was passed.
  3. Jessica motioned to accept the 2015-2016 budget and Cathy seconded, motion was passed.
  4. Jessica motioned to appoint Tara Quick, CPA, CGA for 2014-2015 and 2015-2016 review, motion seconded by Heather, motion passed.
  5. Jessica motioned to waive the financial audit in lieu of financial review and Ron seconded, motion was passed.
  6. Jessica motioned to approve the annual membership fee, Pam seconded, motion was passed.
  7. Chelsey motioned to approve Treasurer’s Financial Report, Jessica seconded, motion was passed

Community Consultant Report:

Winter leisure guide proof reading phase is underway, final copy for proofreading should be available for indoor coordinators on or before Monday, October 26th.  Coordinators to review leisure guide and return to Jan on Tuesday, October 27th.

Youth program funding grant- applications due October 15th.

Community Garden – deadline to apply is November 1st.

Park enhancement grant – applications due January 31st.

Volunteer Training Opportunities – Online registration workshop –  October 15th.

Volunteer Management Boot Camp – October 24th. www.surveymonkey.com/r/volbootcamp

Grant writing workshop – application deadline is January 31st. Pre register by November 20th. Call 979-3391

Ramai Modern Art Caravan will visit any community and give free art activities or workshop, teaching printmaking, watercolor and makerspace. Call Carol Wylie 306-975-8144.


Election of executive members 2015-2016


Positions open:

President: No one elected

Vice President: No one elected

Secretary: Val Bond was voted in as secretary

Communications Coordinator: Heather nominates Cathy Bearg to remain in communications position, Cathy accepts.

Membership Coordinator: Heather remains in the position of Membership Coordinator

Website: Brent Upton remains the website coordinator

Member at Large: Pam Laurans and Jen Upton remain as member at large.

Newly Appointed Member at Large: Kelly, Diana, Rasheed, Cynthia, Ryan


Jan declares the election closed.


Justine motions for Heather to be 2nd signing authority along with Jessica.


Guest Speaker:

City Councillor, Ward 4 – Mr. Troy Davies

Mr. Davies spoke about how HVC is going through growing pains.  The unexpected increase in people living in the Hamptons, has created congestion and limited access egress into the community. The city has learned from these issues and will take that into consideration for new upcoming communities. Claypool has been an ongoing issue for traffic.  The construction of the new lanes is ahead of schedule and is expected to reopen in November.


The city inquired about what areas have high need when it comes to traffic issues.  Hampton Village was #2 of choice to receive a traffic study so a plan can be put in place to correct the traffic issues. A plan and budget will be completed to make the necessary changes.


Remai Art Building is over budget($3 million).  There’s an agreement in place that the city is not paying anymore money.  $650.000. The new arts building is expected to open in 2017.


Mr. Davies informs the committee that the city will be building two new bridges.  $30,0000

for the traffic bridge (Victoria Bridge)

$180,000 for the North Commuter Bridge. It will have 6 lanes and will come out at Marquis Drive.

Both bridges expected in 2018.

Mr. Davies goes on to tell us that 24,000 people use the traffic bridges, 6,000 people don’t pay taxes.

The perimeter highway, near Rosewood area, will take you around the city, it will help keep transportation trucks etc. off the main roads.


Green Bins – Compost Bins

-$55.00 to have a bin presently, however the amount to have a bin will increase from $70.00-$75.00.  Council will vote against the increase, people will not want to pay for this, and will end up throwing the compost out in the garbage instead.


Mr. Davies informs the committee that the new school in Hamptons is a Provincial Project with a community center between the two schools, and an area for a playground.


Dog park will be completed next year.



Elections coming up, Mr. Davies informs the committee that the city is offering free bus for voting.


Taxes: an audit of the city staff will be done, to look at increasing the amount of city staff. This is the first time that this is part of the budget.  October 19th the budget will be out. It is estimated that the taxes will be 4.5% or lower this year.


Mr. Davies invites all community members to e-mail him any concerns we have and he will respond as soon as he can.


Hampton Rink – The rink that was built was temporary due to the designation of a new school to be built.  There will not be a rink this season due to the round not leveled.  The new development of a rink is estimated to be built in 2017-2018. The new rink has been designated in Al Anderson soccer it.  The ground will need to be leveled and trees removed to build the rink.  Applying for a grant to build a new rink will be looked into closer to the construction date.


Winter registration night – January 6th in Hampton Free Methodist Church at 6:30 pm.


Next meeting – November 11th


Meeting adjourned: 7:17 pm.