Hampton Village Community Association
Board of Directors Meeting
Wednesday, November 18, 2015
Hampton Free Methodist Church @ 6:30 pm
-Meeting Minutes-

Jessica Diana
Rasheed Val
Jan Melanie
1. Meeting called to order at 6:40 by Cathy
2. Review and adoption of agenda, no changes or additions – Diana moves, Jessica seconds
3. Review and approval of the minutes, no revisions required – Ryan moves, Cinthia seconds
4. Review Action Items
C. Jan to take Park enhancement grant back to get reviewed – ongoing (Cannot get shade topper where requested, bids came back too high so no work was done this year anyways, will happen next year.)
H. Ron to get quotes on Rink fence – ongoing – no work could happen because of school development and new location not being levelled yet
A. Jessica confirmed Hampton Free Methodist Church is listed on insurance – send copy to Jan
B. Jessica confirms with AON Security that all our buildings where HVCA programming occurs are covered under insurance.
C. Winter Leisure Guide– Chelsey submitted program information.
D. Globe Printers – not done, going to stay with Saskabilities.
E. Chelsey will submit a blurb for winter programs on website – ongoing
F&G Cathy to include rink update in newsletter in consultation with Ron Laurans. Ongoing
A. Webmaster to include rink delay on HVCA website.
B. Jessica reimbursed Cathy for newsletter expenses. Complete
5. New Actions
A. Jan to distribute map indicating new location for shade topper
B. Jessica to send updated insurance to Jan
C. Rink update tab on the website
D. Jan to bring draft calendar for next meeting
E. Cathy to phone Jorge
6. Motion to approve actions items – Cinthia, seconded by Rasheed
7. Orientation for new members – resplendent powerpoint presentation
8. Correspondence
• letter from Canada Post about price increases – will not affect community association prices for distribution of newsletters.
• KidSport payment received
• AON Insurance Policy renewal
• ISC – notification that 2013 Financial Statements received
9. Monthly Minders
• Monthly Minder calendar has not yet been finalized; Jan to bring draft calendar for next meeting
• November – ensure corporation docs submitted by Dec 15.
10. Executive Reports:
a. Presidents report – vacant; no report
b. Vice-president’s report – vacant; no report
c. Treasurer’s report – still interpreting work done by previous treasurer
• most recent bank statement –Current balance as of November 18th $48,335
d. Secretary’s report
• Jan updated board contact list; Jan will make corrections (as directed) and distribute to the Board again
10. Coordinators report
a. Newsletter Coordinator
• Newsletter submissions due 24 Nov when Cathy gets back from romantic getaway
b. Soccer Coordinator
• some cheques to be deposited for late registration
c. Sign Coordinator
• currently advertising free financial info session in Dundonald School library
• next to advertise the newsletter (when Cathy returns from you know where)
d. Indoor Coordinator
• registration is Jan 6 in multipurpose gym of Hampton Free Methodist Church from 6:30-8:30. All help is appreciated.
e. Rink Coordinator
• New rink will be bigger
11. Community Consultant Report (Jan)
• Jan discussed her written report
12. Special Events
a. Pumpkins in the park debrief
• Cathy had previously e-mail the PIES event debrief to the Board
• Improvement for next year – possibly get student leaders for kids’ activities
• need a permit for next year
• Should notify the media
b. special event committee for family day in the park (put on next agenda-family fest committee update)
13. New business
a. Board vacancies – elect persons or devise interim plan
• Heather Motioned to accept Vince resignation, Diana second
• Motion to accept Vice president – Ryan, Chelsea moved, second by Diana
• Motion to accept member at large Stephanie – moved by Heather, second by Kelly
b. Friends of the association contact list
• 2 people added at the AGM
c. Christmas Gathering – nothing scheduled

No meeting in December, Next meeting January 13, 2016