Hampton Village Community Association
Wednesday, May 13, 2015 – Hampton Free Methodist Church – 6:30 pm



PRESENT: Cathy, Chelsey, Heather, Jennifer (partial), Jessica, Melanie, Pam, Ron (partial), Stephanie (partial)
REGRETS: Alan, Brent, Jason, Jorge, Justine, Lisa, Lynn, Tanner, Vanessa, Vince

Quorum was reached when Ron arrived; all Motions held until then.

Jan Cunningham, City of Saskatoon
Keitha Ogbogu, Hampton Free Methodist Church

CHAIR: Cathy


1) The meeting was called to order at 6:37 pm.
2) The Agenda was reviewed; no additions or changes requested.

MOTION: To adopt the Agenda, as presented.
Moved: Pam / Seconded: Heather
Motion passed.

3) The Minutes of the previous Board Meeting (April 8, 2015) were distributed and reviewed; no additions, deletions or changes noted.

MOTION: To adopt the Minutes of the April 8, 2015 meeting, as presented.
Moved: Pam / Seconded: Melanie
Motion passed

4) Correspondence
• The Bank Statement was received, opened at the meeting and distributed for review; it was noted that the balance in the account was approximately $44,000.
• Additional mail that had been dropped off by Chelsey at Pam’s house (to her mother); those items were not brought to the meeting. It is not known if correspondence from Information Services Corporation is included in that package of mail.
• Chelsey noted today is the last day to pick up mail at the old Co-op Postal Outlet.

ACTION ITEM: Pam to check mail at her house for anything time-sensitive, and bring all correspondence to next Board Meeting.

5) Monthly Minders
No one brought a copy of the Monthly Minders. Discussion regarding the importance of the Monthly Minders and administrative processes for meetings in general. For example, while it is believed that the Association’s Insurance is current, it is not known where a hard copy of the policy/coverage is located.

Agreement was reached regarding a few administrative improvements:
• To keep Monthly Minders as a standing Agenda item.
• E-mail the upcoming Agenda and previous month’s Minutes prior to the next Board Meeting
• Develop “binders” for each position, which include general information about the Association as well as information specific to that particular role.
• Once Minutes are approved at a Board Meeting, Lynn will send a copy of the Minutes to Brent for posting on the website.

ACTION ITEM: Jessica to contact Aon Reed to get a copy of the current Insurance coverage

ACTION ITEM: Heather to purchase 2 dozen Binders

ACTION ITEM: Jan to photocopy the Articles of Incorporation & By-laws, Policies and Contact List for each Board Member (for their personal Binder)

ACTION ITEM: Brent to update the website, including: adding an area for Indoor Programs and updating the blurb on the main page (currently, it is a blurb originally written by the main neighbourhood real estate developer, and reads in the past tense)

ACTION ITEM: Jessica to assemble & maintain a Governance Binder (or some other filing system) – that would include Incorporation documents, copies of the Annual Return, funding applications and agreements, etc.

6) President’s Report, Justine
Justine was absent; no written report available. In the Agenda Justine prepared, it was noted that 2 resignations had been received – Alan (Treasurer) and Stephanie (Kinder Soccer).

7) Treasurer’s Report, Alan

Alan was absent from the meeting; no written report was prepared. Prior to the meeting, Alan came to the Church to drop off all financial records for the new Treasurer. Alan also shared that the 2013-2014 financial records were ready for the Financial Review performed, but the records had not yet gone to the Financial Reviewer. Jan shared that there was a problem with last year’s Financial Reviewer (i.e. without offering explanation, the Accountant stopped communication with Justine and Alan). Jan had provided Justine and Alan with the names and contact information for 2 other Financial Reviewers used by Community Associations.

Jessica volunteered to be the new Treasurer. (Yay! Thanks, Jessica!) [See Motion later in meeting.]

Discussion about changing signing authorities, including the importance of cheque signers being available for signing and administrative strategies to make cheque signing more efficient.

ACTION ITEM: Jessica to determine which Accountant Alan/Justine had selected to perform the Annual Financial Review, and to arrange for the financial records to be dropped off at the office.

ACTION ITEM: Justine to determine the latest financial statement filing deadline from Information Services Corporation.

8) Community Consultant Report, Jan

Jan’s Area 1 report was e-mailed prior to the meeting and hard copies were distributed at the meeting. Jan briefly reviewed the report, highlighting the Leisure Guide timelines (for Community Association programs to be printed in Fall 2015).

Verbally, Jan provided some updates for Hampton:

• School site preparation – The City of Saskatoon will no longer perform the site preparation/levelling for the new school; the successful contractor for school construction will now perform this work. The City of Saskatoon requested this change since it is best to know the final design of the school before performing this work.

• Rink Site preparation – The successful contractor in the school construction project will also be responsible for preparing the site for the new rink. The Province will award the contract June 1st. In June, Dwayne Whiteside (City of Saskatoon Senior Planner) will contact the successful contractor to discuss the school site and rink site preparations. Jan identified that the timing of this project will be delicate – before a company can install the metal posts for the new rinks, the site must be levelled. Stay tuned.

• The Rink? What rink? – Friday, May 1st, Jan informed Ron that the City was willing to pay the Community Association for the dismantling and removal of the old rink. By Saturday, Pam and Ron had it organized! (Wow!) Sunday, a large group of volunteers took down the rink, and were able to re—purpose most of the materials, with only 2 trips to the dump. Fantastic job!

• The new rink & rink tours – Jan, Ron and Pam will be touring a few rinks in Saskatoon, as part of the planning process for the new rink (likely the last weekend in May). Please let Pam and/or Ron know if you wanted to join us for this day. Also, it was clarified that there will be detailed specifications, etc. for the new rink – that will be shared with the Board for discussion & approval.

• Summer Play Program – FYI – there are no plans for the City to run a “Summer Play” program at the Hampton Village Spray Park this year.

ACTION ITEM: Jan to re-send information on the Hampton Village Community Association Park Enhancement project (i.e. for shade topper and benches), including the overall costs and the Community Association’s financial commitment. Also, Jan to enquire whether the equipment has been ordered and if the installation has been tendered.

ACTION ITEM: Jan to process the payment for the dismantling and removal of the rink.

Treasurer’s Report resumed…

Ron arrived and quorum was achieved; Motions related to earlier Agenda items were passed:

MOTION: To accept the resignations of Alan Bent (Treasurer) and Stephanie Jorgensen (Kinder Soccer Coordinator).
Moved: Chelsey / Seconded: Heather
Motion carried.

MOTION: To appoint Jessica Hughes as Treasurer (until the next AGM).
Moved: Pam/ Seconded: Chelsey
Motion carried.

MOTION: To removed Pam Laurens, Rob Huck and Alan Bent as cheque signers, and to appoint Jessica Hughes and Chelsey Shaw as cheque signers.
Moved: Jennifer / Seconded: Heather
Motion carried.

ACTION ITEM: Jan and Cathy to ensure the Minutes are prepared and available for the bank (to evidence the appointment of the new cheque signers).

ACTION ITEM: Cheque signers to go to the bank (with government-issued ID) to complete the required paper work.

9) Coordinators’ Reports

a. Newsletter, Jenn

• Jenn provided her report verbally
• Over the next few months, Jenn will train/mentor Cathy, who will let her name stand for Newsletter Coordinator at the Fall AGM (thank you, Jenn & Cathy!)
• Lots of discussion over options for the delivery of newsletters, including: Board Members, community groups needing sponsorship/support and Canada Post. Jenn recommends the Canada Post option as it eliminates administrative hassles of bundling the newsletters, coordinating deliverers, etc. and is reasonably-priced. For the last newsletter, a sports team and a school group were used (i.e. the Association gave them a financial contribution); some concern over whether all of the newsletters were delivered.

ACTION ITEM: Jenn to get an updated quote from Canada Post for delivery costs (previous quote – before full neighbourhood build-out – was approximately $350 for 3, 11 s 17 page sized newspaper)

FOR NEXT MEETING: Discuss & set Fall newsletter deadline (to be done after Fall Registration Nights set)

b. Soccer, Melanie

• Melanie did not provide a written or verbal report

c. Kinder Soccer, Stephanie

• Stephanie was absent; no written report provided
• At this point in the meeting, it was noted that Stephanie’s e-mail resignation stated that she intended to resign from the Kinder Soccer position effective June 30, 2015 (i.e. finishing out the current soccer season), and that she wanted to remain on the Community Association Board as a Member-at-Large. At that point, the Board realized a procedural error in not reading aloud the e-mail resignations. The earlier Motion was amended.

MOTION: To Amend the previous Motion to accept Stephanie’s resignation, by accepting her resignation as Kinder Soccer Coordination (effective June 30, 20154) and appointing her as Member-at-Large.
Moved: Ron / Seconded: Chelsey
Motion carried.

d. Sign, Cathy

• Cathy provided her report verbally
• The Annual License with the City for the sign has been renewed (and paid, $30)
• Cathy contacted the author of a letter the Community Association had received from the City regarding the sign; the letter was sent in error and no further action is required.
• The annual $300 payment to Shoppers for the sign has been paid.
• Cathy will change the sign soon to promote the Family Fest.

e. Indoor Programs, Chelsey

• Chelsey provided her report verbally
• Chelsey attended the Indoor Coordinator workshop, and shared:
o Many Community Associations have more than one Indoor Coordinator (e.g. Adult vs Children’s programming)
o Some Community Associations provide child care at Board Meetings
o Some Community Associations hold their AGM in conjunction with Registration night, and bump new Board volunteers to the front of the line
• Chelsey noted that program Registrations had dropped in Winter (compared to Fall). Chelsey shared that some residents were complaining about Westview’s lower pricing. Chelsey noted that Westview receives cost-as-a-barrier funding whereas Hampton does not; Jan clarified that Westview uses all of its cost-as-a-barrier funding by waiving fees for individuals (who are financially unable to take programs otherwise), so Westview’s cost-as-a-barrier funding is not used to subsidize or lower the fees charged for programs.
• Discussion about Westview advertising on the Hampton Facebook page. Discussion about the existence of 2 Facebook pages, neither of which are actually the Community Association’s official Facebook page.
• Discussion on the Engineering for Kids program; costly, but valuable
• Discussion of cooking classes; Keitha shared that the Church’s kitchen is not a commercial kitchen and therefore cannot be rented to outside groups.
• Chelsey has identified a potential volunteer to help her in the Fall (as her maternity due date coincides with the beginning of Fall programming)
o Paula Haus Cortez is a fitness instructor and offers fitness classes
o Lots of discussion on Paula’s potential role and how to structure the relationship without creating a conflict of interest (e.g. only Community Association programs are allowed to advertise in the Leisure Guide and gain access to the School facilities for free; Community Associations must receive the Membership Fee for all participants and retain control of participant lists, etc.)

ACTION ITEM: Chelsey discuss further with Paula and report back to the Board

FOR NEXT MEETING: Board to design and implement a plan to assist Chelsey in the fall

f. Rink, Ron
• A verbal report was given; the Rink was also discussed in previous agenda items. Ron described his plans to tour other rinks to research various rink design options and create a budget for the rink.

ACTION ITEM: Ron to propose a design for the new rink, outlining the build specifications, a drawing and cost information at the next Board meeting.

10) Family Fun Day – “Family Fest” – June 25

• Pam reported that everything is going well with planning

• Volunteer-related stuff:
o If you would like a specific volunteer role, let Pam know
o There will be additional volunteers available so that people volunteering at bouncy castles can take breaks
o Babysitters will be reimbursed at $10 per hour for volunteers or if both parents are volunteers
• Activity-related stuff:
o 9 bouncy castles ordered (6 the year before)
o New bouncy castle booked – big, red ball thing
o Deposit on bouncy castles paid
• Food-related stuff:
o BBQ is coming from Maple Leaf
o Safeway staff are barbequing and giving a price deal on meat and buns.
o It was noted that Trent from Safeway recently moved out of the City, so uncertainty whether or not the arrangements were still in place.
o Tim Horton’s is donating 1,100 water bottles and enough Timbits to keep the kids sugared-up all night
• Budget and Miscellaneous stuff:
o Tables, chairs, toilets ordered
o Discussion on how much to charge; agreement to charge $5
o The original grant application requested $8,000; estimated expenditures were $10,000; the grant funding is for $2,250

ACTION ITEM: Pam to double-check insurance to make sure the Association is covered for Special Events and big red ball bouncy castles 

ACTION ITEM: Pam to double-check Safeway arrangements

ACTION ITEM: Pam to revise the event budget for Family Fest

11) New Business:

• Event Debriefing – Community Garage Sale & BBQ
o A total of 66 people registered on the Community Garage Sale map – wow!
o It was estimated that 300+ people came out for the BBQ – wow again!
o No financial summary of the event had been prepared yet, and some expenses will need to be reimbursed
o There were 8 volunteers per shift
o In the last shift, the volunteers ran out of meat – that’s 450 burgers and 100 hot dogs! Agreement to order more next year
o Not enough volunteers on site to do schmoozing with community members
o Cathy has leftover pop and water which will be used at Family fest
o Pam needs BBQ tools for Family Fest
o Jenn had received a cheque for $1,400 (i.e. a prepayment based on an estimate of expenditures for the BBQ) which still needs to be reconciled
o Jenn informed the group that this is the last year she will volunteer for the Community Garage Sale & BBQ
o Discussion about the value of a “Special Event Binder” for each of the special events held by the Community Association. Jan shared that she has a Special Event template – very useful for summarizing plans, and thus handy when planning the next year and absolutely key for the transfer of information when there is a change in lead volunteers for a particular special event.

ACTION ITEM: Jenn to prepare a final summary of the community Garage Sale & BBQ

ACTION ITEM: Jan to share a sample “Special Event Template”
ACTION ITEM: Jenn to assemble a Special event Binder for the Community Garage Sale & BBQ

ACTION ITEM: Pam to assemble a Special Event binder for the Family Fest

• Babysitter Listing service
o A list of potential babysitters in Hampton is maintained by Jenn, and parents looking for a new babysitter can enquire; this service is advertised in the newsletter
o Jenn noted that she receives many enquiries about babysitting services, but only has 2 babysitters on her list
o Chelsey will consider offering a babysitting training course at the start of fall programming

• Child Minding at Board Meetings
o In April and May, child minding had been arranged for the Board meetings
o Agreement to have child minding at the June Board meeting
o Agreement to discuss child minding for the 2015-2016 Board Meetings at the June meeting

ACTION ITEM: Pam to make child minding arrangements for the June meeting

FOR NEXT MEETING: Discuss child minding at Board Meetings for 2015-2016

The meeting was adjourned at 9:04 pm.

(Good meeting, everyone!)


Wednesday, June 10, 2015
(Full meeting)
6:30 pm
Hampton Free Methodist Church