Hampton Village Community Association

Board of Directors Meeting

Wednesday, June 10, 2015 – Hampton Free Methodist Church – 6:30 pm

-Meeting Minutes-

Present: Regrets:

Cathy Alan

Chelsey Brent

Heather Jason

Jennifer Jorge

Jessica Tanner

Pam Vince

1. Meeting Called to Order at 6:37 pm by Justine McCaffrey.

2. Cathy motioned to pass the agenda, and Pam seconded it, motion was

passed, no additions or changes requested.

3. The minutes of the previous board meeting were reviewed, revisions

below were made;

1)Page 7- Maple Leaf will be bringing the BBQ to the Family Fun Day not

2)Page 6-babysitters will be reimbursed at $10.00 per hour for volunteers,

if both spouses or single parent volunteer.

The motion by Cathy to adopt the agenda with the changes was seconded

by Pam, motion was passed.

4. Communications/Mailbox Items

Current Balance in the HVCA account is $40, 691.12.

5. Review of Action Items

Outstanding Actions form last month;

B) Jessica to contact Aon Reed to get a copy of the current Insurance

E) Cathy to update the blurb about Hampton Village Community on the

main page of the HVCA website to include the corrections identified at

June’s meeting

1)Change two area schools to P3 school development

2) Remove 2017 date of new Hampton Village School.

F)Jessica to assemble and maintain a Governance Binder

G)Tera Quik is the financial accountant, Jessica will send her another

e-mail to get in contact with her.

H)Justine to determine the latest financial statement filing deadline

from information services corporation.

I)Jan to re-send information on the Hampton Village Community

Association Park Enhancement Project

J)Jan to process the payment for the dismantling and removal of the

rink (3,600)

M)Jen to get an updated quote from Canada Post for delivery costs –

e-mail vote on this

N) Chelsey to further discuss with Paula regarding her assistance

while Chelsey is on maternity leave. Chelsey to report back to the

O)Ron to propose a design for the new rink, outlining the building

specs and drawing and cost info at the next board meeting.

S)Jen to prepare a final summary of the Community Garage Sale and

U)Cathy to assemble a Special Event Binder for the Community

Garage Sale and BBQ

V)Pam to assemble a Special Event Binder for the h Family Fest

Information from Actions Implemented

R) Pam revised the budget for Family Fest, it came to the amount of $7000.00

6. New Actions – Monthly Minders

A)Jan to check on the accurate number of census. Once Jan finds the numbers

then Cathy will send the info to Brent to update.

B)Jessica to order more cheques.

C)Jan will take the Park Enhancement Grant back to get reviewed due to the

information(numbers) not accurate

D) Jan to ask Brent to add area for indoor programming when she gives him the

E)Cathy to contact Chelsey for the list of programs offered to add in the

F) Jan to forward information to Cathy regarding Canada Post and Sask. Abilities

processing and delivering newsletters.  Sask. Abilities go through for printing .50

cents a house, around $1,500 in total.

G) Jan to send Chelsey other community gyms times to book for indoor

F) Ron to get a few quotes for the rink fence.

G)Jessica – $500.00 in $5.00 dollar bills for Family Fest

H)Chelsey to give donation cheque to the church.

I) Jessica to purchase pop and popcorn for the concession stand planned for the

SUM Theatre in the park.

7. President’s Report

Last meeting reports were prepared and sent out prior to the meeting to

shorten the length time on the board meetings.

8. Treasure’s Report

Reconciliation Report is up at the end of April 30th, balance is at

$38,464.32. As of June 10th, 2015 it was at $38,290.31.

There is no longer a chequing account. We only have 27 cheques left, we

will need to order more, a new account will have to be opened.

Discussed Flex Term Investment-short term, minimum $500.00 for a 1

year investment, and you can take out any amount at any time.

9. Community Consultant

Jan talked about the curbside swap, happening on September 12, 2015.

Board discussed placing the add on the website.

Jan brought the potential grant info the rink and gave to Ron to review.

Jan informed the board that the storage shack must be moved by June

15th, and it can be placed in the park near the permanent location.

Electrical, Sask Power, Plumbing contactors are all going to disconnect

the shack on Monday.

10. Coordinator’s Report

A) Newsletter Coordinator

Cathy will take over the new newsletter officially in September.

There will be three newsletters, one online, and two will be delivered.

Canada Post will deliver 3 times a year, this will be reviewed by the

board and determined in the Fall.

Submission of the newsletter will be August 10th. All info submitted to

Cathy by August 10th.

It was discussed by the board to limit the fillers in the newsletter and

highlight big news like the new school being built, Family Fest

(events), or the community programs offered.

It was discussed to remove the babysitter’s registry due to the lack of

interest, or submission of active babysitters.

B)Soccer Coordinator

Pam wrote Melanie a cheque;

$14.19 – Sport cheque


C)Kinder Soccer

Chelsey informed the board that there is no kinder soccer this Fall.

D)Sign Coordinator

Cathy changed the sign to advertise the Family Fest Event.

In July, Theatre in the Park will be advertised;

In August the sign will advertise the registration date.

Cathy informed the board that the sign requires new sand bags –

$25.00 each, she will need two.

E)Indoor Coordinator

Chelsey has placed a small blurb regarding our programs into the

leisure guide. August 15th is the date she has given to contact all the

instructors for their information (dates/times).

F) Rink Coordinator

Ron informed the board that it took under 3 hours to demo the rink.

Jan and Ron toured the city to see how other rinks were built.

Jan informed the board that due to the rink being close to the road we

are required to have a fence. Jan is waiting to hear back from the City

regarding this. Ron will get a quote for the fence.

Ron suggested the rink be built with rounded corners, using 2×4

boards, size to be 60×120 or 75×140 (160).

Ron’s working on submitting a Canadian Federal Grant to offset costs

associated with building a new rink.

Plan a rink design budget meeting in August or September.

G)Webmaster – No Report

11. Upcoming Events

A)Family Fest – June 25th

Safeway will cook for us

Booked Al Anderson – $26.25 fee to book the field

Electrical and Irrigation to be marked out

Sponsors; Costco, Maple Leaf, Safeway(pay for what we use at cost),

Bizarre Novelty, Tim Hortons, Astro Jumping($1000.00 off)

Pam requested a receipt for the lady we rented the tables from.

Pam will need $500.00 in $5.00 dollar bills for Family Fest

Pam will need a cheque for $100.00 for the BBQ rental with Maple Leaf

B)Theatre in the Park

Sum theatre requested an honorarium from the HVCA for the presentation

of “Hercules” on July 16 in Anita Langford Park.

Sum Theatre also requested access to washrooms during the

presentation as Actress/Actors will need washrooms prior to their

presentation. Cathy and Justine volunteered her home for this, thanks

Cathy and Justine!

Jessica motions to buy pop, water, chips, and ice for the theatre in the

park, $400.00, motion was passed by the board. Have a donation jar

there as well.

A motion of a $250.00 honorarium plus donations for the actors of the

theatre was presented, motion was passed by the board.

12. New Buisness

1) The board discussed a financial donation to Hampton Free Methodist

Church as no rent is charged to the association for board meetings. Ron

made a motion of a donation of $500.00 to the Hampton Free Methodist

Church, motion was passed by board members.

2)Year End Party

$1500.00 budget for year end party.

Date will be August 27th.

Details will be closer to the date.

Justine motioned to spend $1,500 for the board year end party on August

27th, motion was passed by the board.

13. Next Meeting- Wednesday, September 9, 2015.

14. Meeting adjourned at 8:36 pm.