Hampton Village Community Association Meeting

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Attendees: Justine McCaffrey, Mel Litvenenko, Chelsey Shaw, Pam Laurans,

Cathy Baerg, Jan Cunningham, Heather Wright, Lisa Sookerokoff, Jessica

Huges, Lynn Heale, Stephanie Jorgensen

1. Meeting was called to order at 6:36 p.m.

2. Agenda was approved with an adjustment to action items added between

line items 3 and 4. Pam mentioned to correct SYS to SUSC on line item 5

(ii) Cathy motioned for approval of the agenda and Jessica seconded.

3. Approval of Meeting minutes motioned by Lynn and seconded by Heather.

4. Children’s Programs

Monica facilitated a successful childrens program in December, and would

like to run another one in February over the school break. Monica would

like the program run using a Valentine theme, with Origami workshop,

singing and story time again. The program will run from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m.

for ages 4 and up. The program will be advertised through the community

website, facebook and church bulletins. Chelsey motioned the program

run on February 17th and will need $50.00 to run the program. Stephanie


5. Communications (Mail)

Cheque came in the mail for the amount of $470.00 from flag football.

Cathy asked if we have received sign rental bills (Shoppers Drug Mart) in

the mail?

ACTION ITEM: Justine will look into bills received for the sign rental.

Any e-mails the association memebers receive from the community

requesting information on certain topics, please only respond to if you are

directly involved with and reply all to notify all other members you have

responded. This will help to lower repeated e-mails sent out to our

community members.

6. Monthly Minders (New item added to the adjenda)

New item to help the association stay on top of upcoming dates and items

coming due.

Lynn will delivery the monthly reminders at each meeting.

February’s Reminders; Outdoor soccer registration – March 3rd,

5:30 p.m. -8:00 p.m. Dundonald School K-Under 8. Volunteers needed.

7. President’s Report

Rob Hauck motioned to resign from the Vice President position, Heather

seconded, motion was passed.

Justine encourages all board members to ensure clear communication

with each other, to use caution on how you communicate certain

information, whether it is through e-mail, text or verbally. Messages can be

misinterpreted or misunderstood.

Jan suggested a teambuilding workshop – with so many new board

members it would help to get to know each other. This idea will be

revisited at the next meeting.

The association has been struck as an organization because we were late

on submitting our financials and were missing the second page of

information. Jan will go to the office and request the second page to the

financial report. Justine was waiting to hear back form the advisor on the

ACTION ITEM: Jan will look into whether there’s a bylaw for how long a

member can stay on the association board.

8. Treasurer’s Report

Allan submitted the bank statement to Justine for September – November

NSF cheques were discussed at the meeting. Jan informed the board that

if the situation is regarding a low income family that we can submit it to

Jan and if there’s any money left over she may be able to pay it.

Went to the bank to change signing authority, Chelsey now has signing


Justine received information regarding internet banking. This will not meet

our needs so we will not persue.

ACTION ITEM: Deposit key at the bank – Coop is not open at night, in

order to have access it is a $50.00 fee.

The association bank account currently has $36, 232.00.

9. Community Consultant’s Report

Jan spoke about finding volunteer board members and instructors by

connecting with post-secondary students in our neighborhood.

Important Info/Dates/Events to remember:

 Park Enhancement Grant – Due on January 31st, 2015

 Sask Lotteries Grant – Due January 15th, 4:30 p.m.

 Volunteer Training Series 2015:

March – Special Event Coordination/Community Association

and Networking Trade Show

development of Saskatoon, located outside at River Landing


May – Alan Wallace, will provide an update on the growth and

October – Volunteer management and recruitment, led by Barb

 Volunteer Appreciation Event – April 23rd, held at the Royal

Canadian Legion

 Province of Saskatchewan has a list of licensed daycare centers


 February 16th – Family Motion Day – www.in-motion.ca

 February 16th – Family Fun Skate

10. Coordinator’s Report

A) Newsletter Coordinator Jen Upton

B) Soccer Coordinator Melanie Litvenenko

Remember to submit your article, coming up in April

Abby is no longer the ads coordinator, Vince LaHaye will take over the


Pam discovered unsupervised kids in the Dundonald shed. They

informed Pam that they had a key to the shed from their dad. There is

a concern that the equipment may be lost or damaged. Pam will notify

the Dundonald association of this.

Fall kinder soccer is done, it was a success!

C) Sign Coordinator Cathy Baerg

Cathy will change the sign to read; Visit our online newsletter

D) Indoor Coordinator Chelsey Shaw

Registration for the winter program was on January 6th, at 6:00 p.m, there

are late registrations coming in. Chelsey explained that there was a

lower number of registrants due to not being paired with the soccer.

Core body program was cancelled due to low numbers in registrants,

and an extra Kettle Bell program was implemented. There was a small

registration for the boys on the move program.

Chelsey deposited $1,060.

There has been negative feedback from the community regarding the

programs offered, we encourage all community members to please

contact Chelsey if they have any ideas for programs to offer.

Jan suggested a suggestion box be placed a the soccer registration

E) Rink Coordinator Pam/Ron Laurans

Pam informed the association that the black mats at the rink are


ACTION ITEM: Stephanie to look into a spray for the mats

Ron will try to put lights back up on the rink after the last batch was


Association members agreed that there has been positive feedback

from the community regarding the supervised skate.

ACTION ITEM: Jan will make an appointment to get the city to

come out and assess the rink.

11) Sask Lotteries Grant

The grant has been reviewed by the association and Chelsey will send it in.

The association is asking for $8000.00 from the grant. And the

Association’s contribution will be $2,250 (food, tables, toilets – not covered

in grant). This will be used towards the

Family Fun Day in June.

12) Family Fun Day

The event will take place on June 25th, at 5:00 p.m. until 8:00 p.m. The

event will have a theme called Hamptons Got Talent. The association will

be looking for community talent to perform on the stage we will have set up

in the park. There will be prizes to be won. The event will be for all ages!

There will be hotdogs, drink and a donut for a minimal fee.

13) Christmas Tree Pickup

Tree pickup had nine homes registered for their trees to pick up. It was a

extremey cold day, great job to those who endured the cold to pick up the

14) New Business

Chelsey key approval form to be filled in.

15) Next Meeting – Wednesday, February 11, 2015

16) Meeting adjourned at 8:55 p.m.