Attendees: Lisa, Heather, Cathy, Chelsey, Justine, Stephanie, Jan, Jorge, Lynn

1) Call to Order President Justine McCaffrey at 6:40 p.m.

2) Adoption of the Agenda motioned by Lynn and seconded by Chelsey

3) Approval of the Minutes was by Heather and Jan seconded

4) Guest Speaker- Dwayne Whiteside – Senior Planner, City of Saskatoon

The Provincial Government is proceeding with 9 P3 schools. The

Saskatoon areas that schools will be built is in Rosewood, Hampton

Village, Evergreen, and Stonebridge.

Dwayne brought an aerial photo of the current Hampton school site.

Dwayne began to explain that the school may have to take up part of the

Al Anderson park to meet size requirements. They may change the

pathway, and will try not to disturb the sports field.

The city is preparing (grading) for 2015 and construction will begin this

summer with a completion date sometime in 2017.

Dwayne also informed the association that the rink will have to move. The

City has agreed to find a funding source to move the rink. The rink must

be moved by June 15th. After much discussion, it was agreed by the

association and the City that the rink would best be moved to the East


Whether or not to try and save the crusher dust that was donated for the

rink is in question. Dwayne said he will confirm what can or will be done

with it.

The city will look into a water connection for our rink.

If there are any further questions or concerns contact Jan as soon as


5. Communications

Renewal of the mailbox is up this month. Chelsey picked up the bank

statement and dropped it off at Alan’s.

6. Review of action items

A) November 24th was the last payment made to Shoppers and we haven’t

received a bill since then

Action Item – Cathy will ask for an annual bill from Shoppers

B) A volunteer can serve consecutive terms in one position

C) The spray for rink mats can potentially damage the ice as well as


D) The City suggested to take the rink out-only 1 month left before they

begin preparing the grading for the school

Action Item – A sign to be made stating under 16 years of age, helmets are

mandatory on the ice

7. Monthly Minders

Action Item- Jan to get both fields booked for Kinder Soccer

8. President’s Report

President Justine informed the association that we have been instated as

a corporation and received confirmation of this.

Justine was happy to report that even though our rink has to move, the

City will help us and it will not cost the association money.

Volunteer Appreciation is on April 23rd and Justine encourages the

association members to go. It will be a good way to see each other in a

social, fun atmosphere!

Action Item – Alan to get the books into review and request and extension

if needed.

10. Community Consultant

Jan informed the association that we will be notified no later than April 1st

whether or not we received the Sask. Lotteries Grant.

Deadlines for Annual Grants

-Annual Operating Grant – April 30th

-Annual Programming Grant – April 30th

-Cost Barrier Subsidy – April 30th – we aren’t eligible for this grant

but Jan may be able to help a family financially, if we let her know

-Annual Rink Grant – May 15th

-Rink Improvement Grant – April 30th

-CA Networking Trade Show and Special event coordination Workshop –

March 21st

-Volunteer Appreciation Event – April 23rd, located at the Royal Canadian


-Family Fun Skate – Monday February 16th

-Elk Point Public Open House – New proposed residential neighborhood –

Wednesday, February 11th, 5:00-8:00 pm – Hampton Village Free

Methodist Church

-New program to address neighborhood speeding concerns – – report a neighborhood traffic concern or call

transportation customer service at 306-975-2454

-New Anti Spam legislation – for more information and search for CASL

Action Item- Fitness program is not evident on the Hampton Website

11. Coordinator’s Report

A) Newsletter Coordinator – Jen Upton – No report

B) Soccer Coordinator – Melanie Litvenenko

C) Sign Coordinator – Cathy Baerg

D) Indoor Coordinator – Chelsey Shaw


-SYSI – 6:00-6:45

– Kinder Soccer – Wednesday, 6:00 – 6:45

-No other schedules for U8 or U10 yet

– Soccer Registration will be added to the Hampton sign

-We will need Brent to update the activities on the website

-programs ages 8-13 have been cancelled due to lack of interest

-Chelsey is looking for more ideas from not only the association but

the community as well.

– Chelsey wants to book fall activities before she has her baby, but

needs to know the leisure guide so she can book around the other


E) Rink Coordinator – Ron Laurans – No Report

Action Item – Stephanie will look into cheer leading prospect for a

community activity

12. Upcoming Events

February Break – Monica will run another program for ages 4 and up

The date she will run it will be February 17th, from 2:00 pm- 3:00 pm.

Family Fun Day will be June 25th. Location (TBD) has changed due to the

beginning of school construction.

13. New Buisness

Jan would like to put on a one day session for two hours as a get to know

each other workshop. Jan will propose three potential dates and the

association will take a poll on to proceed with the session.

14. Next Meeting – Wednesday, March 11, 2015

15. Meeting Adjourned – Lynn motioned to adjourn and Cathy seconded 8:30