Hampton Village Community Association
Board of Directors Meeting
Wednesday, December 16, 2015
Hampton Free Methodist Church @ 6:30 pm
-Meeting Minutes-

Attendance: Cinthia, Pam, Ron (wearing shorts), Jan, Jessica, Kelly, Diana, Chelsey, Jorge, Cathy, Val
Regrets: Ryan, Heather, Brent, Christine, Melanie, Jennifer, Lisa, Rasheed, Stephanie
1. Meeting called to order at 6:35 by Cathy
2. Review and adoption of agenda, no changes or additions – Val moves, Ron seconds
3. Tell a story get a prize ~ get to know you game
4. Review and approval of minutes – Kelly moves, Jessica seconds
5. Business arising from the minutes – (none)
6. Correspondence – cheque from city, invoice from Aon, something from ISC
a. Letter from resident that had a cheque cashed but was not contacted to know soccer had started and asking for money back.
7. Reviewed action items
8. Monthly minders
a. Community Garden submittal complete
b. Indoor program – indoor summary
c. Annual return deadline – end of December
9. Executive Reports
a. President – vacant
b. Vice-President, Ryan – absent; no report
c. Treasurer, Jessica – laptop won’t turn on
 Pam moved to spend $150 on external hard drive, Jessica second
 ACTION: Jessica to submit extension request for submission of financial statements to ISC
d. Secretary, Val – suggested we take turns chairing meeting until President is elected
 Jessica to chair January
 Diana to chair February
10. Coordinators Reports
a. Communications, Cathy
 Winter newsletter online Dec 2
 3 paying advertisements – $200 altogether
 April 15 next edition to print, deadline for submission April 11
 Cathy to change sign on Jan 2 to advertise registration day
 Cathy agreed to be the person to manage the contact@saskhvca.com e-mail address in the absence of a President
b. Kinder soccer, Christine – Christine was absent, but the group discussed a need to provide Christine with some orientation to her position. Pam to pass info to Christine on ordering Jerseys etc
c. Indoor coordinator (Chelsey) –
 Fall programs finished, instructors paid
 Had many issues with public school shuffling locations
 Lost 3rd toddler dance instructor
• Would like to send a letter to parents on following expectations
 Registration night January 6 – volunteers to be here 6:15
• No late registrations will be accepted.
• Jan suggested doing more than 1 registration night
• Cathy suggested we do online
d. Members-at-large – Cinthia helped with community garden application
11. Community Consultant report – Jan had previously e-mailed her report to the Board, and quickly reviewed it at the meeting
12. Special events
a. Family Fest (June 23) – establish planning committee & send in grant application (see actions)
b. Garage sale and BBQ (Mother’s day weekend). A planning committee was struck: Cathy, Jorge, Diana, and Val 
13. New business:
a. Annual Return
• Jan explained to the group that an error has been made with the Association’s Corporate Profile.
• Each year, as an incorporated non-profit entity, the Community Association is required to submit an “Annual Return” to Information Services Corporation (ISC) in Regina, confirming/updating corporate records and the listing of current Board Members. The information from the Annual Return is used by ISC to update the Association’s “Corporate Profile”
• For some time, the Community Association was only listing Executive members of the Board, not the whole Board. This is incorrect, and must be fixed.
• The current Contact List (that includes addresses) can be used to update the Annual Return; however, the Annual Return asks for “date became a director” for each person, and ISC will reject the form if people are newly listed on the Annual Return who became Board Members before the Annual Return was last submitted.
• Jan contacted to ISC to ask about ‘next steps’ – how do the people who were missed in previous years get recorded now? ISC indicated that:
(1) each person who was incorrectly missed from previous Annual Returns must complete a “Consent/Acknowledgement” form attesting that they became a Board Member ‘as at a certain date’, and
(2) someone both currently on the Board and currently listed on the Corporate Profile (i.e. Cathy) must make an Affidavit witnessed by a Commissioner of Oaths to attest that the Consent/Acknowledgement forms are accurate an valid.
• Jan went through the Community Association’s old files and created a schedule to identify everyone required to complete a Consent/Acknowledgement, as well as the start and end dates that will be required to complete and correct the Annual Return

b. Board vacancy
• Diana indicated that she was potentially interested in becoming the President, but that she would be unable to attend the January meeting
• Jan indicated that another Board member had also indicated they were interested in the President position
• Decision/vote deferred to future meeting

Meeting adjourned, NEXT MEETING Jan 13 HFMC

Action Items
Action Assigned to Due by Notes
Develop draft template for reporting from coordinators and distribute to coordinators Cathy 13-Jan-16
Touch base with Mel regarding cheque for soccer (from resident that complained to Chelsey that they were not contacted) Chelsey 13-Jan-16
Submit extension request for submission of financial statements to ISC Jessica 31-Dec-15
Pam, Chelsea, Mel and Christine to have coffee and chat requirements and planning for kindersoccer Pam 13-Jan-16
Send more info on online registration for programs and connect Chelsey with other Associations who are happy with their on-line Registration program Jan 13-Jan-16
Send email out to see who wants to volunteer to be on the planning committee for Family Fest Jan 13-Jan-16
Submit grant application for Family Fest (bring draft to January meeting) Chelsey 15-Jan-16
Follow up with Jenn on garage sale map Cathy 13-Jan-16
Sort out annual return:
• Board Members who are missing from Corporate Profile complete Consent/Acknowledgement and give to Cathy – Jessica, Jennifer, Brent, Pam, Lisa, Chelsey, Heather, Ron, Melanie, Jorge
• Complete Affidavit and get Commissioner of Oaths to witness – Cathy
• Contact ISC and ask how to submit (electronically? Hard copy?) – Jessica/Cathy
• Update Annual Return and submit all required documents – Jessica Cathy/Jan/Jessica + 10 Board Members who were missing from Corporate Profile 31-Dec-15
Ron to get quotes on rick fence Ron 15-April
Distribute map indicating new location for shade topper Jan 13-Jan-16
Bring draft calendar Jan 13-Jan-16
Determine list of interested people for president Jan Feb-16