Hampton Village Community Association

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

General Meeting

Attendees; Justine, Lynn, Ron, Pam, Stephanie, Keith, Jan, Cathy, Lisa, Heather,

Melanie, Chelsey, Jessica,

Guests; Cassandra, Bill Heather

1. Call to Order-Justine McCaffrey @ 6:35 pm

2. Adoption of the Agenda- Heather motions to adopt the agenda and Lisa

3. Guest Speaker 1.- Ms. Heather Morrison – Sum Theatre Saskatoon – Theatre

Professional, fun free theatre. They will be in 22 different parks this year and

Hampton has been added to the list this year. There will be live music, with

the theme name of Legend of Hercules. The program is family friendly. It

runs 7-9 pm on July 3-24th. The program will be held either in Anita Langford

or West Al Anderson. We will put it into the next newsletter. We will need

volunteers to deliver flyers closer to the event. We will also post the event on

the Hampton Sign. Heather also asked if the community would help in

lending them a washroom near the park for the actors if required. The

program accepts but does not require donations and it has been

recommended to donate $500.00 from the association. This is a great way to

build strong communities. A few other suggestions to build stronger

communities is yoga in the park or games. Stonebridge has picnic in the

Guest Speaker 2 – Mr. Bill Lewis, Engineering for kids ages 4-14

Visit website – www,.engineeringforkids.net/Saskatoon

Offers a wide range of programs such as after school classes, Saturday clubs,

winter camps, PD days, workshops and parties. Fun hands on learning.

STEM-Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Bill is looking to

run his programs in communities . Association will try to find space for this

program. Bill offers 10 week programs. $175.00 for ages 7-14 and $150.00

for ages 4-6. Association recommends Bill offers his programs at the

Hampton Village Registration night.

Guest Speaker 3 – Dietitian Cassandra

Cassandra is a dietitian and wanted to see if a community garden would be of

interest in Hampton Village. It was suggested to place an ad in the newsletter

looking for interest community members that would like to take this on. Jan

informed the association that there is a grant that can be applied for if we get

enough interest.

4. Approval of the minutes – Cathy approved February’s meeting minutes

5. Communications/Mailbox items

6. Coordinators Report

A) Newsletter – Deadline for newsletter items is April 15th. Melanie has a

team to deliver half the newsletters and the after grad at Tommy Douglas will

receive $400.00 to deliver the rest, motion was passed.

F) Rink – They will be breaking ground to begin building Hampton Village’s

new school, which means that the rink must be either moved to another

location or tear down and build a new one in a different location. The

rink already is deteriorating. Heather motioned to tear down the rink

and Cathy seconded, motion was passed. It was agreed that the puck

board and chain link will be kept.

7. Garage Sale – Garage sale will be on May 9th. Let Jen know who can work it.

-Justine – to get food permit

-Cathy – will bring coolers, and purchase bucket, tongs etc, she will

also look into getting a BBQ

8. Melanie explained that the association should pay the lady that borrowed her

tables to the association for our events. The lady’s ad in the community

newsletter was suppose to be an exchange for her tables. Because we did not

place her ad in the newsletter Melanie motioned to pay the lady $250.00,

Chelsey seconded the motion, the motion was passed.

9. Next meeting will be on Wednesday, May 13, 2015.

10. Meeting was adjourned at 9:30 pm.