Hampton Village Community Association

Annual General Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

  1. Call to Order – 6:32pm by President Justine McCaffrey
  2. Adoption of Agenda – Rob Huck made a motion to adopt the agenda and Jen Upton seconded the motion. Motion Passed
  3. Guest Speaker – Saskatoon City Councilor, Ward 4 – Troy Davies – Receiving approx. 20 phone calls/day and 30-40 emails a day. Trying to respond to all messages within 24 hours. The land on Claypool across from the airport is commercial land. Trying to get a gas station and grocery store in there first. The city is pushing to have all unfinished lots finished, before new areas in the city are developed. Twinning of Claypool drive to Nault Road to happen. Richardson Road / Hampton Circle East cross walk is an area of concern. Traffic study done on this area, there is not enough traffic for traffic lights. There will be a study done in the summer again to see if there is more traffic at that time. The proposed Firehall on McClocklin Road will not go further. McClocklin is too narrow. New site of firehall will be Hughes Drive / Claypool Drive. Date depends on the budget, but it will be the next fire department in the city. Commerical buildings – McKague Cres town houses have had a lot of concern, lots of trash, wrecked roads, no decks. Going further, the city will make sure all properties like these will have decks when sold. Back alleys that have been wrecked by developers, the developers are being billed for the cost of fixing the alleys. Transit buses – City Council did not want a lock out or strike. 9 unions were up for renewal of their contracts. 8 out of 9 unions signed a deal. City Council did a lock out while it was still warm enough to walk, strike was threatened when the weather was -50. McClockin Road / West Hampton Blvd, traffic study done, denied 4 way stop.
  4. Approval of Minutes – Ron Laurans made a motion to approve the minutes from Wednesday, October 23, 2013, Melanie Litvenenko seconded the motion. Motion Passed
  5. Guest Speaker – Marina Melchiorre, City of Saskatoon Transportation – Tunnels in area – studies have been done on the safety due to crime incidents occurring in the tunnels. The city decided not to close the tunnels. No tunnels in Hampton Village, the closest tunnel is in Dundonald (Vancouver Ave). Debrise in tunnels causing cyclists hazard, regarding and debris removal, crews are supposed to go out every month to clean up. However, to increase this, it comes with a price tag.
  6. Guest Speaker – Saskatoon City Police, Inspector Solie – Perception is reality. 6am he goes through calls that he is in charge of. Looks at the different crimes and resource accordingly. Concerns – vehicle break ins – crime exists because we have a victim, a perpetrator, and an opportunity. 60% of stolen vehicles have the keys in the vehicle somewhere. Perpetrators are vehicle shopping looking for something. Take things out of your vehicle. Remove the opportunity! Report incidents immediately so the police can allocate police officers accordingly. All reported crimes are put on the map on the website. Property crime with no suspects can be reported online. Speeding on McClocklin – deterring speed – enforcement is a good short term fix. Speed devices (speed bumps, medians). SPS talks to City transportation about this. Report speeding – call city councilor or call SPS traffic division (306)975-8300. Photo radar – Provincial traffic enforcement has approved photo radar in some circumstances. Political balance. Photo radar on highways and Circle Drive is a beginning. Community Watch – SPS facilitates but will not run the program. Momentum has to come from the neighborhood. Park Patrol, Community involvement. Separate meeting if there are enough people interested in setting up a Community watch. Email Justine at president@saskhvca.com if interested. Call police, get good description, watch from a distance, call Police! Crimes in Saskatoon as a whole are on the rise with the growth of the city. Arbor Creek – 8, Stonebridge – 32, Hampton Village – 40 incidents in the past month. People need to report incidents so SPS knows where highs and lows are to send resources to.
  7. President’s Report – Reminder to always call the police if you see something suspicious or mischievous going on. Get to know your neighbors, make friends! Will set up a meeting for all of those interested in a Community Watch program. Plenty of opportunity to get involved in the community.
  8. Treasurer’s Report – There was no budget last year, due to the fact that we did not have a treasurer.
    1. Motion to review and Approve 2013 / 2014 Financial Statement – Tabled to future meeting. Financial Services due in December. If late, can always ask for an extension
    2. Budget for 2014 / 2015 – More revenue due to successful programs. Rob Huck went over the Budget *changes on budget*
    3. Motion to accept 2014 / 2015 Budget – Rob Huck made a motion to accept this budget as a draft as amended and review at midterms, March Meeting. Jen Upton Seconded. Motion Passed
    4. Motion to appoint reviewer for 2014 / 2015 – Rob Huck made a motion that Cheryl Woloschuk remain as financial reviewer for 2014 / 2015. Jen Upton seconded the motion. Motion Passed
    5. Motion to waive the financial audit in lieu of financial review – Rob Huck made a motion to wave the financial audit in lieu of financial review, Tanner Ethridge seconded the motion. Motion Passed
    6. Motion to approve Annual Membership Fee – Rob Huck made a motion to keep the Annual Membership fee at $10, Jen Upton seconded the motion. Motion passed
    7. Motion to approve Treasurer’s Financial Report – Rob Huck motioned to approve the Treasurer’s Financial report as presented, Vanessa Ethrigde seconded the motion. Motion passed
  9. Community Consultant Report – Jan Cunningham – At this point Jan Cunningham took control of the meeting. Jan called elections for the Hampton Village Community Association Open. President – Justine McCaffrey will to let her name stand. Jan declared by acclimation Justine MccCaffrey President. Treasurer – Rob Huck elected Alan Bent for the position. Jan declared by acclimation Alan Bent Treasurer. Rink Coordinator – Ron Laurans let his name stand. Jan declared by acclimation Ron Laurans Rink Coordinator. Indoor Coordinator – Chelsey Shaw let her name stand. Jan declared by acclimation Chelsey Shaw Indoor Coordinator. Kinder Soccer Coordinator– Stephanie Jorgenson let her name stand. Jan declared by acclimation Stephanie Jorgenson Kinder Soccer Coordinator. Youth Soccer Coordinator – Melanie Litvenenko let her name stand. Jan declared by acclimation Melanie Litvenenko Youth Soccer Coordinator. Member At Large – Jan declared by acclimation Members at Large Vince LaHaye, Jorge Murrieta, and Jessica Hughes. Membership Coordinator – Heather Wright let her name stand. Jan declared by acclimation Heather Wright Membership Coordinator. Members at Large Odd Years – Lisa Sookeroff let her name stand. Jan declared by acclimation Lisa Sookeroff Member at Large. Jan declared the elections closed.
    1. Justine McCaffrey moves that we add a 4th signing authority to the banking records, and vote the bylaw change in at the next AGM. Jen Upton seconded the motion. Motion Passed.
    2. Rob Huck moves to add Alan Bent to signing authority for HVCA, Vanessa Ethridge seconded the motion. Motion passed
    3. Justine McCaffrey takes control of the meeting again.
  10. Coordinators Reports
    1. Kinder Soccer – 25 kids registered. 2 teams.
    2. Soccer Coordinator – Spring season 400+ registered. Indoor 175 registered, short 4 coaches which was great. DCA / HVCA has a contract to review and sign. Indoor soccer costs more for gym time. Looking into different bags, rolling duffle bags. SYSI under 10 development league. 1st year running this program. Rental unit at Budget flooded and we threw out 8 bags and equipment. Moved from outdoor to indoor unit. Moving all equipment to DCA shed. DCA incharge of equip. HVCA incharge of paperwork. DCA / HVCA contract good until HV gets school. Advertising as 1 unit.
    3. Rink Coordinator – 9 – 10 volunteers. Rink painted, shed fixed. Every member on board get 2 shifts of supervised skating during the winter. Let Pam or Ron know if anyone wants to come help.
    4. Sign Coordinator – Not in attendance at the meeting.
    5. Indoor Programs Coordinator – 2 programs – Girls on the Move and Scrabble cancelled. Kettlebell full. Toddler dance was a huge success. 2 pilates class running, running at a financial loss. 1 program dropped for winter. Money from the grant no longer available due to cancelation of Girls on the Move.
    6. Membership Coordinator – No report, just voted in.
    7. Newsletter Coordinator – 2 parts – Jen Upton puts newsletter together. 2 newsletters delivered per year, 1 emailed. All board members asked to submit an article or writing to submit into newsletter. All board members are obligated to deliver a route. Chelsey manages the routes to be delivered. Shortage of newsletters due to growth in Hampton Village. Issues and complaints about not getting newsletters due to no mailbox. Pickup location?? No extras this time.
    8. Webmaster Coordinator – Not in attendance at meeting
  11. Next Meeting – Wednesday, November 12, 2014
  12. Meeting Adjourned at 9:08pm