Hampton Village Community Association

Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, November 12, 2014


Attendance:  Jen , Jan, Chelsey, Grant, Rob, Vanessa, Jessica, Joel,

June, Lisa, Heather, Allan, Lynn, Melanie


  1. Call to Order – 6:30 pm
  2. Adoption of Agenda – Jessica made motion to adopt the agenda and Allan seconded
  3. Adoption of June’s Meeting minutes – Tabled until December’s Meeting
  4. President’s Report – President was not in attendance
  5. Treasure’s Report – Rob handed out copies of the budget to all in attendance and will meet with Allan our new treasurer to explain the process. Signing authority to be assigned to Allen.  Rob will add Chelsey’s revised budget to the complete budget
  6. Community Consultant’s Report –

Sask Lotteries – Due January 15th

Park Enhancement Grant – January 31st


Kindness is contagious – Jan suggested we put this in our newsletter. An

An example would be recognizing a neighbor that had done something great for you or your crescent or the community (See Community Consultant’s complete notes bellow the meeting minutes).


Citizen Patrol Meeting – The only two people who attended the meeting was President Justine and Consultant Jan.  Due to the lack of involvement from the community the idea on creating a patrol was unable to move forward.

  1. Coordinator’s Report
  • Newsletter – The association is required to deliver only one newsletter per year, however we are currently doing two. Jen spoke to other community association and they get the second one delivered.  The first delivery we did, we were short on the number of newsletters we got printed, 2,500 was not enough this time around.  Jan will give us the website where it will inform us as to where the letter carriers go. Jen will find quotes from delivery services.  It was suggested that the association could have Canada Post deliver once, or possibly students.  Jen would like articles from all association members submitted by December 17th.

(B) No Report

(C Sign – No Attendance

(D) Flag Football – Remove from next Agenda

(E) Rink – Rink improvements that have been recently done:  Slope has been fixed (Thanks Allan!), Puck board put in and new sheet put up.  Pam handed out the rink supervision schedule.  When the temperature is -25 or lower no supervision is necessary   Supervision must happen 3 times a week in order to have funding for the rink. Jan will hand out schedule of the rinks in all neighborhoods.  Tonight will be the beginning of flooding the rink!!!  Heather will check into Tommy Douglas School students to do Rink Supervisions. Pam will look into rubber matts for the rink.

(F) Indoor Activities

  1. Pumpkins in the Park – On November 1st we had pumpkins in the park.  It

was a good turn out.  Many people brought their pumpkins and enjoyed hot

chocolate and goodies.  Next year we will specify exact times so that we can

also put a time that we will take the pumpkins for recycling that same night.

Some people brought their pumpkins later and we were already starting to

load Pumpkins in the trucks for recycling.

  1. Executive Christmas Party – Jen has been heading the planning of the

       Party.  We will have a short association meeting from 6:00pm-7:30pm.

Once meeting is over then the association will go to Original Joes.  Pam

motioned for $500.00 budget for the Christmas party, Heather seconded,

motion was passed.

  1. Upcoming Events – Christmas tree pickup – date to be determined
  2. New Buisness – Signing Cheque Authority – Look into the bylaw –

there is ambiguity in the way its written.  Find out how many can have

signing authority.  We need to give Allan signing authority.  Jan will help

to revise the bylaw 10.

  1. Adjourn Meeting –Meeting was adjourned at 8:11pm