Hampton Village Community Association

Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Attendance: Rob Huck, Chasity Berast, Chelsea Shaw, Tanner Ethridge, Jan Cunningham, Alan Bent, Cathy Baerg, Jason Chadney



  • Call to Order


      1. VP Rob Huck at 6:32pm


  • Adoption of Agenda


      1. Cathy motioned to adopt the agenda, Chasity seconded, passed


  • Adoption of Minutes


      1. Chelsea pointed out that the date for the meeting in May was incorrect – stated as May 7th instead of May 14th
      2. The minutes were amended with the correct date
      3. Cathy motioned to adopt the amended minutes, Tanner seconded, passed


  • President’s Report


      1. Nothing to report as the President was not in attendance


  • Treasure’s Report


      1. Rob paid the $210.00 owing to Fairview Bowl for the family bowling event that was supposedly not cancelled
      2. For the Garage Sale BBQ, Rob wrote a cheque to Jen for $2000.00, she gave him a cheque back for $1271.60, and cash in the amount of $758.40, making the total spent on the BBQ: $1341.20
      3. Rob put $300.00 of his money into the float, and then took this amount back. For next year, a float of $500.00 will be needed
      4. The Gross Revenue was: $2438.60, and the Net Revenue was: $1425.40, and $3198.00 was deposited in the HVCA bank account
      5. The two-hour shifts for the BBQ worked really well, and they should be two-hour shifts in the future


  • Community Consultant’s Report


      1. Jan suggested that her report be moved to near the end of the meeting so that there is less duplication of information
      2. About 25 people and one dog went to the Dog Park Meeting. Most people liked the idea, except for the people that will live right by it. It was unexpected, and they thought they might be getting a playground. They were hoping for a playground because the speeding on McClockin is a BIG problem, and people on that side do not feel that is safe to have their kids crossing that street to go over to the playground in A.A. Park. They also feel cut-off from the rest of Hampton Village for the same reason (speeding cars). Jan suggested that something could go in the newsletter to make people aware of how their speeding might negatively affect other people in the neighbourhood.
      3. Mel and Pam helped out with Confederation Community Association’s soccer program, and it was a success! The HVCA/DCA soccer meeting has not yet happened
      4. Jan had a site meeting with some City people, and they looked at the orange tables by the spray park. It was decided that the peeling paint is a warranty issue, and that the tables will be replaced and NOT repainted
      5. The spray park opens on June 1st, and there will be no City summer programs held there because there are no bathrooms for the employees
      6. The Park Enhancement Grant was approved! Jan revised Justine’s submission so that the budget matched the application (or something like that). It is a 25%-75% split grant, and some people think that the shades might be targets for vandalism, some of which we have already had (parts removed from the spray park)
      7. The slope on the Northside of the rink needs to be fixed. One option is to restrict the current door to Rink people access only, and to create a new public door on the Southside of the rink. Terracing will not work in this situation, and that slope is dangerous
      8. Light fixtures in the park have been fixed because Jan phoned the City people to come and fix them


  • Coordinator’s Reports


      1. Newsletter – Cathy helped with the distribution. It cost $1700.00 to have 2500 newsletters printed, and only a handful was left. The newsletter is a big job, and KUDOS to Jen for all of her hard work!
      2. Soccer – Everything is underway, and there is some free training online at the Respect In Sport website
      3. Sign Coordinator – The money has been paid for the new permit, and the new permit has been posted on the sign. Cathy will change the sign this weekend to a blurb about the Volunteer Appreciation Night, and then the Family Fun Day will be next
      4. Flag Football – No report
      5. Rink – Tanner, Alan, Pam, Rob, and Jan will all do a walkabout with City Parks people to see what can be done about the Northside slope. We will all work together to try and fix the problem.


  • Upcoming Events


      1. Family Fest – Who is in charge? We need a budget, so we can work on the budget stuff at the meeting in June. Soccer kids will maybe get a free hot dog token, but it is a community-wide event
      2. Volunteer Appreciation – Let Pam know by May 20th.


  • New Business


      1. May 22nd is the deadline to get programs in the Fall Leisure Guide. Jan will email Regan about her programs.


  • Next Meeting


      1. Wednesday, June 11, 2014


  • Motion to Adjourn Meeting


    1. Cathy motioned to adjourn, Chelsea seconded, passed