Hampton Village Community Association

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Minute Meeting

Members Present:  Lynn Heale, Justine McCaffrey, Rob Huck, Jenifer Upton, Melanie Litvenenko, Ron/Pam Laurans, Jan Cunningham

  1. Call to order:  Justine McCaffrey called the meeting to order at 6:36 pm.
  2. Adoption of the agenda :  Lynn Heale motioned to adopt the agenda, Jen Upton seconded, the motion was passed.
  3. Adoption of the Minutes: Lynn Heale motioned to adopt the minutes and Jen Upton seconded, motion was passed.
  4. President’s Report:

-Ignite your leadership

  1.  Treasure’s Report: -Nothing to report. Rob, Jan, and Justine will work on the budget.

-HJH Tech is waiting on an outstanding invoice for the electrical

  1. Community Consultant:

-Grants that are due:  Annual Operating Grant – April 30th

Annual Programming Grant – April 30th

Cost-as-Barrier Subsidy – April 30th

Annual Rink Operating Grant – May 15th

-letters for Sask. Lotteries will be mailed out tomorrow.  If we do not get the Grant, the association can go through CDC (Community Development Corporation).

-Volunteer appreciation Event – Thursday, April 24th, at 6:45 – 9:00 pm at the Broadway Theatre.  Early bird registration deadline is April 7th.

-Community Association Volunteer Conference:  On March 15th, professional development workshops given with topics such as leadership, creativity, communication, engagement and team work.

-in-door coordinators’ workshop – tentatively on Thursday, May 1st.

-Leisure center research Project – gather public’s feedback on Saskatoon’s 7 indoor leisure centers.  For an incentive to answer the questions participants will be entered into a draw for $2,500 worth of prizes, ex:  iPad minis and cash cards.  March 15th is the deadline.

-summer playground leader hiring Blitz – Deadline March 14th by 5:00 pm. Go to website: www.saskatoon.ca.

       7.  Coordinator’s Report:

a) Newsletter:

-Add in information regarding the trails made in the area.

-Adds for newsletter, cut off date is the middle of April.

-Give Jen names of volunteers to delivery the flyers.

b) Soccer:

-450 children registered

– due to the amount of late registrations, Melanie extended the deadline for one

more day



– looking for coaches currently

– Melanie needs to order more equipment

c) Sign:  No report provided

d) Flag Football:  No report provided

-Melanie will e-mail coordinator to collect the money from last season.

e) Rink:

– more lights have been stolen from the rink

– Budget of $5000.00 is needed for the summer for the following items:

-fix boards, puck board, puck board needed, fix slope beside rink

(Parks to consult), durable flooring of some kind in the shed, large sign has

been damaged and should be replaced.

– Jan suggested the association look into the Potash Mines to use for shed


– nets are put away, rink is now closed

– needs volunteers for supervising skate times, possibly look at handing out a

Pamphlet to communicate this, we will revisit this at the Annual General


-Possibly use a sign on the days for public skating

  1. New Business:

a)    Bowling Event – March 15th at 1:00pm – need to let Justine know who will be attending

b)    Volunteer Appreciation:

– will be held on June 7th, a time has not been specified yet

– Pam motions for Volunteer Appreciation budget of $200.00, Lynn seconded,

motion is passed

-All coordinators will be recognized for their volunteering (names and e-mail

Addresses are needed)

-Looking at 150- 200 volunteers attending, $10.00 per person association will

Cover the cost

-Certificates will be handed out to all volunteers, provide Pam with names of

the volunteers

-Looking at the Southerland as the location for the event, $8.00 per person

-Pam will look into the rules for buying a drink for each volunteer and the pricing

  1. Next Meeting – Wednesday, April 9, 2014
  2. Motion to Adjourn by Lynn and seconded by Jen at 8:48 pm.