Hampton Village Community Association

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Meeting Minutes


Present: Justine McCaffrey, Jan Cunningham, Ron Laurans, Pam Laurans, Melanie Litvenenko, Brett Litvenenko, Jennifer Upton, Rob Huck


  1. 1.       Call To Order – President Justine McCaffrey called the meeting to order at 6:49pm.
  2. 2.       Adoption of Agenda – Rob Huck motioned to adopt the agenda. Ron Laurans seconded the motion. Passed
  3. 3.       Adoption of Minutes – Wednesday, December 11, 2014 – Ron Laurans motioned to adopt the minutes. Melanie Litvenenko seconded the motion. Passed
  4. 4.       President’s Report – Trying to get the Budge done, however our Treasurer has been inaccessible. Can all of the Coordinators please get their budgets into Justine by the end of next week so we can go over the budget at February’s meeting.
  5. 5.       Treasurer’s Report – Vanessa Cook has resigned as Treasurer and would like to be a Member at Large on the HVCA Committee. Ron Laurans motioned to accept Vanessa Cook’s resignation as Treasurer for the Hampton Village Community association. Rob Huck seconded the motion. Passed. Rob Huck motioned to accept Vanessa Cook as Member at Large. Melanie Litvenenko seconded the motion. Passed. Rob volunteered to act as temporary treasurer until a permanent treasurer is found or hired. Pam Laurans motioned that Rob Huck be named Temporary Treasurer for the Hampton Village Community Association. Ron Laurans seconded the motion. Passed. HVCA will be looking for someone possibly from SIAST or Edwards School of Business to volunteer for the position if we do not find a volunteer from the community. Rob Huck motioned to appoint Pam Laurans as 3rd signing authority until a permanent treasurer is found. Ron Laurans seconded the motion. Passed.
  6. 6.       Community Consultant Report – Jan Cunningham – Neighbourhood Park Enhancement Grant – where would we like to possibly have some benches, picnic tables and trees? The association deliberated on the topic. When the initial plan was shown, there were more picnic tables and benches in the plan. Why do we have to pay for more if they were initially in the plan? The association came up with the idea of having back to back benches between the spray park and play ground, picnic tables to the south and east of the spray park, a tree on the east side of the spray park, maybe the south as well, if possible. Jan mentioned the possibility of Parks & Rec dropping off wooden benches. Justine will fill out the grant application for the park enhancement grant.
  7. 7.       Coordinator’s Report –
    1. a.       Newsletter – There is an electronic newsletter that will be out mid-January. Looking for news and events to be put into the newsletter. The association members created a list of events that are planning to be held in the next year to be put into the Newsletter for residents to see and plan for. Events are as follows:

                                                                          i.      Bowling Event – March 15

                                                                        ii.      Family Fest – June 26

                                                                      iii.      Hampton Slo Pitch Tournament – June 28

                                                                       iv.      Steak Night – September 5

                                                                         v.      Annual General Meeting – October 8

                                                                       vi.      Pumpkins in the Park – November 1

                                                                     vii.      Christmas Tree Pick-up – January 4

  1. b.      Soccer – Registration for outdoor soccer season is scheduled for Mar. 4 at Dundonald School. The fee for the Mini FOS tournament is included in the registration fee. Registration on that night will be for Kinder Soccer and Youth Soccer. Melanie is planning on making new registration forms that are user friendly and include Kinder Soccer, Youth Soccer and Memberships all on one form. Priced out at Staples for $.40 per sheet = $160 for 400 forms, plus tax. Melanie is still checking around for pricing. There is a new program that SYSI is planning on using for online registration. They are making the program mandatory in 2016. SYSI paid for the program and the fee for us would be $.45 per player. We would have to pay for PayPal. Melanie is not implementing this new program for the 2014 season. Adult size jerseys were ordered for the larger children. The jerseys are really big, so we had to reorder smaller sizes. Soccer academy shirts are in. The soccer academy is 6 kids short of 40, so we should break even. Melanie will put a little blurb in the newsletter about the Soccer Academy.
  2. c.       Sign – Koncept Sign Group is making our rink signs for free, they are charging us an installation fee, unless we want to put them up ourselves. A sign is needed for the shed that says “Authorized Personnel Only”, people think it’s a warm up shack and the doorknob is becoming loose from people trying to get in.
  3. d.      Flag Football – We have not received any payment for any of the Flag Football programs that we have run. Melanie will be asking Steve if he will be attending registration night in March. We need to start getting some of our Coordinators attending meetings a little more.
  4. e.      Rink – The hockey nets are in! We now have to return the net that some of the residences of Hampton Village took from Westview heights hockey rink. The supervised schedule is out, if people cannot make it to their allotted time, please switch with another association member, family member or friend, please do not call Ron and drop it on him. The rink is extremely busy. The rink grand opening was chilly, but good. There wasn’t the larger turn out that was expected, but it was still really good. We should be looking into something in regards to damage occurred to vehicles when transporting items, eg. Chairs, tables, etc to and from community events. The budget for the rink grand opening was $1200.00 after all of the receipts were handed in, the total came to $1300.69. Rob Huck motioned to pay the additional $100.69 for the rink grand opening event. Melanie Litvenenko seconded the motion. Passed. The rink budget is $2000, and has all been spent. There is still quite a bit of winter left, we are in need of a fire extinguisher for the shack, new shovels and gas for the snow blower. Ron motioned to get an additional $500 for the rink budget. Jennifer Upton seconded the motion. Passed. Flooding is going very well, there is a constant team that does it often. Been told we have the best rink in the city! Next year we will need more puck board to go around the rink so the boards don’t get wrecked.
  5. 8.       Upcoming Events – Covered all of this in the Newsletter Report
  6. 9.       New Business –
  7. 10.   Next Meeting – Wednesday, February 12, 2014
  8. 11.   Motion to Adjourn meeting – Rob Huck motioned to adjourn the meeting at 9:43pm. Meeting adjourned.