Hampton Village Community Association

Wednesday, December 10, 2014


Attendees: Justine McCaffrey, Rob Huck, Vince LaHaye, Alan Bent, Jen Upton, Mel Litvenenko, Chelsey Shaw, Pam Laurans, Ron Laurans,  Brett Litvenenko, Cathy Baerg (recorder), Jan Cunningham

Regrets: Lynn Heale, Heather Wright, Stephanie Jorgensen, Brent Upton, Jorge Murrieta, Jessica Huges, Tanner Ethridge, Lisa Sookerokoff, Vanessa Ethridge
Guest: Monica

  1. Meeting was called to order at 638 p.m.
  2. Agenda approved with an adjustment to allow our guest presentation first.
  3. Minutes were approved with a revision under item 9 Executive Christmas Party. Jen planned the executive Christmas party not Pam. Moved by Pam Laurans. Seconded by Vince LaHaye.


  1. Christmas Break Children’s programming Monica

Two Dates: December 23 and December 30

Both events to be held at Hampton Free Methodist church at no cost to participants.

Events are advertised on HVCA website and through Hampton Free Methodist Church.

Events will also be advertised in the newsletter which is to be published by December 19th.

Pre-registration is required. Four registrants to date.

Parental participation will be required at both events.

December 23 for children ages 4 and up

Making musical instruments, singing, story time and snack

December 30 for children 8 and up

Origami workshop and snack

Monica was seeking funding support from HVCA. Request for $50.00 per event for a total of $100.00 to purchase craft supplies, snacks and an honorarium of $15.00 for the origami instructor.

An earlier email vote regarding funding for this event was left open for final approval today.

One omission vote and 10 approval votes. The motion was given final approval.

Board members thanked Monica for offering this program and invited her to offer similar programs during other school break times.

Jan Cunningham requested a photo of the event for community association newsletter.

Discussed photo release forms and who should be included in the photo.


  1. President’s Report Justine McCaffrey
  2. Follow up information regarding Citizen’s Patrol—As a result of concerns raised during the AGM regarding neighbourhood security, a meeting was arranged at Saskatoon Police Services. Turnout at this meeting was very low. To establish a Citizen patrol more community involvement is required.

Citizen patrol is voluntary. Training and orientation to program requirements would be provided. HVCA Board members would need to be part of this group in the beginning. Guidelines include: Volunteers wear vests while walking in groups of three throughout the neighbourhood and report incidents. Volunteers do not diffuse or get involved in diffusing incidents. To determine if there is a core group of volunteers interested in forming a Citizen’s Patrol a meeting will be arranged at Hampton Free Methodist Church. Justine will arrange date and booking for this meeting to take place.


ACTION ITEM: Justine will arrange date and booking for meeting to determine interest in starting a Citizen Patrol in Hampton Village.


  1. Our new treasurer, Alan Bent, has been working to get HVCA books in order.

Our financial statement is due on December 31, 2014. We will request a one month extension to enable our new treasurer to finalize our financial statement.

Unfortunately, as we were without a treasurer for some time, our corporate registration was not paid on time and paperwork to verify our non-profit status was not submitted. As a result HVCA was struck as an organization. This status affects our current insurance policy. Justine and Jan submitted our corporate registration forms once this issue was identified. These forms were returned to the board as an additional signature was required. The forms received the additional signature required during the meeting and will be resubmitted to reinstate our non-profit status. The cheque to corporate registry has been cashed.

As a result of this unforeseen incident, HVCA has identified best practices to keep the board on track for submission of important deadlines.

Best practices we will implement include:

  • Develop an annual calendar
  • Pick up mail regularly
  • Add review of calendar and mail received to each meeting agenda
  • Implement use of forms for fund reimbursement and special event planning to enable and assist the treasurer in receipt and disbursement of funds to HVCA.

Sample form templates were discussed and/or circulated for review. Mel Litvenenko will share a sample form she has used with SYS.


ACTION ITEMMel Litvenenko will email sample form she has used with SYS to Justine.


  • Discussed electronic methods, such as “Drop Box,” to share forms and templates with board members who require these documents.

ACTION ITEMMel Litvenenko will request Brent, webmaster, investigate the possibility of a drop box format on the HVCA website for board members to access forms.

  • Ensure one HVCA mailing address is other than our postal box mailing address
  • Irregular mail pick up was identified as an additional challenge.
    • Chelsey Shaw volunteered to purchase an additional postal box key and pick up HVCA mail regularly

MOTION: Pam Laurans moved Chelsey Shaw be authorized to purchase an additional postal box key to a maximum of $75.00. Vince LaHaye seconded the motion. Motion was carried.

Board members agreed the implementation of these practices will hold all of us accountable to all HVCA deadlines. Board members discussed this financial challenge and how it has helped us to grow and learn more about our role as a board and a community of volunteers. Members thanked Rob Huck for his willingness to assume treasurer responsibilities in addition to those of Vice President.

  1. Treasurer’s Report Alan Bent
  2. Updating financial records
    1. Tracking for bills paid is very good.
    2. Tracking for incoming funds is not as clearly documented.
      1. “drop box” with deposit envelopes and forms will streamline reporting processes moving forward.
      2. To facilitate tracking of incoming funds Allen will contact:
        1. Jen & Abby re: advertising and newsletter
        2. Mel & Pam re: soccer
        3. Chelsey re: indoor programming
      3. Auditor’s report will be due soon and several required documents must accompany the submission. Jan will provide a sample list of required documentation.

ACTION ITEM: Jan will provide Alan with a list of documents required for the auditor’s report.

  1. Discussion regarding advertising processes. Vince is willing to help out in this capacity. Justine will talk with Abby Schoomaker regarding mentoring Vince in this role.

ACTION ITEM: Justine will talk with Abby Schoomaker regarding mentoring Vince in this role.

  1. Discussed signing authority.


  1. Community Consultant Report Jan Cunningham

Jan reviewed her report which was circulated by email earlier in the week. Reviewed highlights included:

Sk Lotteries Grant due—January 15, 2015

Chelsey and Vince will prepare and submit grant application by due date.

Jan stressed the importance of adhering to ALL date and timeline requirements for submission process.

Rink Co-ordinator Workshop to be held soon. Two of our rink team members are enrolled.

Volunteer training Sessions for 2015 will be held soon. Lots of valuable information is shared. Very worthwhile to attend.

Volunteer Appreciation Event will be held April 23, 2015. Mark your calendar. This year it will be a banquet with swing dance lessons.

Neighbourhood Profiles are on the City of Saskatoon website.

Youth Grant

Program Enrollment form

Soccer booking challenges for HVCA. Jan to work with Mel to resolve booking issue.


  1. Coordinators Reports

Newsletter-                                                                                                                       Jen Upton

Board members were reminded to submit their articles to Jen before December 19 as that is the date the newsletter will be placed online.

Investigating sending our printed newsletter to the same printer as Dundonald community Association uses. Received printing quote for 2500 copies of our newsletter. Unclear if quote includes delivery by Canada Post or if 2500 copies would cover our neighbourhood.

ACTION ITEM: Jen to get an exact quote from printer to bring to March meeting for further discussion with board members.

Soccer                                                                                                                   Mel Litvenenko

Confederation < six years of age have 9 children registered.

Rental process for spring sessions have changed and created challenges for soccer rental bookings. Important to resolve so HVCA is not fined.


Sign Coordinator                                                                                              Cathy Baerg

Sign was changed to advertise supervised skating times. Sign will be changed prior to December 19th to advertise indoor program registration happening on January 6th.


Indoor Coordinator                                                                                         Chelsey Shaw

Indoor program registration is scheduled for January 6 from 630 – 830. Board volunteers are required to assist with registration process. Pam, Mel and Justine volunteered to assist on January 6.

Chelsey will identify future registration dates on annual calendar so other volunteers can help out.

Discussed Leisure Guide timelines and facilities booking issues.


Rink Coordinator                                                                                             Ron Laurans

Ice is looking good.

Board members were asked to remember their supervision dates.

More lights to be installed for better visibility at rink.

Damaged sign needs to be repaired. Additional information signs would also be helpful

ACTION ITEM: Justine to investigate replacement of damaged sign as well as additional information signs.

New Business


Groomed Ski Trails Last year Hampton Village had groomed cross country ski trails in our park at no cost as a pilot project. The Groomed Ski Trails will continue again this year. Information regarding location of trails will be included in the newsletter.


Christmas Tree Pickup Fundraiser

Pick up date is January 4, 2015. Cost will be $10.00 Information regarding this fundraiser will be in the newsletter.

Ron Laurans and Brett Litvenenko volunteered to pick up trees.


Next Meeting- Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Meeting adjourned at 824 hours.