Hampton Village Community Association

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Meeting Minutes

In Attendance: Cathy Baerg, Jan Cunningham, Jennifer Upton, Justine McCaffrey, Michelle Tremblay, Pam Laurans, Melanie Litvenenko, Tanya Myrfield, Keitha Ogbogu, Rob Huck, Lynn Heale

  1. Call to Order – Meeting was called to order at 6:39pm by President Justine McCaffrey
  2. Adoption of Agenda – Cathy Baerg motioned to adopt the agenda, Lynn Heale seconded. Passed
  3. Guest Speaker Keitha Ogbogu – October 5th & 6th Hampton Free Methodist church will have their grand opening from 12 – 4pm. October 5th will be the celebration service and ribbon cutting. They will be moving into the facility Saturday the 14th. Sunday, October 6th, at 10:30am bouncy castle and other kid activities will be put on as well as a tour of the church. Ketiha reminded the association that we are welcome to run our community activities in their facility and hold our meetings there as well. Our community meetings will be held in the church starting in October.
  4. Guest Speaker Tanya Myrfield-Wolfe – My Smart Hands Saskatoon is locally owned, Canadian based company that teaches communication skills (sign language) to families with pre-verbal babies and hearing toddlers. Research shows that signing makes a great tool for parents that increase your child’s vocabulary, reduces frustrations, crying and tantrums and increases a natural interest in books and enhances their intelligence. Tanya would like to offer her classes to our community. Tanya would negotiate prices to the association for offering one or more of the programs she has to offer.
  5. Approval of the Minutes – Minutes for Wednesday, June 12, 2013 and July 12, 2013 – Corrections to meeting minutes were noted. Michelle Tremblay motioned to approve the minutes, Pam Laurans seconded. Passed
    1. Corrections to the minutes – Increase the budget for the rink from $2000.00 to $5000.00, vote via e-mails were added to the agenda, motioned by Rob Huck, Cathy Baerg seconded. Passed
    2. President’s Report – AGM will be on October 23rd at 6:30pm. Justine will talk to Keitha regarding booking the church for this time. Pam will call Tim Horton’s and ask for coffee and donuts for the meeting. Cathy motioned we spend $500.00 on food for the AGM, Lynn seconded. Passed. It was decided by the association for every community membership bought at the AGM, the association will donate $10 to Kidsport. Door prizes will be done at the AGM, gift cards will be given out. Cathy motioned to by $100.00 in gift cards, Lynn seconded. Passed. AGM will be advertised on the Community website and facebook.
      1. Justine suggested we plan events for the year in advance and put it in the newsletter and facebook all at one time.
      2. Treasurer’s Report –
        1. July/August bank statements show we have a total of $20,099.31. Cooperators have insured the shed and rink but not liability with skating activities. Jan will find out what other rinks have.
        2. Pam inquired about the bouncy castle money we are to receive back form the grant that was used for the soccer association’s season wind up.
        3. Justine, Michelle, and Josh will coordinate a time to get online banking set up for the association.
        4. Community Consultant Report –
          1. Reminder of application period for park enhancement grant will end January 31,2014
          2. Youth program funding requests are due November 1, 2013
          3. Kidsport program application deadline is September 30, 2013
          4. Winter program sheets are due September 16, 2013
          5. Online reporting for neighbourhood traffic issues – offers residents to request a review of a specific location in their neighbourhood that is causing traffic problems. You will find more info at www.saskatoon.ca and search “N” for neighbourhood Traffic Planning.
          6. Culture Days – September 26-29, 2013 Collaborative volunteer movement to raise the awareness, accessibility, participation and engagement of Canadians in the arts and cultural life of their communities. Check out the website at http://culturedays.ca/en/2013-activities. Westview community association is hosting a culture day on Saturday, September 28
          7. Parking Day is September 20 at 10am on 20th Street. You will see artists, designers and citizens transform metered parking spots into temporary public parks.
          8. Volunteer fair for Community Associations will be on October 17th 10am-3pm at the Open door society office on 1st Ave N.
          9. Coordinators Reports –
            1. Newsletter  – Abby is presently updating the newsletter. It was suggested that we hold off on sending it out until November. It was also mentioned that the newsletter should provide information on the Community website, facebook page, and news about the inflation of soccer fees, why and where it goes.
            2. Soccer – Soccer fees have gone up due to each coach having to be trained and it costs $50.00 for the training to the expense of the Community Association
            3. Sign – The city has informed the association that our sign is too close to the Shoppers Drug Mart Sign as per city sign guidelines. Our sign must be 20 feet away from other signs. Melanie will talk to the owner of Shoppers to see if they could move their sign more west on McClocklin so we can meet the guidelines. The city also asked for the association to remove the bright pink numbers on the side of the sign, cover it with black paint. Cathy said she would paint it. Cathy has diligently changed the sign and this time has put info regarding Regan’s fitness programs. Next sign change will be regarding the Free Methodist Church info.
            4. Flag Football – Not in attendance
            5. Rink – The rink boards have been leveled, boards have been replaced, exterior boards put up, interior rink leveled, crusher dust placed inside rink, in conclusion, the rink has undergone a total facelift. Now that we have the rink ready the focus will be on how to supply water to the rink. The shed has been built, just waiting for the door and the go ahead from the city for electrical/heat. Once electrical has been done siding will go up on the shed. We will need a light on the outside of the shed, Jan will look into the guidelines for the height of the light. City will give the association grass to place around the rink, but first we must level out the dirt pile so it can be mowed. Melanie motioned to have puck board to $4000.00 Rob seconded. Passed
            6. Fitness – Regan informed the association that all but Zumba have met the quotas. Registration will be in January. Regan also put adds for her programs in Kijiji. It was suggested that all program registrations should be set up the same day and we could sell the Community Memberships at the same time as well.
            7. Annual Financial Statement
              1. Budget for 2013 / 2014 – Please make sure to have your projected Budget for the 2013 / 2014 year in to Justine by the end of the month. Justine and Michelle need to go over all Budgets.
              2. Next Meeting – Wednesday, October 9, 2013, held at the Hampton Free Methodist Church
              3. Motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Lynn Heale, Pam Laurans seconded. Meeting adjourned at 9:26pm.