Hampton Village Community Assocation

Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

  1. Call to Order – Meeting was called to order by Vice President Josh Teichroeb at 6:41pm
  2. Adoption of Agenda – Cathy Baerg made the motion to adopt the agenda, Lynn Heale seconded. Passed
  3. Adoption of Meeting Minutes – Motion was made by Chasity Berast to adopt the meeting minutes for Wednesday, September 11, 2013, Cathy Baerg seconded. Passed
  4. Treasurer Report – There was no report, treasurer was not present.
  5. President’s Report – President was not in attendance at the meeting.
  6. Community Consultant Report – Jan Cunningham – Dates to remember:  Rink Improvement Grants – reports and receipts are due November 1st.  Youth Program Funding – Requests for Winter 2014 Youth Program Funding are due November 1, 2013. Park Enhancement Grants – Now is the time to begin planning a park project as the application period is now open and will end on January 31, 2014. A site evaluation is a first step in planning. Saskatchewan Lotteries Community Grant – is a grant to support sport, culture and recreation projects that will be conducted between April 1, 2014 – March 31, 2015. Special “Days in the Park” have been popular. Deadline to apply is January 15, 2014. Free Grant Writing Workshop, Thursday, November 21, 2013. Tips for Record Keeping – General Rule of Record Keeping: One set of monthly meeting minutes keep for 15 years, and then Archive. One set of Annual General Meeting Minutes keep for 7 years after dissolution of Corporation. General Financial Transaction Records, keep for 7 years and then shred. One set Audited Annual Financial Return, keep for 7 years after dissolution of Corporation. Newsletters, 2 years keep, keep a sample. Letters on Issues, keep for one year then shred. Membership lists, keep for 2 – 5 years, then Archive. The City’s new Strategic Plan: From PSA: “Back in February 2012, City Council adopted a 10 year Strategic Plan which was developed with input from the Community Vision. The Strategic Plan outlines seven strategic goals. Each goal has 10 Year Strategies and 4 Year Priorities. In early 2013, a planning session with the newly elected Mayor and Councillors was undertaken to confirm the priorities for this Council’s term. The updated 2013-2023 Strategic Plan reflects the updates in these priorities. The Strategic Plan is available online at www.saskatoon.ca under “Check it Out”. Jan noticed graffiti on the cell tower, she called in to have it removed. Leisure guide times for programs to be changed to 6:00pm-8:00pm. Jan will make the changes. Chasity will coordinate hours with Regan.
  7. Coordinators Report
    1. a.       Soccer Coordinator – Not in attendance
    2. b.      Football Coordinator – Not in attendance
    3. c.       Indoor Event Coordinator – New Program offered in the community by Tanya Myrfield-Wolfe, “My Smart Hands”, sign language for hearing babies.
    4. d.      Rink Coordinator – Pam Laurans was not present at the meeting, however Jan Cunningham spoke on behalf of Pam Laurans. The door to the shed is here next week, between the 15th and 18th of October, because of the delay for delivery, the door will be installed for free. JHJ Tech will run the electrical in the shed next week. All upgrades to the rink will be finished next week. Siding on the shed, puck board on the rink, and landscaping will be complete by next week as well. Water service line will be marked this week Tuesday or Wednesday. There is no longer a placement issue for the shed, it stays where it is. Jan Cunningham suggested we speak to other communities that have rinks and have someone show us the flooding process. Jan also suggests we have more than one coordinator for the rink. Jan also suggested that the benches be moved to the other side of the rink, due to safety reasons (snow piling up under benches etc). Hardy board will be placed on the sides of the shed. It will cost $2000.00. Jan will look into finding the funding to pay for this. City policies regarding advertising on the rink boards has created some question, as to whether we are following policy. Jan will make modifications to go with our association.
    5. e.      Sign Coordinator – Association has received two letters from the city regarding non-compliance to their sign policies. Out sign is too close to Shoppers sign and has to be moved. Shoppers Drug Mart has now implemented a new fee for placing a sign on their property. The association will now be charged a $25.00 monthly fee. Jan and Cathy have developed a new plan. Sharon from the city will be invited to join them. New message for the sign will be advertising the Annual General Meeting.
    6. Annual General Meeting – It was discussed to possibly place inserts regarding the AGM in the Free Methodist Church bulletins. This must be decided immediately to allow time to print and hand out. Chasity said she would help with making the posters, inquire with Justine to see if they have been made yet. Cathy suggested handing out extras to the condos; question is how to ensure they can be delivered.
    7. New Business – Jan shared the Meadow Green flyer at the meeting, giving new ideas to use for our flyer.
    8. Next Meeting – Wednesday, October 23, 2013 AGM
    9. Meeting adjourned at 7:54pm