Hampton Village Community Association

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Meeting Minutes

      Attendance:  Guest; Christine Stratton and Trevor Goslin.  Members; Pam and Ron Laurens, Jan Cunningham, Michelle Tremblay, Melanie Litvenenko, Chasity Berast, Cathy Baerg, Jen Upton, Rob Huck, Abby Schoonmaker, Lynn Heale.

  1. Call to order – Vice President Rob Huck called meeting to order at 6:33 pm.
  2. Adoption of Agenda – Pam made the motion and Rob seconded
  3. Approval of the Minutes – Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Pam motioned to approve the minutes and Chasity seconded.

  1. Vice President’s Report – Rob welcomed the people joining us for the meeting who are residents of Hampton Village Community.
  2. Treasurer’s Report – Michelle stated that the financial statement was not complete yet and it will be delayed until next month’s meeting.

Michelle discussed insurance for the Rink – options available.  Pam motioned to raise the insurance to $30,000 and Cathy seconded. Michelle will purchase the insurance prior to December 2, 2013.

  1. Community Consultant Report – Jan Cunningham

– Jan, Pam and Michelle met to fill out the rink improvement grant.

-There is a delay in drafting the advertising policy for the rink.  Jan has further investigating to do regarding policies and procedures etc.

-Jan will find out prices for tables and trees near the spray park.

-Jan commends our sign coordinator for all the hard work that goes into keeping up with city and owner requirements.

-Park Enhancement –Dundonald Park

Phase 1 is now complete.  Meetings for Phase 2 has begun.

-Hill in the park of the school yard is too low, many complaints by residents. Jan stated that there is a standard height policy and the hill could not be increased much further.

-Jan asked for Melanie’s expertise in helping Confederation Community Association begin a soccer team.

Dates to Remember

Rink Improvement Grants – Reports & receipts due November 1st

Youth Program Funding

Requests for Winter 2014 Youth Program Funding were due November 1, 2013, but if you are interested, late applications will be accepted for a while longer.

The maximum funding is $500; food is not an allowable expenditure.  The target group is youth aged 10 – 18 years.  The objective is to provide ‘no cost’ or ‘low cost’ activities for youth.  For organized sports such as soccer, ‘learn to’ or ‘skill improvement’ courses would qualify.   Interested in applying?  Please let me know and I will have the Neighbourhood Program Consultant (Carla) send you an application form.

Park Enhancement Grant applications

Park Enhancements typically add components to existing park amenities and reflect the greatest demonstrated need in the entire neighbourhood.  Projects usually cost under $25,000 (both party’s contributions), and typical requests include: park bench, picnic table, cement pad and playground equipment.

Now is the time to begin planning a park project as the application period is now open and will end on January 31st, 2014.  A site evaluation is a first step in planning.  Please contact me for further details and an application form.


Community Gardens


If your Community Association and/or interested members of your community are interested in starting or expanding a Community Garden, the deadline to apply is December 1st.  Please let me know if you would like more information.

Saskatchewan Lotteries Community Granttime to start thinking…


The funding for this Grant comes from SK Lotteries, but the City of Saskatoon Community Development Branch administers the Grant on behalf of SK Lotteries for the whole city (i.e. for Community Associations as well as other organizations).

This grant is for Sport, Culture and Recreation projects that will be conducted between April 1st, 2014 and March 31st, 2015.  Projects should provide access to sport, culture and/or recreation activities for all people regardless of age, sex, ethnicity, economic status, physical or mental ability.  Projects to involve a specific demographic in a new cultural, recreational or sport activity are encouraged and have had great success in the past.  Projects funded in the past under this Grant include:

‘Family Fun Day’ or ‘Day in the Park’

Shinny tournaments

Movie nights

Ballroom dance

Youth Hoop Dancing

Music days in the park

Youth nights

Community art projects

-Pam will look into Soccer for this grant.


Deadline to apply: Wednesday, January 15th, 2014 at 4:30 p.m. Grants currently range from $500 to a maximum of $5,000.   More details and complete Grant Application package will be available later in November.  Please contact Kathy Allen (Arts & Grants Consultant, 306-975-3391) for more information,


Free Grant Writing Workshop – Thursday, November 21st!


The grants workshop for the Community Grant, Sports Participation Grant, and Jack Adilman Fund will be on Thursday, November 21, 2013 from 7 pm to 9 pm in the theatre at Cosmo Civic Centre.


The presentation will start with general granting information followed by information on the Community Grant (so if people are only interested in the Community Grant they can leave after that section of the presentation).


Interested in attending?  Please contact Elaine at 306-975-3383.



Treasurer’s Workshop – Wednesday, November 27th!
This year’s Treasurer’s Workshop is on Wednesday, November 27th from 6:30 to 8:30 pm at Underground Coffee (420 – 20th Street West).  Your input into the night is valued and you have asked that the workshop concentrate on Budgets, Reading the Books for Reviews, and the new rules for reporting yearly finances.

To register, use the Survey Monkey link (sent by e-mail) or phone Carrie Hutchison at 306-975-3381.  Registration deadline is Wednesday November 20th at 5 pm.

City Police Information Sessions


The Saskatoon Police Service along with the Saskatoon Health Region and the Public & Catholic School Boards are hosting information sessions on:  bullying, internet safety, drugs and personal safety.


Two sessions are scheduled:

Monday, Nov. 18th, 7:00 – 8:30 pm, Marion Graham Collegiate (602 Lenore Drive)

Monday, Nov. 25th, 7:00 – 8:30 pm, Bethlehem Catholic High School (110 Bowlt Cres.)


For more information, please contact Constable Joanne Smallbones at 306-975-8300 or joanne.smallbones@police.saskatoon.sk.ca.  Everyone is welcome!

Garbage pick-up – every 2 weeks


From PSA:


Starting Friday, November 1, garbage collection will begin its winter schedule of bi-weekly (every two weeks) pick up for individual roll-out garbage carts.  Residents can refer to their garbage collection calendars for more details, or visit the City’s website at www.saskatoon.ca and search under “G” for Garbage Calendars to view a copy of their route calendar. Routes are determined by neighborhood.


The winter schedule of bi-weekly pick up was adopted because households tend to generate less garbage when the weather turns cold. During the Christmas season, collection temporarily resumes weekly pick up from December 16th – 31st.


Residents are reminded there are many recycling and composting opportunities available that will reduce the amount of garbage going to the landfill.  For more information on recycling options, visit www.saskatoon.ca and search under “R” for Recycling.



Snow Angels


From PSA:


The City would like to remind residents of the importance of clearing their sidewalks following a major snowfall.  For public safety and mobility, The Sidewalk Clearing Bylaw requires residential sidewalks to be clear of snow and ice within 48 hours of a snowfall, and sidewalks in certain commercial and suburban areas to be cleared within 24 hours of a snowfall.  It is the responsibility of the property owner or tenant to clear the sidewalks.


Saskatoon residents are encouraged to be a “Snow Angel” and help their neighbors keep their sidewalks clear of snow.  Those receiving help can send their story and the name and address of their “Snow Angel” to snow.angel@saskatoon.ca.  The City will send a recognition letter to the Snow Angel and enter them in a prize draw.
To report an unsafe sidewalk, call Public Works customer service at 306-975-2476

Did you know?  Creative Kids…


Creative Kids is a charitable program, initiated in Saskatchewan by SaskCulture and a group of dedicated volunteers, that is funded by donations, fundraisers, and corporate sponsorships, with all (100%) fundraising proceeds, donations and sponsorships going to creative activities for children.


Creative Kids provides financial assistance for children to participate in the same art and cultural activities as their peers, regardless of a family’s social and financial barriers. Activities such as music lessons, dance classes, museum camps, and art lessons are commonly funded. Families may apply to Creative Kids for up to $750 per child, per year to participate in creative activities. Because cultural programming is critical to a healthy, vibrant community, every child should have an opportunity to participate in creative activities.

Who Can Apply?  Families facing financial barriers may apply to Creative Kids for their children aged 4 – 19 to participate in the same arts and cultural activities as their friends. Most families approved for funding have gross annual incomes of less than $40,000, although families with higher incomes have been supported depending on individual circumstances. Applications are assessed individually primarily on a family’s financial need. Youth living independently may also apply.


The next application deadline is December 10 for activities that begin in January. For the closest contact, go to: http://www.creativekidssask.ca/info/creative-kids-committees.html.


  1. 7.    Coordinator’s Report

A)   Newsletter –Jen announced that in the beginning of January there will be a web newsletter.  It was discussed as to how to deliver  the newsletter. It was mentioned that Sask. Abilities delivers fliers for a small fee. Jan will send the link to where you can find out the cost.  It was also mentioned to possibly have volunteers hand deliver again.

It was agreed to try and organize the annual calendar with all the events for the year. E-mail Jen as soon as possible with the events you (association members) would like to plan to place in the newsletter.

Discussion regarding a few companies not paying for their advertisements in the newsletter, follow up on this.

Newsletter changes/Additions –  It was mentioned to put in topics for parents (parent connections), articles on bullying, quick facts, etc.

The newsletter has a $3000.00 budget for the year.

Abby will give Jen the contact numbers for advertising.

School Consultation – Discussion on what the requirements from the government are.  Jen would like to put an article in the newsletter regarding this.

B)   Soccer– Jan mentioned soccer registration will be in the January leisure guide.

Mel is contemplating opening an academy for soccer (practice facilitated by other instructors) in January.  A fee will be charged to cover the cost for the trainer.  Jan suggested Mel apply for the youth grant.  Jan will email Mel the information for the youth grant.  The academy will be for children living in the Hampton Village Community, not city wide. Mel will look into the academy process further and then make a decision on running the program.


Storage locker for program equipment– Abby motioned to spend up to $672.00 to keep the storage locker until July 3rd, Pam seconded. Motion was passed.


C)   Sign – Cathy needs help with ideas for our sign, it has to be changed on a regular basis.  It was suggested to advertise our rink grand opening.

D)   Flag Football – No attendance.

E)   Rink – Rink is ready!  The rink gate has been fixed, puck board is up, 8’ opening is now closed, city hooked up the water, and the electrical is complete.

  1. 8.    New Business

A)   Groomed Ski Trails – A community member requested ski trails be put into the Hampton community.  The city will do this for $300.00, but if it snows, the city will not do it again.  Voting on this matter will happen at the next meeting December 11, 2013.

B)   HVCA Christmas Party – January 8th we will have a new years party with the HVCA  Members.

  1. Next Meeting – Wednesday, December 11, 2013.

10. Motion to Adjourn – Cathy motioned to adjourn at 8:53pm, Pam seconded.