Hampton Village Community Association

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Meeting Minutes

  1.  Call to order – President Justine McCaffrey at 6:55
  2. Adoption of Agenda was motioned by Cathy Baerg and Lynn Heale seconded – passed
  3. Approval of the minutes – Wednesday, April 10, 2013 – Cathy Baerg motioned to ratify the email vote for the soccer budget from $3500 to $4200. Jen seconded – passed. Jan motioned to make a date correction regarding grant reports due in April not August. Cathy seconded – passed
  4. 4.    President’s Report – Thanks to Rylan, Lynn, Chasity, and Justine for working the trade show.  They came back with some new ideas for our community.  Chasity also attended the Indoor Coordinator Workshop and has agreed to be the new indoor coordinator. Thank you!
  5. 5.    Treasurer’s Report – Michelle Tremblay was not present at the meeting.
  6. 6.    Community Consultant Report – Jan Cunningham – Jan thanked those of us who attended the Trade show; it was a success and plan to have them every other year.  Jan informed us that the Hampton water park will open June 7th this year.  Jan presented the changes to the grounds behind St. Peter and Dundonald school.  The project has been split into 3 phases.  First phase will be on St. Peter’s side of the park.  Both schools will work together regarding sharing available grounds for children to play at scheduled times (recess schedule shared by both schools).
  7. 7.    Coordinators Report

a)Soccer – Soccer windup will be held June 26th in the park near the rink. It starts at 5:00 pm and ends at 8:00pm. Safeway has donated all the hotdogs and buns and will also be cooking for everyone.

b)Kinder Soccer – It was discussed at the meeting the possibility of lowering the registration fee for soccer.

c)Sign – Cathy bought the new license.  Sunday she will change the sign, advertising the slo pitch tournament.

d) Flag Football – Thank you goes out to Steve Bilan for being our flag football coach!

e) Rink – Crusher dust will be delivered this week.  We will need to put a gate in the rink for bobcat access as well as level some of the boards and ground. Thanks to HJR Asphalt for donating the crusher dust.

f) Website – Justine spoke on behalf of Brent Upton, webmaster. We have an option to pre-pay for the website, which would change save almost $4 a month on the cost of the website. Jennifer motioned to pre-pay for the website, Abby seconded- passed

9. Rink Fundraiser

            a) Steak Night- The Steak Night was a success, thanks to all those for donating to our silent auction and supporting our cause.  We raised $3015.25.

b)Garage Sale – Garage sale will be held May 11, 2013.  Garage sale starts 9am – 3pm.  We will need a BBQ. Discussion of where to get the BBQ

c)Slo Pitch Tournament – Tournament in Martensville will be Saturday, June 8.  Deadline to register is May 31st.  $200.00 to register.

  10)New Buisness

            1) It was discussed that all coordinators should come to the monthly meetings, Justine will contact each coordinator and encourage them to attend the meetings.  It was also mentioned that the coordinators should join the registration nights. Jan will find liability forms and distribute them to the coordinators.

2) Deb Stevens came to the community meeting and presented all the changes being made to Caroline Robins School and benefits they will receive from it.  Renovations should be done mid fall.  Caroline Robins will be incorporating a technology based program, which will include children having access to iPads, Tablets and Computers.  There will be additional technology staff provided to the school for the technical support.


3) Information getting out to our community regarding safety issues and concerns was discussed.   It was suggested that we use our community facebook to let the community know of any immediate safety concerns in our area as well as putting it on our website.  Jan will look into this more and talk with our Community Liason.

4) Abby made a motion to send the newsletters out via Canada Post. Members of the association voted. Motion was declined

11)Next Meeting – Wednesday, June 12, 2013

12)Motion to Adjourn – Motion to adjourn was made by Jen and Lynn seconded at 9:25 pm.