Hampton Village Community Association

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


1. Call to Order – President Justine McCaffrey called the meeting to order at 6:37pm
2. Adoption of Agenda – Michelle Tremblay motioned the adoption of the agenda, Chasity Berast
seconded. Passed
3. Approval of the Minutes – February 13, 2013 – Abby Schoonmaker motioned the approval of
the minutes with the correction of the BBQ date May 11 not the 18 th. Chasity Berast seconded.
4. Addition of Postal Box email voting to the Minutes – Michelle Tremblay motion the addition
of the email vote on March 4 to spend $140 per year to have a postal box for the association,
which was passed, be added to the minutes. Abby Schoonmaker seconded. Passed
5. Guest Speaker – Keitha Ogbogu – Hampton Free Methodist Church – The structure is up, some
walls are up. Proposed opening is still August; hopefully everything will be ready and available
for people have events in the church by October. Talk of opening a Preschool in the Church for
January 2014. This is still up in the air.
6. President’s Report – There will always be more people who will come out to complain about all
of the hard work that is being done, and never enough people coming out to tell you that you
are doing a fabulous job. Justine would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone on the
association and everyone who has volunteered for any of the events. Everyone is doing a truly
remarkable job. Keep up the good work.
7. Treasurer’s Report – Treasurer, Michelle Tremblay has not received the bank statement yet,
so the financial report is not done. Michelle spoke of the convenience of online banking and
how she could just print out a statement instead of having to wait for it the following month.
Michelle Tremblay motioned to get a view only, online banking card. The association voted, and
the motion was declined. Michelle had prepared the review sheet for soccer, Melanie is looking
over it to confirm before a cheque is being issued. Soccer registration money was counted at the
end of registration and signed by 2 executives. There was a discrepancy in the deposit. Hopefully
after all of the registration information is in, the $200 will be accounted for.
8. Community Consultant Report – David Godwin – March consultant notes have been sent out.
The Summer hiring program is coming to a close on March 15. Volunteer Appreciation event on
March 28, please register now if you are planning on going. April 13 is the Trade Show at noon.
There will be a sandwich bar at the Trade Show. Register as an individual if you are coming.
There will be child care, you will need to register your child before attending so we know how
many children will be there. Register on survey monkey for the Trade Show. There are 17
Community Associations coming, 6 outside organizations, other have been turned down. Forest
Grove/ Sutherland are taking 2 booths. Dundonald Community Association has requested the
Soccer Database from the indoor soccer program 2012/2013. Justine asked Melanie to share the
database as soon as all is done with indoor soccer and the outdoor soccer registration.
9. Coordinators Reports

a. Soccer Coordinator – Hampton Village had an extremely successful registration night.
Melanie spoke of HVCA originally starting the soccer program up and the present
situation with DCA soccer. Hampton Village has approximately 225 children registered
for soccer. Thank you to all of the volunteers that helped with registration night. Kinder
Soccer had approximately 100 children registered. HVCA is going to need to purchase
a lot of equipment this year due to the split with DCA. DCA had a lot of equipment that
was used while we were joined. We are looking at approximately $5000 in expenses for
soccer this year.
b. Kinder Soccer – Report was given at the same time as the Soccer Coordinators Report
c. Sign – Cathy Baerg changed the sign to have Regan’s Fitness class information
d. Flag Football – President, Justine McCaffrey was approached by the Saskatoon Minor
Football Association to start up Flag Football in Hampton. There was no one interested
in being the coordinator, so HVCA had to decline Flag Football. Steve Bilan, resident of
Hampton Village, approached Justine McCaffrey and offered to being the Flag Football
Coordinator for Hampton Village. Spring registration is not expected to have huge
registration numbers, as Dundonald has already held their registration. Fall football is
always more popular and will have better numbers for Hampton. The cost per teams
is $175, we will need 5-6 fooballs and cones for each team. Flags are provided by
Saskatoon Minor Football. April 24 is the registration deadline. $70 registration fee,
includes a jersey for child to keep. $45 of the registration goes to Saskatoon Minor
Football, $25 to HVCA. Steve Bilan made a motion to be able to spend up to $1200
for Flag Football, Michelle Tremblay seconded. Passed. Welcome Steve Bilan as Flag
Football Coordinator for HVCA
10. Postal Box – Hampton Village now has a Postal Box where all mail will be sent. Address is :
P.O. Box 30048
1624 33rd Street Westview
Saskatoon, SK S7L 7M6

Pam Laurans made a motion that Michelle Tremblay and Abby Schoonmaker hold the keys for
the postal box, Chasity Berast seconded. Passed
11. Sale of Rink Boards –Koncept Sign Group has agreed to do all of the signs for the rink for a
very reasonable price. Talk about how much should be charged for the boards. The association
agreed to charge $500 per board. Rob Huck made a motion that Hampton Village Community
association charge $500 for black and white signs and for the color signs, the difference of Black
and White to the nearest $50, Abby Schoonmaker seconded. Passed
12. Rink Fundraiser Ideas
a. Steak Night Fundraiser – April 18 at Sports On Tap.
b. Slo Pitch Tournament – Justine McCaffrey and Amanda Bryksa have headed the Slo
Pitch Committee. The event will be held at Martensville Kinsmen Park, as Hampton
Village does not have enough diamonds that we can use. Amanda Bryksa made a
motion that they be able to spend up to $3000 for the Slo Pitch Tournament, Abby

Schoonmaker seconded. Passed
13. New Business – No new business
14. Next Meeting – Wednesday, April 10, 2013
15. Motion to adjourn meeting – Chasity Berast motioned to adjourn the meeting, Abby
Schoonmaker seconded. Meeting adjourned at 8:12pm.