Hampton Village Community Association

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Meeting Minutes

Members Present:

Justine McCaffrey, Pam Laurans, Cathy Baerg, Keitha Ogbogu, Harold Gonyou, Jan Cunningham, Josh Teichroeb, Jennifer Upton, Lynn Heale, Melanie Litvenenko, Rob Huck

  1. 1.    Call to Order-Justine McCaffrey called meeting to order at 6:40pm
  2. 2.    Adoption of minutes – Cathy Baerg motioned and Josh Teichroeb seconded.
  3. 3.    Approval of Minutes– Consultant Jan Cunningham noted change phases of park to  be in three phases not four.  Cathy Motioned to approve the change and Lynn seconded.
  4. 4.    Guest Speaker – Keitha Ogbogu (Pastor)and Harold Gonyou (Building Committee) with the Free Methodist Church.  The Free Methodist Church is hoping to have access to their building in September and a open house to follow.  October 27th, will be the dedication.  It was offered to HVCA to have our September meeting in the church where we can have a tour at the same time. The Free Methodist Church have offered their building to facilitate our community programs as well as combine programs with their programming (Christmas, skating, etc.)  HVCA will provide a list of the programs we would like to hold in their building. The church will also offer their building to other programs such as public health and EASL.  FMC has also offered to post our community information in their church as well.  FMC would like to put an add in our fall community newsletter.
  5. 5.    President’s Report- Justine commended the HCA on having a very productive year for fundraising!
  6. 6.    Treasurer’s Report– Michelle Tremblay has resigned as our treasurer.  We will need to find someone to take over.
  7. 7.    Community Consultant Report– Jan Cunningham

A)     Jan mentioned how helpful it is to have our HVCA monthly meetings at the same time and day.  Our committee has accomplished this so far.

B)      Jan reminded us that the community association is responsible for maintain the ground on which outdoor rinks are located.

C)      Spray Parks-open around the city on June 1st, 10 am-8 pm. There is a revised completion date for our spray park, not until July, once the new completion date for the spray pad is know with certainty, plans will be finalized for programming, possibly using the “playground van”.

D)     Summer Playground Programs (2-12 years) will run between July 2nd – August 28th.  July 5th Dundonald program will start: Monday –Thursday 10:30am – 6:00pm, Friday 12:00 noon – 4:30pm.  Dundonald School will not be available this summer because the gym floor is getting re-done., so the “playground Van” will come to the park for programming.

E)      Youth Centers – Leisure guide dates are wrong, programs run July 5th – August 21st.  In area 1, Confederation School and St. Peter School (Dundonald) will be hosting the programs – Hours: Mon-Thurs 11:30am – 7:00pm, Fri. 1:30-5:30pm.  For the most current dates, times and locations, refer to “Imap” on www.saskatoon.ca.

F)      Free outdoor fitness classes are offered downtown by the city. Offered in Kiwanis Park from 12:00-12:45 on Tuesdays and Thursdays, June to September.

G)     Service Alert – Saskatoon residents can now find out about interruptions to City services such as power outages and seizure facility closures by using an online tool called Service Alerts.  You can access it by going to the homepage of the City’s website www.saskatoon.ca.

  1. 8.    Coordinators Report

A)   Soccer – BBQ for soccer windup is on June 26, 2013.  All children registered in any HVCA soccer are invited, roughly 1000 people will attend. Safeway has donated buns and hot dogs for the event and Tim Hortons donated the coffee. Coach Bailey donated her $100.00 gift card to the soccer association. There will be a draw made at the BBQ. Registration for Fall soccer season will be September 5, 2013.

B)   Sign– Cathy will change the sign to announce the spray park will be opening soon as well as August 6th registration and in September for the Annual General Meeting.

C)   Rink – Pam found a local contractor who lives in the Hampton Community. He has offered to help us with excavating the rink, and leveling out the exterior of the rink, install the gate, and build the box cover for the wires. 

Motion Made:  Motion to level rink and fix rink boards, skirting, broken boards, and install a gate for bobcat to get in, box for coverage of wires, cost of $75.00 for two framers and $50.00 for excavator.  Rough estimate would be total cost for framer $1,500 and $1,000 for excavator. Grand total with labor and materials would be $5,000.00.  Melanie seconded the motion. Passed

Jennifer and Pam will create a contract for the contractor to cover the list of materials and it must be approved.

Discussion of what type of siding we should put on the trailers, Pam will get a quote on vinyl, tin, and hardi board.

Crusher Dust will be donated by HGR Asphalt.

City received a complaint regarding the trailers we have placed near the rink.  There will be a meeting held once the city has reviewed the issue and when they have answers for us.

Rink improvement grant had three times more applicants this year, causing a delay on grants due to the financial increase.

Goal is to have the rink finished by the end of summer.

  1. 9.      Rink Fundraiser

A)   Garage sale/Rink Fundraiser – made $969.00, which was less than

          last year.  42 houses participated.

B)   Slow Pitch Tournament – Tournament was a success, with a profit of $1,400.

There were ten teams participating, two games were rained out, but the teams created other games in the hall. Great time was had by all!


C)    Kinsmen match our funds raised!

Tree recycling – $240.00

Steak Night Dinner – $3015.00

Garage Sale – $969.00

Slow Pitch Tourney – $1,800.00

Other – $100.00

Total = 6124.00 (Oct-May31, 2013)

Way to Go Hampton Village Association, great team work, and a lot of hard work has paid off!!!


  1. 10.    Association Year End Windup

Wind up will be on July 4th, Rob will coordinate and contact us once we have a    destination.

  1. 11.    New Business

Discussion was made regarding purchasing a BBQ.  – Tabled until next year.

  1. 12.    Next Meeting – Wednesday, September 11, 2013
  2. 13.  Motion to Adjourn meeting –  Lynn Heale motioned to adjourn the meeting. Cathy Baerg seconded. Meeting adjourned