Hampton Village Rink & Trailers

Meeting – History and Next Steps

July 2nd, 2013 – 6:30pm – Large Boardroom, Cosmo Civic Centre


Members Present:

Justine/Mike McCaffrey, Pam/Ron Laurans, Jan Cunningham, Lynn Heale, Melanie / Brett Litvenenko, Brent Upton, Mike Lipky, Abby Schoonmaker

  1. Call to Order  – President Justine McCaffrey at 6:40 pm


  1. Adoption of Agenda – Lynn Heale  Motions and Abby seconded. Passed


  1. Background Regarding the Rink: Sited by Fran Cunningham


Both the letter of intent as well as the license agreement had been given and signed by the City to the Community Association to build and operate a community rink. On June 11, 2012 there was an on-site meeting to discuss building of the rink and finalize placement of the rink and the footings for a trailer.  The city agreed to provide electrical services to a structure to be utilized as a rink operation building and that the association was to maintain the system in a safe and functional state and conforms to current building standards.  November 12, 2012, two trailers were placed at the Hampton Village Rink.  No formal agreement regarding the trailers between the city and the community association was made, however there was a general understanding and agreement that the trailers were to be refurbished, including paint, skirting, blocking and stairs/ramp installed.  The community association fundraised to raise money to complete the refurbishment work to both the trailers and the rink. Concerns were raised from community members regarding the appearance of the trailers.


  1. Current Situation: Sited by Jan Cunningham


  1. Due to the size of the trailers 10 square meters, there are several requirements that must be met, including fire department regulations, encroachment agreement and building permit process.  The fire department regulation refers to the distance between a water source the fire department can use and the trailers. An encroachment agreement will require site plans and elevation drawings, and approval of 3 civic departments- building standards, infrastructure and planning and development and a building permit.  If the trailer is going to be used for a warm up shack, washrooms and barrier free accessibility are also required.  Even if the Community Association could successfully complete these steps, they would be time consuming, costly and the trailer could only be used for storage.

It was motioned by Pam to remove  both trailers at the City’s expense by Friday this week, Brent Upton seconded. Passed. The City will also cap off the wires to the trailer. The City would like to partner with the Hampton Village Community Association to build a 10’x 10’ rink shack using the Park Enhancement Grant Program.  Pam motioned for the City to provide the materials for the shed and the board passed it. Local contractor will build the shed, he will buy the materials and Hampton Association will pay him for it, in turn the City will reimburse the Association. Local contractor will attach benches to the rink as well.

  1. Pam motioned to spend up to $150.00 a month to store Hampton’s soccer equipment until the shed is build, Abby seconded. Passed.  Abby will look into possible storage companies.

It was suggested by the City to use Mesh/netting for maintenance.

Jan will look into an option for water for the rink, possibly a water cylo?


  1. Motion to adjourn made by Lynn and Abby seconded at 7:50 pm. Passed