Hampton Village Community Association

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


  1. Call to Order – President Justine McCaffrey called the meeting to order at 6:35pm
  2. Adoption of Agenda – Michelle Tremblay motioned the adoption of the agenda, Abby Schoonmaker seconded. Passed
  3. Approval of the Minutes – January 9, 2013 – Michelle Tremblay motioned the approval of the minutes, Pam Laurans seconded. Passed
  4. President’s Report – It was brought to the President’s attention that there are some people that have been offended and hurt by some of the actions from some of the other members of the association. Justine is very glad to hear that after some talking and working things through, that matters have been solved. We cannot change what has been done in the past, we can only move forward and learn from our mistakes. Thank you to all for acting maturely and working things through, we have an awesome association and with a little hard work, we can achieve great things for our community.
  5. Treasurer’s Report – There has been a new spreadsheet implemented for all of the programs to use with registration. This spreadsheet will be used for statistic comparison from year to year, as well, the city requires this information. Spreadsheets for all events will be implemented as well. Blank forms will be emailed to everyone. Bills have been sent out for the last newsletter.
  6. Community Consultant Report – David Godwin – Reminder March 28 is Volunteer Appreciation Night. Please call and book your spot soon. There are a limited number of people allowed to attend. All indoor coordinators were sent out for the public school system. The city is working closely with the public school to work out any issues. Rink flooding – David talked to the city park guys – If HVCA would like to put a water tower next to the rink, we can do so. This is an option for next year. Willowgrove is also having problems placing their rink and getting water to the rink as well. April 13 is an indoor coordinators workshop. There will be a trade show from noon-2pm. Each community association is welcome to build a display, and have a table at the trade show to show and celebrate successes. Trade show is come and go. Everyone is welcome. Community Associations that participate, there will be a draw for $150 BBQ, meat gift certificate. $25 gift certificate for individuals that register. Early Bird registration is March 18 for the trade show. David will register the community association if we choose to participate. Lynn Heale, Rylan Bailey, Amanda Bryksa and Justine McCaffrey offered to work the trade show. Slideshow of activities and sports should be emailed to David asap. We should also look at getting a release form for photos, so that we may use all photos.
  7. Coordinators Reports
    1. Soccer Coordinator – Hampton Village and Dundonald have separated for soccer. Hampton Village Soccer Registration is March 6 5:30-9:00pm at St. Peter’s School. 12-13 Volunteers have been found for registration night. Registration Night has been advertised with the following schools: Vincent Massey, Caroline Robins, St. Peter’s Bishop Klein, Dundonald & Henry Kelsey. We have also advertised Kinder Soccer with Dundonald Preschool. David would like numbers, if possible, of the amount of children that are attending our soccer program from Massey. There will be a sign placed infront of the Husky store on the corner of Confederation Drive & 33rd Street. Anyone from any area of the city can register for any soccer program. There has been a letter sent to some high schools looking for volunteers to help out with the soccer programs or help coach the Kinder Soccer Program. Soccer field has been booked for Kinder Soccer. Both fields may be used for 1 night to allow for more kids in the program. Late registration is $40. Registration will be open for 1 week after registration night. Thoughts about the spreadsheet – The cash will be counted at the end of the night and signed by 2 executive members. Sheet is kept for 1 week and everything is handed in to the Treasurer at the end of the week so that the coordinators have time to go through all of the registrations to make sure everything is correct. Anytime there is a reimbursement, it needs to be made in the form of a cheque, not cash, so that there is a paper trail. We should only be accepting cash, not giving it out.
    2. Kinder Soccer – Report was given at the same time as the Soccer Coordinators Report
    3. Newsletter – There was a newsletter done last month that has been emailed out and put on the website. The next newsletter will be in April and that newsletter will be delivered.
    4. Sign – Eric at Shopper’s Drug Mart is requiring us to change the sign every month or we will have to take down the sign. Cathy is strategically putting information up, so that we are changing the sign monthly and we are having information up for the right dates.
    5. Rink Coordinator – The rink has been flooded and we are having troubles keeping the water in the rink. The poly that has been put up has been ripped down while we were waiting for a load of water to come in. The door was damaged as well. Not too sure if it is worth it to try and get the rink up and running for the rest of this winter.

Motion to vote on whether or not HVCA should spend the money and time to try to get the rink up and running for the rest of the year was made by Rylan Bailey. Hampton Village Community Association Executives voted, and declined to spend the money for the rest of this winter.

Rob Kitzan informed HVCA that HJR Asphalt has agreed to donate crusher dust for the rink this summer. We may have to pay for the trucking fees to get it to the rink.

  1. Christmas Tree Pick-up Fundraiser – Sunday, January 13, 2013 – Success. With 3 trucks picking up trees, we raised a total of $240 for the fundraiser.
  2. 2013 Events
    1. Easter Extravaganza – Will not be taking place this year. Maybe next year.
    2. Garage Sale/ BBQ – Will be happening.  May 18, 2013. The Sask Party of Massey Place would like to donate all of the burgers, hot dogs, condiments and any BBQ rental fees for the BBQ.

Abby Schoonmaker motioned that we accept the donation from The Sask Party of Massey Place, Michelle Tremblay seconded. Passed.

  1. Carnival in the Park – Will be happening. Date is undecided as of right now. We will need more volunteers this year to host this event. We might be going to Dundonald and St. Peter School to get some Grade 8 students to help with the event. Parking will need to be directed ahead of time, so that we do not run into the parking issue that we had last year.
  2. Rink Fundraiser Ideas
    1. Rink Board Sale – Sell the rink boards along the bottom portion of the rink. We should get a board that says something to the effect of “Buy A Board”. Could be a fantastic strategy for marketing.


Motion to vote on whether or not HVCA should sell the bottom boards of the rink as a fundraiser was made by Justine McCaffrey. Hampton Village Community Association Executives voted, and Passed the sale of rink boards as a fundraiser.

Rink Board Committee – Justine McCaffrey, Rylan Bailey, Amanda Bryksa

  1. Steak Night Fundraiser – The last Steak Night that we had was a huge success. There is a member of our community that owns 2 restaurants and supports our community, we should look at having our steak night at one of his facilities to return the support.

Motion to vote on whether or not HVCA should plan a Steak night fundraiser was made by Justine McCaffrey. Hampton Village Community Association Executives voted, and Passed the idea to have a Steak Night Fundraiser.

  1. Slo Pitch Tournament – The majority of our previous fundraisers have been geared towards children and families. We could host a Slo Pitch Tournament that would appeal to a whole different audience and has the ability to make anywhere from $2500-$6000 profit. We would need a lot of volunteers to make this a success.

Motion to vote on whether or not HVCA should plan a Slo Pitch Tournament as a fundraiser was made by Justine McCaffrey. Hampton Village Community Association Executives voted, and Passed the Slo Pitch Tournament as a fundraiser.

Slo Pitch Tournament Committee – Justine McCaffrey and Amanda Bryksa

  1. Trade Show – If all other fundraisers are a success, do we really need another fundraiser that might not raise a lot of money for the rink? We need to give back to the Community, which is what the plan is after we fix the rink this summer. We will have a full functional rink that we want to show off to everyone. Huge BBQ for the grand opening.

Motion to vote on whether or not HVCA should host a Trade Show as a fundraiser was made by Justine McCaffrey. Hampton Village Community Association Executives voted, and declined to host a Trade Show as a fundraiser.

  1. New Business – Melanie Litvenenko pointed out that the Governance documents have Justine McCaffrey’s address on them. It was discussed at last month’s meeting that we should not have 3 addresses for different documents and voted to have everything going to Justine’s house. Could we not look at getting a P.O. Box so that we do not have to change all of the documents when Justine is no longer President. Michelle Tremblay is getting a quote and places with available space for next month’s meeting.
  2. Next Meeting – Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Motion to adjourn meeting – Abby Schoonmaker motioned to adjourn the meeting, Lynn Heale seconded. Meeting adjourned.