Hampton Village Community Association

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Meeting Minutes

In Attendance – Justine McCaffrey, Cathy Baerg, Keitha Ogbogu, Vanessa Cook, Tanner Ethridge, Jason Chadney, Pam Laurans, Amanda Brykas, Jan Cunningham, Rob Huck, Melanie Litvenenko

  1. 1.       Call to Order – Meeting was called to order by President Justine McCaffrey at 6:35pm
  2. 2.       Special Request – Cathy Baerg asked for permission to make a special presentation. Cathy presented Jan Cunningham with a wrapped gift, a new binder to keep all of the HVCA information in. Also acting as a gift for Jan’s official permanent position as the Community Consultant for the HVCA.
  3. 3.       Adoption of Agenda – Amanda Bryksa motioned to adopt the agenda. Jason Chadney seconded the motion. Passed
  4. 4.       Approval of the Minutes – Minutes from Wednesday, November 13, 2013. Rob Huck motioned to approve the minutes. Cathy Baerg seconded. Passed
  5. 5.       President’s Report – President Justine McCaffrey attended the City of Saskatoon Police Services Community Consult Meeting in November. Many different people from all over the city were at the meeting, including Mayor Atchison, City Councillors, Community Association representatives, Fire Chief, FSIN representatives, Light House Representative, numerous Police representatives to name a few. They spoke about what is working with the Police Services, as well as what is not working. There were breakout sessions where they discussed many issues around the city that the Police Services are working on. Justine, Vanessa, Michelle and Jan got together a couple of weeks ago to catch Vanessa up on all of the Treasurer information.
  6. 6.       Treasurer’s Report – Vanessa has entered all payments and receipts until the end of October. Waiting for November’s statement.  *Note from Michelle* we are waiting for the insurance certificate from the new insurer. Hampton Free Methodist church has been added to our insurance for all of our meetings and events that happen at the church.
  7. 7.       Community Consultant Report – Please see at the end of the minutes for Jan’s full detailed report. Specific report to Hampton Village: The Rink Improvement Grant that we applied for, we were approved $1000 for the grant. This year was special, a lot of communities that were given money for the grant underspent, so Hampton Village is getting some of the remaining money that was left from other communities, which is an additional $3000-$5000. Jan commended Cathy on her work with the signs. Jan thanked Melanie for agreeing to help the new soccer coordinator with the Confederation Community Association, so they can get their soccer program up and running. Dog Poo Problem – Some residents of Hampton Village have complained to Justine about dog owners not picking up after their dogs. Parks & Rec have also said that there is a dog poo problem in the Hampton Parks. As well, off leash dogs is a problem as well in Hampton Parks. There are some signs already reminding owners to pick up after their dogs, however, there are clever and funny signs that we can look into as well. There is a Dog Sign Strategy that the city is doing in 2014. Park Enhancement Grant- we can apply for this grant to add benches, picnic tables, etc. The timeline however, you apply by January 31, 2014 but wouldn’t see anything until summer 2015. Benchs $1800 + $600 install, Picnic Table $1400 + $600 install, Cool Topper (offers shade at the top of play structures) $5000 + $600 install. You can get trees to offer some shade at the spray park. We would need a small group of people to go out to the site with Jan and a city worker from Parks & Rec to see where the trees would be planted. Site Meeting group – Pam, Amanda, Justine, Rob, & Jason. Jan presented each member of the association with small handmade gifts for their time and hard work put into the rink. All gifts represented something to do with the rink.
  8. 8.       Coordinator’s Reports
    1. a.       Newsletter – Not in attendance
    2. b.      Soccer – Melanie has taken on the position of Technical Coordinator for the SUSC. SYS manages the 5 different zones in the city, SUSC is the zone in the west side. Melanie is planning on increasing the registration fees for soccer to cover the costs of tournaments instead of asking parents for money at random times and before Christmas to cover the costs of the tournaments. She plans on talking to all of the Soccer Coordinators in the area to hopefully get them to do the same thing so that everyone is at the same rate and everything is fair. FYI HVCA/DCA have 200 under 6 – under 10 children registered in our program. SUSC has 219 children registered in the under 12 – under 16 program. The soccer academy that Melanie is putting on is 8 weeks long. Bringing Adele in to run the program for the Under 8 and Under 10 teams. Will be on Saturdays. T-shirts have been ordered. We have water bottles left over from last soccer season. Registration will be $65 for 8 weeks. Hoping for 40 kids. Adele charges $35/hr + fuel travel  3 hours/ 8 weeks = $840 for Adel to run the program. $640 for the gym rental. $450 for the t-shirts. If the program is full, there would be a $600 profit.  Melanie made a motion to spend up to $2000 for the Soccer Academy. Cathy seconded. Passed The under 10 category will run for sure, as it is ¾ full already. The under 8 category, is questionable. We will run the academy in the spring if it is successful.
    3. c.       Sign – There is a temporary sign at the rink saying “Skate at your own risk”. The temporary sign for the supervised skating times is up at the rink. Reviewed quotes as provided as well as an additional outside quote for donation of the signs with the sign company logo on the sign. Cathy will be changing the sign at Shopper’s on Monday to advertise the Fitness class registration.
    4. d.      Flag Football – Not in attendance.
    5. e.      Rink – relayed by Pam for Ron – The rink supervised skating times calendar is made up for everyone that is on the executive. During your supervised skating time, please check to see if the rink needs to be shoveled, make sure there are no pucks or hockey sticks on the ice. The times are Tuesdays & Thursday 6pm – 8pm, Saturdays 1pm – 3pm. If you cannot supervise on your appointed time, please switch with another member, ask a friend or a neighbor.  Flooding of the rink is done on Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays. There is not supervised skating when the weather is -25 degrees Celsius with the windchill or colder. The gate is off. There is a hump of ice at the entrance to the rink so the water does not flow out. Thank you so much to the City of Saskatoon for doing the trenching for the water. Without that water line, none of this would be possible. The rink has been flooded approx. 30 times already.

                                                              i.      Grand Opening of the Rink – Sunday, December 15, 2013. We have a P.A. System that we will be playing Christmas music on. Thank you Brett for lending us the system. Tables have been borrowed from the lady who does the Out Grow, Out Play in exchange for 2 – ½ page ads in the newsletter. Chairs cost $357 from Handyman rental that Lynn is going to pick up and take back, saving us the cost of delivery. Getting 800 cups of Tim Horton’s coffee and Hot Chocolate at ½ price. Hampton Free Methodist Church is donating some dainties and cookies. Bell contacted Justine and asked if we were interested in having them come put on a free BBQ for the event. Bell is prepping, cooking and handing hamburgers and hotdogs out at the event, as well, they are bringing their mascot to skate on the ice with everyone. Executive Members were asked to bring 2 dozen nut free goodies to the event. Kevin will be plowing the parking lot and piling all the snow up for the snow sculpting event. The Snow Sculpture contest will have 2 winners that will receive $25 gift certificates each. Please make sure to tell all of your friends to come. Pam made a motion to be able to spend up to $1200 for the Rink Grand Opening. Rob seconded. Passed.

  1. 9.       Groomed Ski Trails – This item was tabled from last month’s meeting. The city has someone who will groom trails when requested for $300. There aren’t a lot of groomed trails around Hampton, so there would be a good chance that if requested, he would come out. However, once it is groomed, if it snows, he does not come out again, unless paid again. The association decided post a survey on the website, Facebook and email out to members to see what they would be interested in seeing more of in Hampton Village. This year with the rink grand opening, there is a lot happening, we should see if there is enough interested for groomed ski trails in the area.
    1. a.       Jan asked if the association was interested in hosting a pilot project offered through the recreation program “Learn to Skate” drop in sessions at our rink. Program would run February – March. The association thought it was a no brainer to have people come to the new rink for a free learn to skate program. Jan will talk with the Recreation Programmers to see if the event can be held at the Hampton Rink.
    2. 10.   New Business – Melanie suggested that we have an event similar to the Soccer Wind up that we hosted last year. We could join the Carnival and the soccer wind up in one event. Justine and Melanie agreed to sit down and fill out the Sask Lotteries Grant form out for the event.
    3. 11.   Next Meeting – Wednesday, January 8, 2013
    4. 12.   Cathy motion to adjourn the meeting. Pam seconded. Meeting adjourned at 8:48pm


Jan’s in detail Report :

Community Consultant Monthly Report


(Confederation, Dundonald, Hampton, Massey, Pacific Heights, Westview)

December 2013



1)      Dates to Remember


  • Youth Program Funding

    Requests for Winter 2014 Youth Program Funding were due November 1, 2013, but if you are interested, late applications will be accepted for a while longer.

    The maximum funding is $500; food is not an allowable expenditure.  The target group is youth aged 10 – 18 years.  The objective is to provide ‘no cost’ or ‘low cost’ activities for youth.  For organized sports such as soccer, ‘learn to’ or ‘skill improvement’ courses would qualify.   Interested in applying?  Please let me know and I will have the Neighbourhood Program Consultant (Carla) send you an application form.

  • Park Enhancement Grant applications

Park Enhancements typically add components to existing park amenities and reflect the greatest demonstrated need in the entire neighbourhood.  Projects usually cost under $25,000 (both party’s contributions), and typical requests include: park bench, picnic table, cement pad and playground equipment.

Now is the time to begin planning a park project as the application period is now open and will end on January 31st, 2014.  A site evaluation is a first step in planning.  Please contact me for further details and an application form.

  • Saskatchewan Lotteries Community Granttime to start thinking…


The funding for this Grant comes from SK Lotteries, but the City of Saskatoon Community Development Branch administers the Grant on behalf of SK Lotteries for the whole city (i.e. for Community Associations as well as other organizations).


This grant is for Sport, Culture and Recreation projects that will be conducted between April 1st, 2014 and March 31st, 2015.  Projects should provide access to sport, culture and/or recreation activities for all people regardless of age, sex, ethnicity, economic status, physical or mental ability.  Projects to involve a specific demographic in a new cultural, recreational or sport activity are encouraged and have had great success in the past.  Projects funded in the past under this Grant include:

–          ‘Family Fun Day’ or ‘Day in the Park’

–          Shinny tournaments

–          Movie nights

–          Ballroom dance

–          Youth Hoop Dancing

–          Music days in the park

–          Youth nights

–          Community art projects


Deadline to apply: Wednesday, January 15th, 2014 at 4:30 p.m. Grants currently range from $500 to a maximum of $5,000.   More details and complete Grant Application package will be available later in November.  Please contact Kathy Allen (Arts & Grants Consultant, 306-975-3391) for more information,


2)      Community Association Volunteer Conference – Saturday, March 15th, 2014!

Community Development has arranged for Vince Gowmon, Certified Professional Life Coach, to facilitate the Volunteer Conference Saturday, March 15th 2014.  The day will be filled with activities designed to empower you to be a better leader, engage your community and build up your association’s sense of team. This event will be fun and interactive, leaving you inspired and with practical tools for work and life.

Vince Gowman is the founder of Remembering to Play Events. All his life he has enjoyed playing, and since 1998, he has lived his other passion of supporting others to create their life with joy and purpose. Remembering to Play Events is his opportunity to combine the two, giving people a playground to discover their authentic self and laugh along the way!

Mark your calendars now for a Saturday, March 15th, 9:00 am to 4:00 pm, at Station 20, 1120 – 20th Street West.  More details to come!


3)      Community Association Volunteer Appreciation Event – Thursday, April 24th, 2014!


The event is set for Thursday, April 24th, 2014 from 6:45 – 9:00 pm at the Broadway Theatre (715 Broadway Avenue).  Be prepared for a fun night filled with treats, networking and a main performance by… the Saskatoon Soaps!


You and your significant other are invited to the 2014 Volunteer Appreciation event to celebrate your contributions and accomplishments.  Here is the direct survey-monkey link to register:   https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/VolApprec2013.

4)      Report-a-Rut On-line – new City of Saskatoon website feature


Winter road conditions can lead to major driving challenges once streets develop ice ruts.  The City of Saskatoon and private contract crews will be looking to improve driving lanes; however, we appreciate hearing from you if there are concerns.


If you would like to report a severely rutted street, you can now do so on-line.  Go to the City of Saskatoon website (www.saskatoon.ca) under “S” for more details on the Snow & Ice Program.


5)      Special Event Bookings in Parks – upcoming changes


There will be changes made to the application process for booking City Parks for Special Events, including new timelines for submitting requests.  Watch for an email with information on booking of Parks and a link to the new Application Form.  In most cases, you will need to have your application in a minimum of 6 weeks in advance.  Note: If your event will have more than 1,500 participants or you plan to serve alcohol, your application has to be in 6 months in advance.


6)      ‘How did you find out about our programs?’ – data collection


It can be helpful to know how your program participants learned about your programs to get an idea of which advertising methods are effective.  Community Development is also interested in this information to see how many people rely on the Leisure Guide to learn about programs offered through the Community Associations.  We have developed a Tally Sheet to collect this information at Registration Night.  (I will bring the sheet to the December Board meeting.)  Please consider using this Tally Sheet – thanks!

7)      CHEP Community Garden Conference – Saturday, February 8th, 2014


The annual CHEP Community Garden Conference is being held Saturday February 8th, 2014 at Station 20 West.  Contact Gord from CHEP Community Gardening for more information (306-655-4575, ext 229; gord@chep.org).


Enjoy the Holiday Season!



Prepared by: Jan Cunningham

Community Consultant, Community Development Branch

Cosmo Civic Centre, 3130 Laurier Drive, Saskatoon, S7L 5J7

Ph: (306)975-3379; e-mail: jan.cunningham@saskatoon.ca