Hampton Village Community Association

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Meeting Minutes


1)    Call to Order- Justine called meeting to order at 6:35 pm.

2)    Adoption of Agenda was motioned by Lynn Heale and seconded by Michelle Tremblay, passed.

3)    Approval of Minutes was motioned by Melanie Litvenenko, seconded by Lynn Heale, passed.

4)    Addition of soccer budget increase was voted via e-mail with the members of the association, motion was made and it was passed.

5)    President’s Report:

Community Associations throughout the city will gather at the Prairie Land Exhibition to share their community programs and events. Justine, Lynn, Chasity, and Rylan will be representing Hampton Community at the event.

6)    Treasurer’s Report:

Michelle Tremblay motioned to have a view only online statement that would be sent out without the account number shown, in addition to posting it on the website for association members to view, with password access. All members voted and it was passed.

7)    Community Consultant Report:

  • We welcome Jan Cunningham as our new community consultant.
  • April 26th and 27th Appreciation Week.
  • June 1st our Spray park will be open.
  • Grant follow up reports due in August
  • Jan will e-mail Justin for rink operating government grant, due May 15th
  • Fall submittals for Leisure guide programs are due May 15th
  • Rink improvement application is due April 30th, Justine will fill out the form, Jan will send the form to Justine.
  • Community Cleanup – fire department co ordinates the clean up of the back alleys in the community
  • Police Service Info Session – takes place at St. Pauls Hospital. Topics discussed will be drugs, gangs, and bullying.  April 16th.
  • Free trees – Jan will send webmaster the link

8)    Coordinator’s Report

A) Soccer: June 26th – BBQ wind up, each player eats for free and will receive 1 free token for an extra family member.

-looking for donations for the event

9) Rink Fundraiser

Steak Night – April 18, 2013. Sports on tap, starts at 6:30pm, silent auction

9)    Saskatchewan Lotteries Grant

            Association received $3000.00 for carnival event.

11) New Business

A) Melanie motioned buying a bin to store event supplies as well as tables for upcoming events ($860.00). Motioned was voted in favor and passed.


B) It was presented by Jen to extend the option to the community to rent a table at our garage sale location, by the fountain.


12)Next Meeting – Wednesday, May 8, 2013

    13)Motion to adjourn was made by Michelle and seconded by Jen at 8:05 pm.