Hampton Village Community Association
Wednesday, September 12, 2012
Executive Meeting

Present: Abby Schoonmaker, Justine McCaffrey, Rob Huck, Melanie Litvenenko, Pam Laurans, David Godwin, Cathy Baerg, Jennifer Upton, Josh Teichroeb, Michelle Tremblay.

Guests: Keitha Slack, Dan Danielson, Stan C.

1. Meeting was called to order at 6:35pm by President Justine McCaffrey

2. Approval of Agenda: Josh Teichroeb motioned that the agenda be approved, seconded by Cathy Baerg with the change to Mr. Danielsons title changed from Chairman to Trustee. Passed

3. Speaker: Mr. Dan Danielson – Trustee, Saskatoon Board of Education, Ward 4. Mr. Danielson spoke in reference to the policies and procedures that are taken into account when building new schools.

4. Adoption of the Minutes: Motion to adopt the minutes moved by Cathy Baerg, seconded by Abby Schoonmaker. Passed

5. Treasurer Report: Justine McCaffrey motioned to accept Kim Petersen’s resignation from the Treasurer Position for the Hampton Village Community Associaton, Cathy Baerg seconded. Passed. Michelle Tremblay volunteered to fill the position of Treasurer for the Hampton Village Community Association. Michelle will be voted in at the AGM.

6. President’s Report: We’re looking forward to a good year with the Association with bigger and better events. Finishing up the rink and pushing to get a school built in the neighborhood.

7. Local School Report: Reported by Justine McCaffrey – Principal David Wipf resigned to the Prairie School Division. Principal Bob Baybrook will be taking over on Monday. Dundonald School currently has 727 students enrolled, K-8, St. Peter’s School currently has 621 students enrolled, K-8

8. Community Consultant Report – David Godwin:

a. Hampton Village Spray Park has been tendered out. The colors that were originally agreed upon by the HVCA weren’t put on the exact items as originally voted on. There were some issues with the design of the spray park due to 2 major gas lines running under the spray park. The city is still planning on a June 1, 2013 opening.

b. The University of Saskatchewan is pushing Mend SK. A study on childhood obesity. They are looking for families in the area to take part in the program.

9. Coordinators Reports
a. Newsletter/Website: The newsletter is currently at the printer. An email will be sent out looking for volunteers to help deliver the newsletters. A petition for the school will be sent with the newsletters.
b. Soccer Coordinator:
– 150 kids for indoor soccer signed up. All of our soccer equipment is in our storage trailer, but still needs to be sorted.
– Hampton Village and Dundonald will be working together for the indoor soccer.
– Melanie Litvenenko motioned to use up to $500 for shelving and bins for the storage facility, seconded by Cathy Baerg. Passed.
– Memorandum needs to be discussed between HVCA and DCA
– Melanie Litvenenko made a motion to split revenue after expenses for the fall 2012 soccer season with Dundonald Community Association 50/50, seconded by Cathy Baerg. Passed
c. Recreation & Fitness – Reported by Justine McCaffrey on behalf of Regan Courtney: Zumba: 8 people signed up, need a min of 10 people. Yoga: 11 people signed up, need a min of 10 people. Beginner Pilates: 10 people signed up, need min of 11 people. Kettlebell Tuesday: 17 people signed up, need min of 10. Thursday: 16 people signed up, need min of 10.
d. Rink: The rink is built and the donated ATCO trailers are in place. We need to paint the rink and build stairs to the ATCO trailers.
– Not putting crusher dust down this year. Will be applying for grant from the city for next year for the crusher dust.
– We will be proceeding without John from here on in.
– Waiting to hear back from the Kinsmen to see if they will allow us to make a presentation for our request for $25,000
– Rob moved to use up to $2000 for paint and the rental of a paint sprayer to paint the rink, seconded by Cathy Baerg. Passed
10. Annual General Meeting: A budget is still needed from everyone. Please hand these in to Justine so that a Budget for 2012/2013 can be made. Include your expected revenue and expenses.

11. New Business: None Arising

12. Next Meeting: Wednesday, October 10 6:30pm
13. Motion to adjourn meeting: President Justine McCaffrey motioned to adjourn the meeting, Cathy Baerg seconded the motion. Meeting adjourned.