Hampton Village Community Association and Dundonald Community Association
Soccer Meeting
Wednesday, October 24,2012

In Attendance: Justine McCaffrey, Josh Teichroeb, Melanie Litvenenko, Kate Kading

1. Cost of Soccer – The cost of indoor soccer, greatly exceeds the cost of outdoor soccer, due to
SYSI upping the prices for indoor soccer. Both associations are just breaking even with indoor
soccer. We can’t help but up the fees by $5 for each group for the indoor soccer $50, $70, $130
and keep outdoor soccer fees the same $45, $65, $125.
2. Splitting of expenses and revenues – Specific expenses excluding Jersey’s will be split between
HVCA and DCA. All equipment will be labeled HVCA and DCA .
a. Specific expenses to be split – First aid kits, bibs, pumps, balls size 3 & 4, cones, goalie
gloves, extra set of shin guards, socks and bags AS NEEDED. All purchases must be ok’d
by both HVCA & DCA before purchasing.
3. Notice of termination of agreement – HVCA and DCA are agreed for HVCA to run a joint soccer
program for both communities. Notice of denial from association must be given to the other
association no later than the end of the current soccer season.
4. Refund Policy –
a. There is a $15 processing fee deducted from all refunds
b. Before roster sets – 100% refund, minus the $15 processing fee
c. After rosters are set – 50% refund, minus the $15 processing fee
d. After season begins – No refund