Hampton Community Association
Minutes for the Annual General Meeting
Wednesday, October 10, 2012

1. Call to Order
Meeting called to order by Justine McCaffrey at 6:40 pm

2. Adoption of Agenda
Lynn Heale motioned the adoption of the agenda, Cathy Baerg seconded.  Adoption of the Agenda was passed, with the revision of Jennifer Upton added to the Member at Large, section 8, election chart, and section 5(e) to move to 8(c). Passed

3. Approval of minutes
Cathy Baerg motioned the approval of the October 11, 2011 minutes, Kim Petersen seconded. Passed

4. President’s Report
Welcome to all of the new faces. It is very exciting to have more volunteers looking to get involved. ¼ of the petitions have been returned. Plans are to email the petitions to the school for the schools to get them out, as well as sending them through Dundonald Community.

5.  Treasure’s Report
a) Kim Petersen informed the attendees that the financial statement has been reviewed.
b) Changes have been made to the G.A.P program. An additional column has been put in place showing any changes from last year. It shows that nothing has changed. Next year there will only be two columns.
It was recommended by Kim to stay with Cheryl Woloschuk as our accountant.
Accounting Policies, page 7 – tangible assets will be identified in notes on the financial statement.
Kim explained the balance sheet and commended the association on the income balance.
c) Josh Teichroeb motioned to accept the yearly financial statement with review showing a $25,000 excess, Rob Huck seconded. Passed.
Cathy Baerg motioned that the executive amend the 2012-2013 budget and
post it on the community website, Lynn Heale seconded.
d) Cathy Baerg motioned to have Cheryl Woloschuk to review the financial
statement, Kim Petersen seconded. Cherly being appointed for financial reviewer was passed.

6.      Community Consultant Report – David Godwin
-David spoke about Massey Place community News.
-Montgomery’s off leash dog park will open in the new year.
-North Hampton, the off leash dog park is now open.
-Lotteries Grant – January 15th is the deadline for applicants.
-Paddling pools and Playgrounds – Hampton’s spray park will be open this summer
-Over 102,000 visits to all the parks around the city, weekends brought good number as well
-Community Development for Executives- Treasurers Workshop will be held in November as well as Newsletter workshop
-Programs in Catholic Schools will be centralized; booking system will link with the public schools starting January 1st
-David commends the association on the success of fundraising and great involvement in the community
-David recommends that the association work on implementing culture and recreational activities and programs.

7.      Coordinator’s Report
a) Rink
Power is now at the trailer and wire is 3 meters above ground, in need of
capping, along with a breaker box.
David, community consultant suggest skirting and blocking the
tires for winter
There are gaps on the rink that require modification in order to flood the rink.
Due to the rink committee members no longing in our community, we need to form a new rink committee
Once the rink is ready, association will review a date for the Grand Opening
b)     On-Trax Landscaping Receipt
Subcontractor of John (Contractor) is looking for money owed to him for the work landscaping on the rink site, they are not able to get in touch with John, and therefore has turned to the association for payment. Due to the associations contract with John Halashewski stating that John is incharge of paying all subcontractors, the HVCA is willing to help On-Trax get ahold of John, but will not being paying for the job twice, as John has already been paid and On-Trax worked out the deal with John and his business, not HVCA.

8.      New Business
a)     Motion to accept new Policies and Procedures
Lynn Heale motion to accept the new policies and procedures as read by David Godwin, Cathy Baerg seconded. Passed
b)    Elections
David Goodwin-Community Consultant, City of Saskatoon – took charge of the elections to ensure proper procedure.

Starting cycle – within bylaws – there is a rotation of officers. Positions run for
2 years on an even/off rotation, so that there is never a year with all new
board members.

David called for nominations for:

Even Years
– Justine volunteered to continue as President
–  Kim Petersen nominated Michelle Tremblay for the position of Treasurer, Justine McCaffrey seconded the nomination
Program Coordinator
-Justine McCaffrey nominated Regan Courtney for the position of Program Coordinator, Kim Petersen seconded
Members at Large
-Kim Petersen nominated Chasity Berast for one of the Members at Large, Michelle Tremblay seconded
-Pam Laurans nominated Rasheed Soomoro for one of the Members at Large, Justine McCaffrey seconded
-Melanie nominated Jennifer Upton for one of the Members at Large , Pam Laurans seconded
-Pam Laurans nominated Melanie Litvenenko for Member at Large – Youth Soccer, Lynn Heale Seconded
– Justine McCaffrey nominated Pam Laurans for Member at Large – Kinder Soccer (1), Lynn Heale seconded

Total of 8 elected board members

David suspended the election and called for the motion to add one member at
large, Cathy Baerg seconded.

Dave reopened elections – announced 2nd call for anymore nominations.
Cathy moves to close the nominations, Kim seconded.
The elections were passed/carried.

Board acclaimed

14 board members

President Justine McCaffrey took charge of the meeting after elections were passed

8(c) Motion to change signing authority
Cathy Baerg moves that President Justine McCaffrey, Treasurer Michelle Tremblay and Vice President Josh Teichroeb be authorized to have signing authority, Lynn Heale seconded . Passed

-Kim Petersen suggested that the annual general meeting be changed to November due to the lack of time the accountant has in reviewing the financial statement
-Kim Petersen commended the association on their fundraising efforts and that the information should be shared in the community news letter
-Pam Laurans motioned that the treasurer receive a new Simply Accounting program, Microsoft Word and laptop for treasurer purposes only, up to $1000.00, Josh Teichroeb seconded the motion. Passed
-Rasheed, Michelle and Brent to go shopping for the laptop and programs
-Cathy Baerg extended a thank-you on the behalf of the association to Kim Petersen, our former treasurer who has stepped down from her position
-New members send in your contact information to Secretary Lynn Heale

9.      Next meeting – Wednesday, November 14, 2012

10.  Motion to Adjourn Meeting
Michelle Tremblay motion to adjourn, Josh Teichroeb seconded. Meeting adjourned