Hampton Village Community Association
Monday, May 3, 2012
Executive Meeting

Spray Park Information Meeting

Present: Abby Schoonmaker, Rob Huck, Pam Laurans, Melanie Litvenenko, Sean Shaw, Josh Teichroeb,
Justine McCaffrey, David Godwin, Lynn Heale, Cam Broten, Jennifer Upton, Cathy Baerg, Megan Shaw

Absent: Kim Petersen, Mario Degagne, Regan Courtney, Shar-Lee Haichert, John Douglas, Brent Upton,
Jessica Craig, and Jacqueline Peters

Community Services Department

1. The meeting was called to order by President Justine McCaffrey.
Cam Broten, MLA and Sean Shaw introduced themselves.
2. Old Business
a. Carnival in the Park
A Suggestion was made that a Fun Day in the park be held on Saturday, June 16, 2012.
Discussions followed on the merits and ability for community volunteers to carry out
such an event.
There are 3 volunteers that will plan the event and they will ask others to pitch in for
specific duties.
It was decided to hold a Carnival in the Park on June 16, 2012
Motion to spend up to $3000 for the Carnival in the park. Moved by Melanie
Litvenenko, seconded by Cathy Baerg.
Carried with a 6 to 1 vote for the Carnival.
b. Mr. Cam Broten, MLA talked on the process for schools to be built in the neighborhood.
There is a real uncertainty at the Provincial Ministry where schools need to be
constructed in Saskatoon. The Ministry is reviewing population growth and the need for
schools. Mr. Broten feels that Stonebridge and Hampton Village are high priorities for
school construction. He has spoken to the Public School Division about these priorities.
Mr. Broten handed out a copy of the Hansard page, where he highlighted the good work
of the Hampton Village Community Association and the need for schools in the area.
c. May 11 Garage Sale
An update was given on the preparations and it was noted that there are still some
volunteer shifts to be filled
d. Cathy has the thank you card purchased and a gift card from Tim Horton’s to give to the
portable sign donation.
e. Reminder that the Rib Night is June 20 at Joe’s Sports Bar and Grill and tickets are $20
each. Tickets will be handed out for sale after the meeting. The Association needs 80
spaces sold for the dinner to go ahead.
3. Next Meeting: June 18, 2012 6:30pm Dundonald School Library
4. Motion to Adjourn: Abby moved to adjourn the meeting, Josh seconded.