Hampton Village Community Association
Tuesday, May 22, 2012
Executive Meeting

Saskatoon Methodist Church

Prestent: Abby Schoonmaker, Rob Huck, Pam Laurans, Melanie Litvenenko, Josh
Teichroeb, Justine McCaffrey, David Godwin, Lynn Heale, Cathy Baerg.

1. The meeting was called to order by President Justine McCaffrey.

Pastor Keitha Slack and guests introduced themselves, and the committee
introduced themselves in return.

2. Speaker: Saskatoon Free Methodist Church will be relocating in Hampton
Village, near Shoppers Drug Mart. Pastor Keitha Slack spoke on behalf of the
church, welcoming the community to use their facilities within their new church,
for community programs, possible preschool etc. The church is interested in
what the needs are in the Hampton Village Community and would like to assist
in any way they can. Construction of the new church will begin in August and be
completed by the end of May 2013.

3. Speaker: Adrienne Stone, Constituency Assistant to MLA Jennifer Campeau,
spoke in reference to the need for a school in Hampton Village Community.
Adrienne Stone spoke about how the Community must speak out and gave
ideas on how to get the ball rolling to build a new school. Adrienne spoke about
going door to door and finding out what number of children are living in Hampton
Village. It was mentioned to contact previous schools who have fought for new
schools in their area, and find out what worked and what didn’t.

4. Approval of Agenda;

Motion to approve the agenda moved by Cathy Baerg and a second motion by

5. Adoption of the minutes;

Lynn Heale motioned to adopt the minutes and

Abby Schoonmaker made the second motion.

6. Treasurer Report; No Report.

7. President’s Report;

1) Garage Sale: Garage sale was a success! $2074.00 was raised, not
including map money.

2) Rink Meeting: Meeting was held today regarding the location on water and
power hook up. Information will be relayed by the end of the week. An Atco
trailer will be used as a warm up area and for storage. A size of the Atco trailer is
in question. A resubmission of a donation request to Kinsmen is needed.

3) Rib Night: In need of donations for the silent auction.
Bags with tickets will be handed out and sold through committee

4) Signs: It was discussed at the meeting a need for a Hampton Community
sign. Discussion of having a portable sign or a permanent sign was in question.
Possibility of placing a sign on the new Saskatoon Methodist Church.

8. Local School Report: No Report

9. David Godwin reminded the committee about June being “recreation
month”. Fall/Winter programs must be sent in to David. Contact Reagan
or Marie for the Fall/Winter leisure guide.
David mentioned that the next Annual General Meeting won’t be until the
Fall, however a brief meeting could be done if needed.
David spoke about a community grant for soccer equipment that Pam
heard about. Pam to send a link to David, and he will look into it.

10. Newsletter: Next newsletter will be out in August. Website with newsletter
to follow. Possibility of hand delivering the newsletter. Be sure to put all
upcoming events, facts about programs being offered, and surveys in the
community newsletter.

11. Next Meeting: Monday, June 18, 2012 at 6pm

Adjournment: There being no further business to come before the meeting, the meeting
was adjourned at 9:30 p.m. Motion for adjournment by Abby, second motion by Jen.

Respectfully submitted,

Lynn Heale, Recording Secretary