Hampton Village Community Association
Monday, June 18, 2012
Executive Meeting

Present: Abby Schoonmaker, Justine McCaffrey, Lynn Heale, Rob Huck, Melanie Litvenenko,
Pam Laurans, David Godwin, Cathy Baerg, Jennifer Upton.

Guests: Mr. Troy Davies, Mr. Sean Shaw and Ms. Adrienne Stone

1. Meeting was called to order at 6:15pm by President Justine McCaffrey

2. Approval of Agenda: Cathy Baerg motioned that the agenda be approved, seconded by
Abby Schoonmaker. Passed

3. Speaker: Mr. Troy Davies – Candidate for City Councilor, Ward 4. Mr. Davies spoke in
reference to the success of the Carnival put on by the Hampton Village Community
Association. Mr. Davies also shared his story on how he came to the decision to run for
City Councilor and what he hopes to achieve if elected.

4. Speaker: Mr. Sean Shaw – Candidate for City Councilor, Ward 4. Mr. Shaw spoke in
reference to the enjoyment of the Carnival put on by the Hampton Village Community
Association. Mr. Shaw also shared his story on how he came to the decision to run for
City Councilor and what he hopes to achieve if elected.

5. Adoption of Minutes: Motion to adopt the minutes moved by Abby Schoonmaker,
seconded by Rob Huck. Passed

6. Treasurer Report: No Report

7. President’s Report: Congratulations on the success of the Carnival. $1200 raised towards
the building of our rink. Looking forward to next year. There’s so much to look forward
to. Congratulations on a successful year.

8. Local School Report: Reported by David Godwin – Principal Mitch Kachur and Vice
Principal Deb Stevens are both leaving at the end of this school year.

9. Community Consultant Report – David Godwin: City Paddling pools are opening. 7
days a week 10am – 6pm or noon – 7pm. 2 people at all sites. 15 sites open for the full
The spray park in Hampton Village had to be reconfigured and is back to the drawing
board due to 3 major power lines running right through the park.

10. Coordinators Reports
a. Newsletter/Website: The next newsletter will be printed and hand delivered in
September when we will do a door to door membership drive.
b. Sign: Cathy Baerg did some research on the rules of where we can place our
sign. A community can advertise 90 days following a 30 day removal. When the
church is built, we will have the same problem. If event isn’t at that building, the
event shouldn’t be advertised at that site. Permanent sign – after the rink is built
we can look at raising money for a permanent sign.
c. Rink – Reported by Justine McCaffrey on behalf of John: The base prep has
started. Waiting for the ground to dry up to proceed. Plan is to start framing on
the 25th, weather permitting. Minor hiccup – the bobcat work was supposed to
be donated time, but the bobcat operator is no longer in Saskatoon. So we now
have another bobcat operator, but he is giving us a discounted rate.
– A discussion on money being spent and how money will be given out was
– David reported on behalf of the city and a water line to the rink through
the park is no possible. It would cost $15,000 and would not be worth
that to have it put in. It’s better to just bring in a water truck to pour
the ice. The city wants the warm up shack painted and nice. Cannot be
left as just a C-Can. In order to qualify for the city grant, we must have
Supervised skating 6hr/week which is normally 3 2hr sessions per week.
– It would be cheaper for us to forego the additional price of the crusher
dust this year, the land is hard enough that we could bypass this the
first year and then apply for the Rink Improvement Grant for the
crusher dust the following year.
– Justine McCaffrey and Josh Teichroeb will be making a presentation on
behalf of the HVCA to the Kinsmen to get additional funding.
– Cathy Baerg motioned that we extend the rink budget for the
construction of the rink from $10,000 to $15,000, meaning an addition

$5,000 be added to the rink budget. Abby Schoonmaker seconded the
motion. Passed
d. Social / Special Events:
– Carnival in the Park: Great success. $1200 profit and was $1000 under
– Rib Night Fundraiser: 105 tickets to the Rib Night sold.
11. Treasurer Position: We need to talk with Kim to see if she is cease and desist or if she
will be continuing her position until the AGM the following year. Official resignation
needs to be given and we need to change signing authorities. If Kim is to cease and
desist, Justine will be filling in for the treasure function for the summer months in Kim’s
– Abby Schoonmaker motioned that Rob Huck be added as signing
authority for the summer months. Cathy Baerg seconded the motion.
12. Annual General Meeting:
a. Kim prepares annual financial statement for year end.
b. Everyone needs to make a budget for what they think it will cost to run
their program. This needs to be submitted to President Justine McCaffrey in
September so the President and Treasurer can go over all of the reports and
create a budget for the AGM in October.
13. New Business: None Arising
14. Next Meeting: President Justine McCaffrey asked if we wanted to change the date
of our monthly meetings so the newly elected City Councilor, Ward 4 can attend our
meetings. David is available every 4th Tuesday, 2nd Wednesday or Thursdays.
– Pam Laurans motioned we change our meetings to every 2nd Wednesday
of the month at 6:30pm. Rob Huck seconded the motion. Passed
– Next meeting is Wednesday, September 12, 2012 at 6:30pm. Dundonald
School Library.
15. Motion to adjourn meeting: President Justine McCaffrey motioned to adjourn the
meeting, Pam Laurans seconded the motion. Meeting adjourned.