Hampton Village Community Association

Monday, January 16, 2012



  1. 1.       Call to Order

Meeting called to order by Matt at 6:35pm


  1. 2.       Update from Matt

-Matt is having to step down as President of the Hampton Village Community Association, due to moving and personal reasons.


Motion to accept Matt’s resignation made by Kim

Cathy Baerg seconded



-Community Rink – as you can tell, it’s not happening this year. Jon said that it is possible to put up a temporary structure up.

-A grant of $40,000 was supposed to be coming from the Kinsmen to build the rink this year. The Kinsmen are going to try to put this grant forward for next year, they are holding a meeting and voting on this for next spring.

-David – Water and Power from Spray feature is being built, we will be able to cost share with the city. 10% for us 90% for City Building. Water expected to be approx. $500-$2000 Power expect to be approx.. $1000-$5000. Which is much less that initially expected.

  1. 3.       Financial Update – Kim

-Network crashed – couldn’t print out finances

-We have $15,000 in the Bank Account

-Emailed Newsletter bills that all got sent back, so all of the bills need to be re-emailed so we can get paid.

-All of Regan’s classes are full. The money is ready to be deposited. Regan is still having problems with the lady who does school bookings.

-Kim still doesn’t have numbers for the rink

$15,000 allocated

$60,000 cost

$40,000 from Kinsmen

-Registered classes are the only time we’re getting memberships

  1. 4.       Newsletter Update – Abby

-Winter newsletter hasn’t gone out. Still waiting for letter from the President.

-Newsletter need to have soccer registration night in it.

-This newsletter is only being posted online.

-Looking into rental signs to put at main corner intersection for advertising events to the community.

-Regan needs to put in a list of adult classes that are starting in the spring.


Josh motioned that Jen be able to spend up to $500 for sign rental

Abby seconded



  1. 5.       Soccer – Melanie, Pam & Jessica

We need to get some advertising done for Soccer registration. Dundonald School Sign, Massey Place, Confed

Dundonald has absolutely no soccer

Pacific Heights registration is end of Feb

Finding coaches is a problem, we really need volunteers

Registration – Hopefully February 15 & 16

Get Mario to book the school for registration night

We are going to ask areas that don’t have soccer (Dundonald) if we can use their equipment since they aren’t using it.

Unsure of the number of kids that will be registering, due to the fact that Dundonald no longer has a soccer program. Should we put a cap on numbers? The numbers of kids will probably be decided the day of registration, depending on the turn out.

Volunteers for registration and selling memberships are needed

Information on registration will be send to schools to be sent out the parents and children.



  1. 6.       Fitness Update – Matt on behalf of Regan

All classes are full

Classes run until March

Same classes and more to come in Spring


  1. 7.       Update from David

-Community Letters being emailed out


  1. 8.       Update from David

-Community letters are being emailed out.


  1. 9.       Signing Authority

Kim motioned to add Rob as signing authority at the bank and remove Matt from signing authority.

Justine seconded



  1. 10.   New Idea – Pam

-Pancake Breakfast & Egg Hunt

– Held beginning of April

-There would be a fee per child to find easter eggs, turn the eggs in, get a prize.

-Breakfast would be a separate fee. At Dundonald large gym. Search outside for eggs.

-Will put an ad in the newsletter.


Jessica motioned that Pam be able to spend up to $1500 to operate and plan the event.

Cathy Seconded



-Proposed budget to come.


  1. 11.   Next Meeting Changed

-Date of the next HVCA meeting is February 28th, 2012 at 6:30pm


  1. 12.   Adjournment

Jen moved to adjourn the meeting.

Cathy Seconded