Hampton Village Community Association Minutes

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Call to Order

Meeting called to order by President Justine McCaffrey at 6:31 pm

Adoption of Agenda


Cathy Baerg motioned the adoption of the agenda, Michelle Tremblay seconded. Adoption of
Agenda was passed.


Approval of Minutes – November 14, 2012

Michelle Tremblay motioned to approve the minutes. Josh Teichroeb seconded. Passed

4. President’s Report

Positive feedback from the Provincial Government regarding a new school in Hampton Village in
the near future.

5. Treasurer’s Report

New laptop purchased for the treasurer, along with USB stick, case, mouse and Microsoft Office
program for $828.00

6. Community Consultant Report – David Godwin

a. Lottery Grant is due in January – This grant is for Sport, Culture and Recreations
projects that are conducted between April 1st, 2013 and March 31, 2014. The grant is
to provide access to sport, culture and recreation activities for all people regardless
of age, sex, ethnicity, economic status, physical or mental ability. Deadline to apply:
January 15, 2013 at noon. Grants range from $500 to a maximum of $5000

b. Park Enhancement Program Application due January 15,2013

c. Winter Program Registration Preparations – December is a good time to get all those
items ready for the January program registrations.

d. Family in Motion Day – February 18th. 2013

Coordinators Report


A) Rink Coordinator – We have a new Rink Coordinator, Mr. Rylan Bailey. The snow has been
cleared from the street to the rink, so that the water trucks have access to the rinks. As well,
a parking lot has been cleared for people using the rink. P-Jay’s Water Hauling has been
hired to bring the water to the rink for flooding. (Flooding the rink will cost $250.00 per
load). Nathan Heale of HJH Electric hooked the trailer up to the electrical line.

B) Kinsmen Meeting – President Justine McCaffrey attended the Kinsmen Club meeting that
we were invited to, to present on behalf of the Hampton Village Community Association
for assistance of the costs of the rink. The Saskatoon Kinsmen Club approved the request
for Match Donation up to $10,000 for funds raised between November 21, 2012 – May 31,
2013. Our first fundraiser will be a Christmas Tree Pick up $10/tree on January 13, 2013


New Business

A) Governance Documents – Cathy Baerg came forward pointing out errors that were
made in the governance documents. Changes were found and made in the following
areas of the document:

Pg.8-Bylaws 5
-a financial statement – Michelle Tremblay will email to Brent
to put on community website
Bylaw 5.01A
-there shall be at least one AGM of the association in each
calendar year.
Bylaw 5.01 (e)
-it was motioned by Cathy Baerg to search out all phrases to
define electronic meanings (e-mail or social media). Josh
Teichroeb seconed.
Bylaw 6.04 (c)
– spelling errors corrected
Bylaw 8.02 and Bylaw 9.01
– spelling errors (singing authority)
– Rob Huck motions to amend the graphical errors as discussed, Cathy Baerg
Seconded. Passed
Motion to vote the above changes were made by Michelle Tremblay and
Seconded by Josh Teichroeb. Passed
B) Forward communications to Abby Schoonmaker on Rob Huck’s changes to the policies
and procedures.
C) Rob informed us that there were 117 paid community memberships
And 277 people with memberships in the data base.

9) Next meeting will be on Wednesday, January 13, 2012.

10) Motion to adjourn Meeting

Michelle Tremblay motioned to adjourn the meeting, Cathy Baerg seconded. Meeting Adjourned

Time was 8:00pm