Hampton Village Community Association
Minutes for the Annual General Meeting
Monday, October 17, 2011

1. Call to Order
Meeting called to order by Matt at 6:35pm

2. Adoption of Agenda
Kim motioned the adoption of the agenda, Cathy seconded. Adoption of the Agenda was passed
3. Approval of Minutes from 2010 AGM (not applicable)
Adopted bylaws will be posted on the website. Any rules needing changing can be changed
throughout the year.
4. Reports
a. President
First of all, we are very pleased with the turnout of this evenings meeting. We don’t
usually have this many people come to the meetings. It’s nice to see some new faces.
With the lack of people attending meetings and volunteering, we may have to start
doing smaller projects and putting all of our focus into them until we have more

Community Rink –
– $5000 for the rink came from the Fitness Programs, Kinder Soccer and the BBQ
Fundraiser. A $5000 grant came from the City of Saskatoon. We’ve tried to apply for
more grants, but have been unsuccessful thus far. The Kinsmen Club will possibly
contribute $15,000 which would mean the rink would be named after them.
– The rink will cost $50,000 – $180,000 for a 120x60ft rink with lights, plumbing, warm
up shack and ground work. We might be able to tap into the city plumbing and
electrical, due to the work that they will be doing in the park moving some of their
lines, that would make it a little cheaper for us because our lines wouldn’t be as
– John Douglas is the head of the Rink Committee
– The rink will be located behind the Hampton Circle Fountain, in the park by the play
area and future spray park.
– The rink will be built by members of the community, along with help from
– The rink will be permanent; it must be moveable due to the fact that there is no
school in the area yet, but will not be moved. We will hopefully use it during the
summer for basketball, floor hockey or other events.
– President of the Lions Club are looking for parks to be named after them. They
possibly could be donors for the rink.
o David explained how naming parks works with the City of Saskatoon.
– Most builders in the Community have been approached by the Committee, if you
know of any smaller builders that haven’t, please let us know.
b. Treasurer’s report
All of the financial statements have been supplied to the CGA. There have been a couple
of questions about money left owing in the books, these still need to be addressed and

worked out. We now have an extremely well set up flow! We didn’t really need to file
our financial statements because we really didn’t exist last year, but did and the books
look great! The drafts will be available to sign off on at next meeting, due to the CGA
being gone for 3 weeks, they weren’t finalized for this evenings meeting. The cut offs
weren’t correct for this review, but have been corrected for this year. There were no
major changes that needed to be done to the books!

We did good last year for 4-5 people on the committee. We had an income of $15,000.
Reagan is a huge contributor and large part of where the money is coming in from.
Reagan mentioned that she would prefer to organize the adult classes instead of going
through Mario. The question was asked if it was a conflict of interest for Reagan to be
organizing the classes on her own and still be paid by the committee. It is not a conflict
of interest, she doesn’t pay herself, she still has to submit all information, so there
would be no conflict. It would also be helpful to Mario to have Reagan planning the
adult activities.

There should be a regular membership renewal pushed. We are missing out on
renewals! Next year the membership signup/renewal will be done at the signup of
Kinder Soccer and the BBQ. September is also a good time to do a push for renewals,
because that is when all of the new activities start.

Not all of the financial notes need to be posted; the yearly financial statements are
the major ones that need to be posted. The finances will be posted as soon as they are
signed off on.

Not all of the Kinder Soccer money is in, that will be picked up a.s.a.p.
i. Motion to Accept Yearly Financial Review
Kim motioned to accept the yearly financials, Jen seconded. Motion to accept
yearly financial review was passed.
ii. Motion to waive review for audit of financial statement
Appointment of financial reviewer
The appointed financial reviewer is Cheryl, she is charging us $650.
Kim reappointed Cheryl to be the Financial reviewer for August 30, 2012, Erin
seconded. Cheryl being appointed for financial reviewer was passed.
Budget for 2011-2012
Kim made the budget last year. The budget was put on the website to give the
community an idea of where we are planning on going. Right now the money is
being spent on the rink.
Kim motioned the executive get the budget up on the website, Jackie seconded.
The 2011-2012 Budget was passed.
5. New Business
a. Motion to accept bylaws (attached)
The bylaws have been put up on the website. The basic bylaws are the same from last
year. The bylaws will evolve as we grow.
b. Elections
David Goodwin – Community Consultant, City of Saskatoon – took charge of the
Elections to help out for proper procedure.
Starting cycle – within bylaws – there is a rotation of officers. Positions run for 2 years

on an even/odd rotation, so that there is never a year with all new board members.

David called for nominations for:
Even Years
– President
o Matt volunteered
– Treasurer
o Matt nominated Kim – Kim accepted
– Program Coordinator
o Erin nominated Reagan & Mario
– Communications
o Matt nominated Abby S
– Members at Large
o Jackie volunteered
o Erin volunteered

Odd Years

Vice President
o Josh volunteered
o Matt nominated Justine – Justine accepted
Membership Coordinator
o Rob volunteered
Rink Coordinator
o Matt nominated John Douglas
Member at Large
o Cathy Baerg volunteered
Webmaster / Member at Large
o Matt nominated Brent

12 board members

David motioned for nominations to cease.
Kim motioned the nominations cease, Jackie seconded. The elections were passed/carried.

Board acclaimed

3 signing authorities are still on the board. Signing authority stays the same.
Kim motioned signing authorities stay the same, Erin seconded.

c. Other
Jen – Newsletter numbers were thought to be off, but they aren’t off by much. 900 were
printed. Looking for volunteers to help deliver newsletters.

Cathy Baerg spoke about how unreliable and unpredictable Canada Post and the mail
delivery are. Does anyone else have any problems? Everyone said yes. Postal Carriers for
Hampton Village are subcontracted not employees of Canada Post. Matt suggested we
make note of all issues, we’ll send the information on who to contact to complain and

then invite our MP to a meeting.

Cathy Baerg also brought up the issue of the traffic at the intersection of Junor and
McClocklin. Kim mentioned that West Hampton Blvd has become a racing area. Shirley
with the City of Saskatoon is the person to be contacted about this issue.

We will be inviting more Guest Speakers to our meetings, such as Shirley and our MP.

David Godwin – Everyone needs to get Matt all their information, so we can all be
contacted about training events, etc. Next meeting, there will be manuals for all the
positions for orientation.

When will the rink be started? Dundee needs to give written permission to start the
project because the rink is partly on their land. Matt and John need to look at boards for
the rink. John is getting $10,000 working capital right now. The plan is to have it all done
so we can all enjoy the rink this winter! We will be using a water truck to fill the rink and
upkeep it, there will be volunteers needed to help with that!

6. Adjournment
Thank you for all the new faces! Keep involved. Spread the word that we are here!

Erin motioned that the meeting be adjourned, Cathy seconded. Meeting adjourned