Hampton Village Community Association

Monday, November 21, 2011


1. Call to Order

Meeting called to order by Matt at 6:35pm


2. New SYSI (Sask Youth Soccer) Soccer Program – Melanie

-The outdoor SYSI program starts in May, we could see how the outdoor program goes and then

look at having an indoor program.

-We should be advertising now so parents know that it is coming

-We have to register our team the last week of February

-Jerseys, balls, pylons, and all other gear for soccer will be needed

-Looking at Extra Time Sports, they give bulk discounts for jerseys. Jerseys need to be ordered in

the beginning on January otherwise they are more money. Equipment order is done in February.

-Melanie is willing to take on the planning of the program by herself, but will need help with the

registration night.

-Mario (Rec Coordinator) can help with the booking of the fields.

-Registration date beginning of February, should get into the newsletter

-Equipment storage – can we use the rink shed?

3. Rink Update- Matt

-We are getting $40,000 (to be voted on by the Kinsmen, once we get the permission letter)

from Kinsmen for the structure, warm up shack and sign making. Remainder of the money will

be given next year for the plumbing and electrical work.

-We can’t get any money until we have the letter of permission to build from HVCA, the City of

Saskatoon and Dundee.

-We need to start building now or there won’t be any posts going in.

-Dundee is waiting for the contract.

-We might have to go another year without a rink. John and his crew were ready to go and start

building, but Dundee put the brakes on.

-Looking at an ATCO trailer for shack

4. Newsletter Update – Abby

-There will be a new newsletter coming soon, hopefully in early December. This newsletter will

not be published, it will only be posted online.

5. Insurance – Matt

-We need to vote on insurance. There is insurance that is specifically for Community

Associations through Co-op that is $700.


Abby motioned that Matt be allowed to spend up to $900 for insurance

Josh seconded



6. Update from David

-David showed a poster for communities to urge people to volunteer for HVCA

-Banner bugs and posters will be given to the HVCA

-Report for rolls of the Community Association – Community Planning, Touch point for zoning,



-Connection to ward counselor is very important. We should be trying to invite our ward

counselor to our meetings so that they may properly represent our community at the city



7. Adjournment

Josh moved to adjourn the meeting. Passed